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Visibly Broken CR-BANNER
We are so excited to share the cover for Visibly Broken by USA Today Bestselling authors MJ Fields and Chelsea Camaron!
Coming soon on September 20, 2016!
Jason “Cobra” Stanley was born to fight. With a father like his, he had to toughen up just to survive. Now Cobra tries to take out all of his frustration, all of his anger, and all of his pain in the MMA cage. But after he receives one too many hits to the head during a match, the cycle of violence comes to a screeching halt. Cobra wakes up in the hospital, under the care of a nurse whose blond hair shines like a halo—and whose pure heart touches him on the deepest level. Lorraine Bosch is a fighter too. The lone survivor in the murder of her entire family during a home invasion, she chooses push forward and help save lives. She prides herself on remaining professional, despite the chaos of the ER. But Cobra is the ultimate distraction. Lorraine knows she should run away screaming from his rippling muscles and shattered psyche. And yet how can she deny this broken man a second chance—especially since she knows exactly what he’s been through? Lorraine’s used to playing guardian angel. Now it’s her turn to find heaven in Cobra’s arms.


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About M.J. Fields
MJ Fields is the USA Today bestselling author of the Love series, the Wrapped series, the Burning Souls series, the Men of Steel series, and the Norfolk series. A former small-business owner who recently became a full-time writer, Fields lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
About Chelsea Camaron
Chelsea Camaron is a USA Today Best Selling author who loves bringing you panty-melting, page turning romantic suspense novels. When I was younger I once said I wanted to become an author “when I grow up”. Well, I am a big kid and don’t plan to ever fully grow up, but this is an amazing journey to accomplish something I set out to do in childhood. Chelsea Camaron has a love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles. She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children. She was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina and her heart is always Carolina daydreaming. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing with a few projects currently in the works.

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COVER REVEAL : HELL RAISER The Devil’s Own Bk.2 by Amo Jones

Title: Hellraiser
Series: The Devil’s Own #2
Author: Amo Jones
Genre: MC Romance
Cover Design: Kari Ayasha, Cover to Cover Designs
Model: Marshall Perrin
Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Release Date: June 20, 2016


They say there are defining points in your life – moments where you f**ked it all up, moments that make you its bitch, moments that shape you into the person you are.
The day I met Braxton Ward was one of my moments.
My name’s Melissa Hart, and I don’t think you’re ready for this story.

I go by a few names: Hella, Brax, 112, or, depending on whether I’ve been balls deep in you or not, C*nt. I don’t push the boundaries because in order to do so, one must have them. I’ve never had them. Being homeless at the not-so-tender age of fifteen morphed me into an emotionless shell, and when The Army recruited me, that shell turned into steel.
They say if fire is hot enough, it can melt steel; the hate that burns between Melissa Hart and me just might be hot enough. Shit doesn’t come easy for us. Enemies are expanded, secrets are revealed, and lives will be taken. Yeah, I’m Braxton “Hella” Ward, and you bet your f*cking ass that you ain’t ready for this story.

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Author Bio

Amo is a full-time writer from New Zealand who loves long romantic walks to the wine cellar.

When she's not creating magic, you can usually find her relaxing in front of the television watching the latest episode of Supernatural or Vikings. (This will be updated as she finds new television shows with hot actors.)

She's the proud mother of four little critters who are the reason she breathes, but also the reason she drinks.

She's the wife-to-be to the love of her life. She says wife-to-be because she scares him a little, and he still hasn't decided whether he wants to wed her or not. Such an exciting relationship.

She loves meeting new people and believes the world needs more kindness.

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Title: Unexpected Reality 
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: New Adult Romance
 Release Date: July 2016


Expect the unexpected. That's what they say, but it's easier said than done.

How do you expect a change so huge it rocks you to your core?

How do you prepare yourself for an event that will alter your life forever?

One breath
One second
One minute
One hour
One day at a time, you learn to live with your unexpected reality.

Author Bio

Kaylee Ryan has had a passion for reading since she was a little girl. That passion has slowly led to spinning romantic tales, and a one-click addiction. When she doesn’t have her nose stuck in her kindle or fingers glued to the keyboard, you can find Kaylee hanging out with friends and family. She loves all genres of music, and enjoys scrapbooking. She lives in Ohio with her husband (her real life happily ever after) and their rambunctious little boy.

