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Dying to Survive by Scott Hildreth

Dying to SurviveDying to Survive by Scott Hildreth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

CAUTION* This book has scenes describing the abduction, rape, murder, and torture of living people. It is NOT over the top. It has one questionable scene. And, it is a mind fuck. A psychological trip down a path that you have no idea where you're headed. 

Additionally, there are descriptive scenes of sex, not all of which is consensual. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

A woman is abducted and placed into a room with three other women, all of which resemble her. Confused, scared, lonely, and in constant fear, she waits. The abductor, after a few days, opens the door and explains the following to the group of women, “Tomorrow morning, at eight am, one of you will forfeit your life to save the other three. If one person isn’t willing to die, everyone will die.” 

Ryan Capshaw was raised at the hand of an abusive father, and grew up believing he was worthless. To prove his intelligence and self-worth to himself, he has devised a plan to abduct, torture, and murder four women. One of the women, however, decides to challenge his intent - causing him to reconsider his plan.

This twisting, turning, and ever changing plot will keep you flipping pages until you finally reach the unbelievable ending. When you think you have it figured out, brace yourself, you're DEAD wrong. 

“Dying to Survive”, takes an in-depth and very erotic look through the lives of the characters, as well as the the psychological aspect of abduction, murder, and living as an adult after an abusive childhood. 

Prepare for a trip that will leave you guessing, wondering, and contemplating how you would react, think, and prepare to either die, or be a survivor.

About this author

I love to tell my story. In doing so, however, I do not follow any rules. I do things my way, always.

My experiences in life make me a very diverse writer, and my books are a reflection of that diversity.

I have a different style, unique prose, and always write with the intent of having an underlying story, meaning, or point that I need to drive home.

My prose has been described by readers/reviewers as:


"unique and remarkable style"

"seamless, eloquent, emotional, raw, and is true art of writing"

Yet others complain....

I do not intend nor do I attempt to please everyone. I always walk away from a story pleased that I have accomplished my goal.

I hope that you enjoy what I have written. Please make no assumptions about what it may be, and always read my synopsis before reading a writing...just to be certain it is what you're expecting if you do.

My Review

What a read, this was an intense read and I really didnt see the ending coming. Although there is a warning to this book, I have however read worse.
If you want a read that will keep you hooked then this is for you

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