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  Title: Goodnight
By: Susie Tate
Publication Date: April 28, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Life is pain. That is the reality Goodie has had to accept since she was nine years old. Even before the night her childhood shattered she was never normal: her mind can process people and situations at lightning speed, she has the ability to recall anything she sees or hears with perfect clarity, she can separate from herself if she needs to – making her difficult to torture, difficult to intimidate. In summary, she is the perfect mercenary. A life in the shadows where she can stay in darkness is fine by her. That is until he tries to pull her into the light. Powerful, arrogant, filthy-rich men are, quite frankly, a pain in Goodie’s arse. She’d much rather take an extraction job in the depths of a Colombian jungle than have to deal with their bullshit. But sometimes the money is just too good to turn down, and this time someone important, who is actually doing something Goodie believes in, needs to be kept safe. Luckily, Goodie is an expert at maintaining an invisible presence, enabling her to keep any interaction with the egomaniacs she protects to a minimum … until she meets Nick Chambers. Nick doesn’t seem to understand invisible presence, appropriate employer–employee protocol, security precautions, following instructions, or in fact just leaving her the fuck alone. Everything about him, from his ability to laugh at their situation to the perpetual smile on his gorgeous face complete with goddamn dimple, drives Goodie insane, and for some reason makes her feel threatened. Fear is weakness, and if Goodie’s life has taught her anything it’s that you never, ever show weakness. But Nick is determined, and he’s used to getting what he wants. He’s been effortlessly charming the women in his life since he was five years old, so he knows it won’t be long before he has Goodie right where he wants her. Only some things are so dark, so horrific, they can’t be dragged into the light. Some people are beyond redemption, and Goodnight may be one of them. This book is a full-length contemporary romance of approximately 85,000 words with no cliffhanger and its own HEA. Warning This story involves both swearing and violence from the outset.
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Nick watched as Goodie’s eyes opened again, and searched for the panic he could have sworn was there before she closed them, but her ice-blue gaze was now blank, all emotion wiped from her expression. She moved quickly, her mouth crashing down on his and her hands going up into his T-shirt. ‘I want you,’ she told him, her voice husky and unbearably sexy as her hands traced over his abs and the muscles of his chest. He sucked in a sharp breath – he could tell something was off, there was an unnatural desperation about her; but with the woman he had been obsessing over finally touching him, he became incapable of rational thought. ‘Christ,’ he rasped as one of her hands moved down to his crotch and all his ability to think was obliterated. He drove both his hands into her soft hair and took control of the kiss, pushing her back to lie on the duvet he had dumped on the floor. He pulled her hands from him and unzipped her hoody, revealing the black bra beneath. Her body was more amazing than he had imagined (and he had a good imagination and had invested a fair amount of time on this endeavour when it came to her, so that was saying something): she was all defined, toned muscle, combined with softer curves. She was magnificent. She rocked against him and her hands went to his belt, frantically pulling at the buckle. Something about her movements jolted Nick out of his lust-induced haze. He dragged his eyes from her breasts and stomach to her face and he almost flinched. Her expression was blank and her jaw was clenched. ‘Goodie?’ he whispered, and her gaze flew from his belt to his face briefly before focusing just over his shoulder. ‘Hey … hey,’ he muttered, grabbing her hands to still them in her frantic attempts to undo his belt. ‘What is problem?’ she asked sharply, her Russian accent thicker than normal and a frown marring her beautiful face. ‘Where did you go?’ Nick asked, his eyes roving her face. He gathered both her small hands in one of his and reached up to cup her cheek, stroking across her cheekbone and up to her crescent scar with his thumb. ‘I am here,’ she said, jerking her head to the side, away from his touch. ‘No,’ Nick told her, ‘no you’re not here. Where have you gone? Why are you so scared?’ ‘Scared?’ Goodie spat, wrenching away from him, and then scuttling back against the units next to Salem, who raised his head in surprise. ***** Goodie was breathing hard, her exposed chest rising and falling. She desperately wanted to zip her top, but knew that would show yet more weakness. She had perfected the type of meditation that took her out of her own body many years ago. The fact was that there were times in her life that she needed to be able to separate from herself; torture situations being one example, any form of intimacy being another. But nobody, nobody had ever called her on it. Nick made a move forward and she flinched – fucking flinched. What was wrong with her? Salem could feel her tension and flattened his ears against his head, letting out a low growl. She stroked his head and muttered to him that everything was okay in Russian – Salem could smell fear and the only other times Goodie had been as tense as this was when they had been in mortal danger, so she didn’t exactly blame him for his reaction. Nick continued to move towards her, his palms up like he was approaching a terrified wild animal. When he was inches away he reached down to her zipper and surprised her by hooking it together and pulling it up, covering her to just under her chin. ‘Are … are you okay?’ he asked softly, and for the first time since Goodie was eight years old she felt her eyes sting with tears. She blinked rapidly and gritted her teeth. What the fuck was going on? Nick turned and sat next to her on the floor up against the units leaving just a little more space than before, which she was grateful for. They sat in silence for a few minutes. ‘Um, Goodie?’ he asked. ‘Yes?’ ‘Look, I don’t want to pry or anything –’ Goodie sucked in a breath preparing to have to explain her reaction to him ‘– but … well, you don’t seem to have the full complement of toes.’ Goodie blinked, letting out a short bark of laughter in her relief (but unusually for her not noticing Nick’s body jolt at that rarity) and staring sightlessly down at her bare feet. Yes, she was two toes down – both her little toes were missing and part of her third toe on her left foot; ugly scars marked where they had once been. ‘I have never noticed this before,’ she deadpanned, curling the few toes she did have into Salem’s fur so that he would settle back down to go to sleep. Nick sighed. ‘You won’t give anything away, will you. You are the most closed person I’ve ever met. It makes me crazy – do you know that?’ Goodie shrugged. ‘Can’t you just tell me this one small thing? Give me that at least – you know everything about me.’ Goodie rubbed her temple and closed her eyes slowly. After a few silent moments Nick puffed out a frustrated breath and she felt him start to push up to stand. ‘Frostbite,’ she blurted out. She had no idea why, as his questions annoyed her to death, but the idea that he would give up asking them made her stomach clench with actual pain. He eased back down and turned his body towards her. She could feel him watching her face closely. ‘How did you get frostbite badly enough to lose actual bloody toes?’ He sounded incredulous, and weirdly furious, about something Goodie considered relatively trivial. She had been lucky to come out of what happened that winter alive, leave alone largely intact. ‘I lay in the snow for a long time,’ she told him. ‘Why did you do that for God’s sake?’ ‘I had to be still, and I had to wait.’ ‘Well, that’s just goddamn ridiculous. Whoever ordered you to –’ ‘Nobody orders me to do anything,’ she told him. ‘I had a job and I was going to complete it. I knew the risks.’ And she’d finished the job too. The cold had driven her nearly insane and she’d thought she would go blind if she had to stare down the sight of her rifle any longer. Even now she could still feel the surge of excitement as her target finally came into view after so many hours waiting, and the internal battle she had to fight to remain in control of her heartbeat and breathing. She’d resisted the urge to just fire immediately, taken three deep breaths, and on the respiratory pause at the end of the last breath she’d taken her shot. Adrenaline was pumping through her system but she still had to make sure that even after the shot had broken she maintained a slow steady squeeze on the trigger; follow through is everything. So despite the cold and the pain, when she did get her shot she took it; she finished it. Just like she always did. Just like she was trained to do.
Susie Tate is a general practitioner and when she's not working she's looking after her four yummy boys under six (okay one is actually over thirty-six but it's the mental age that counts!). This is the first of her books to be set totally outside the medical world and is a little darker than the others, but hopefully still funny at times.


On sale for 1/2 price for a limited time!

Author: Megan Lowe
Title: Breaking the Cycle
Series: Rocking Racers, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: May 21, 2016
Designer: Claire Smith
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The Ryans have always had exceptionally bad luck in love. Reed Ryan avoided it by never falling in love, but meeting Bria Adams threatens all the boundaries he's put in place.

With a rival racing team at his door and his family's 'curse' always in the background, Reed knows he must overcome his fears in order to protect the woman who's found a place in his heart.

Will Bria succumb to the misfortune that seems to befall the women in love with the Ryan men? Or will she be the one to finally break the cycle?

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An interview with Megan Lowe
by Hot Tree Promotions
1. Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a Journalism graduate who tried for years to get a job in that field before I finally gave up. I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid, even going so far as to make my own newsletter, so writing has always been a thing for me. I love to travel, go to rock concerts and sporting events, mostly by myself, although that isn’t my first choice. I’m an only child who is currently battling for control of the house with my sixteen-year-old tortoiseshell cat.

2. What inspired you to write your first book?
I’d been reading, a lot, and as a result I had made a list of what I liked and what I would do if I was writing my own book. I’d had a go at a few before and they were rubbish (and in a different genre than contemporary romance) but I thought, maybe I should give this another go. I’d noticed a real glut of sports romances with cars or anything with a motor and I love bikes (I don’t ride because I’m too chicken but I would love to!), and the guys who ride them are hot, so I thought this might be a good place to start and it snowballed from there.

3. How did you come up with the title of Breaking the Cycle?
I didn’t name the book until I was about halfway through which is how I usually work. I have a hard time naming books and characters. But I was writing and it just kind of came to me, it was a phrase that kept coming up. I think it fits for two reasons. 1, is that Bria is breaking the cycle of bad luck the Ryans have and 2, is that it kind of belies the fact that Hunter wants to actually break the Ryans, their bikes and everything they love.

4. Describe your main character in five words.
Tough, loving, determined, family-orientated. As a bonus, that works for both Bria and Reed!

5. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing Breaking the Cycle?
This came more in the editing stage after discussions with my editor and publisher, and that was that Australian literature is much like Australia itself. The world has a very cliqued view of Australia and anything we produce, in terms of books or film, but Australia is far from what the world thinks we are. I realised that I myself shared that bias despite having read some contemporary Australian romance novels. I realised that my novel didn’t have to follow that cliqued path and that I can forge the way and help change the world’s view of us and our art.

6. Have you ever done anything strange or weird in the name of research?
No, but I have spent a hell of a lot of money on it! I recently returned home after a five week European holiday where I made a side trip to Jerez de la Frontera, a town in the Andalusian region of Spain, to go to the MotoGP race staged there. It was an amazing experience and worth every penny, which it did cost a lot!

7. How long does it take you to write a book?
I started Breaking the Cycle then stopped as I gave up my study after some family members moved in with us. I then went on a month holiday to China where I lugged my notebooks (I handwrite) around China and Hong Kong, before seriously sitting down and pumping it out. So, from start to finish BTC took me about six months all told, but if you took out the time I didn’t write, probably a month or two. My process is a bit drawn out because as I said, I handwrite which means after I finish I then have to type everything up. I would get someone to help me with this because I’m not the fastest typist but I edit as I type so that doesn’t work. Then when I edit I need have the words on a page in front of me and handwrite my edits. It’s also quite a nerve-wracking process because what happens if the house burns down? * touch wood * But, it’s how I work so what can you do, besides invest in a fire extinguisher?

8. Can you share a little of your current work with us?
It’s book 2 in the Rocking Racers series, Cole and Knley’s book, titled, at the moment, Where you’d rather be. I’d started to come up with the plot for this one while I was still writing BTC and now I’m getting into it. Book 3 is going to be Mav’s book and at the moment he’s being quite vocal which is slightly inconvenient. His book is going to take place after Cole and Knley and I’m still not sure of everything that’s going to happen there, but I’m taking note of what he has to say which I’m liking quite a bit actually.

9. What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
I work nights, as in a job that gives me a regular wage, which works out well for my writing. It does mean I keep weird hours though, but when dealing with America it’s all good! My day usually sees me write for about five hours, some times more, some times less, before looking after my family and then going to work. On more than one occasion my writing life takes over my other job and I find myself having to stop and write down what my characters are telling me, but don’t tell my managers that!

10. Do you have any writing rituals?
Nothing specific other than handwriting. I have certain pens I like but I think everyone is like that. I also have a heap of empty notebooks, it’s kind of my obsession, but no, no rituals. I do have a lucky pooh bear that sits on my desk though.

11. What book are you reading now?
At the moment I’m reading Until June by Aurora Rose Reynolds but I’m dying for Cambria Hebert’s new book, #Swag. I absolutely adore the Hashtag and Gearshark series. I’m also hanging out for L.P. Maxa’s Play Softly in her Devil’s Share series. Dash and Lexi are some of my favourites and I love the way she writes her male leads.

12. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Just thank you! Thank you so much for reading Breaking the Cycle and hopefully, loving it! And if you did love it, would you consider leaving a review? The more reviews it gets the more Amazon will promote it, oh, and tell all your friends!

Random Questions:

What’s in your fridge right now?
Flavoured water, chocolate, left over dinner from the other night and bananas.

What song do you sing at the top of your voice every time you hear it?
Anything by my favourite bands, and there’s a lot, but every single time? I like it heavy by Halestorm. I would happily turn for Lzzy Hale!

Other than writing, what special or unusual talent(s) do you have?
At the moment I’m forgetting everything I wanted to tell one of my friends at work, which I happen to think is a talent! I can make a mean baked cheesecake but really, I’m not that talented!

Where did you last go on holiday?
Haha, okay, bear with me. I started off in London before visiting family in Liverpool and Manchester before moving onto Lisbon, Jerez de la Frontera, Madrid, Barcelona, Pau, Nice, and Venice before going back to London. I want to go back to America next.

If feral aliens attacked your house and they were zapping your home with their Über super bombs, what five items would you save?
I’m assuming my family are safe, so I’d say:
  1. my grandparent’s ashes and my grandmother’s rings
  2. photos of my trips overseas
  3. my lucky pooh bear
  4. my current wip, duh!
  5. my original care bear. It used to belong to my cousin before she gave it to me when I was about three or four, so it’s older than I am (which isn’t that old at all!). I’ve had it a long time, so yeah, I’d save him too!
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
I’m really not that interesting and as we know I hate naming things so maybe they should focus less on me and more on themselves and write a book from their own imagination!

Megan Lowe is a lost journalism graduate who after many painful years searching for a job in that field, decided if she couldn’t write news stories, she would start listening to the characters whispering stories to her and decided to write them down.  She writes primarily New Adult/Contemporary Romance stories with Sport and Music themes. She is based on the Gold Coast but her heart belongs to New York City. When she’s not writing she’s either curled up with a good book, travelling or screaming at the TV willing her sporting teams to pull out the win.