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RELEASE BLITZ Redemption of Lunar Falls (Lunar Falls 3) Author Lashell Collins


Redemption of Lunar Falls (Lunar Falls 3) Author Lashell Collins Genre: Paranormal/Romantic Suspense/Urban Fantasy Publication Date: May 1, 2015
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Carly Tipton's life has been turned upside down since she moved to Lunar Falls. She came looking to start a new life for herself, but nothing prepared her for the adventure that awaited her in the mysterious little town. A place where werewolves not only walk among the humans, hidden in plain sight, but where the roots of her own family tree are deeply entwined with the noble creatures. And when she and her mate, Gabe, are declared the answer to an ancient Moon Hunter prophecy, Carly finds herself wondering if the secrets and lies of Lunar Falls will ever end.
Gabe Masters is an Alpha on a mission – to re-educate his people in the ancient ways of the imprinting and abolish the purity movement, all while getting the five packs to accept his new human mate as one of their own. Easy, right? Until shifting alliances and a small faction of wolves join forces with the cat shifters in a last-ditch effort to overthrow Gabe's authority before his and Carly's wedding. A vicious battle ensues as Gabe leads his men (and women) against the rebellion. But can he defeat them in time to keep Carly safe?
Redemption of Lunar Falls is book three of an adult sexy shifter romance trilogy.
you can get each book in the series for $0.99 each. Sale Ends May 8, 2015
AmazonBarnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords iBookstore GoodReads
AmazonBarnes & Noble Kobo Smashwords iBookstore GoodReads

About The Author

Lashell Collins is an American author of romantic suspense, paranormal and contemporary romance. She spent the last twenty years of her life working in veterinary clinics and garden centers in her home state of Ohio, and is now living her dream of writing full-time. She loves a good love story, whether she’s watching it on TV, reading it, or writing it. In food terms, she likes to think of her own stories as sweet and spicy – sweet romance with spicy sex scenes! Lashell walks to the beat of her own drum, but that’s okay ’cause she’s got a pretty good sense of rhythm. Basically, she’s a geeky, quirky, laid-back, rocker-loving kinda girl who’s married to a retired cop, motorcycle-riding, bad-boy alpha all her own, and she likes to write about sexy police officers, werewolves and rockstars, or some inventive combination of the three! When she’s not busy tapping away on her laptop and living vicariously through her characters, she can usually be found watching Grimm, rocking out to Slash, stuffing her face full of Chinese food, or riding on the back of her husband’s Harley-Davidson. Give her a shout, she loves to hear from readers!

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Release Blitz for Free to Trust by C.W. Nightly @CWNightly

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Title: Free to Trust (Free Series Novel #2)
Author: C.W. Nightly
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
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Some pain is felt on the surface others are felt on the soul. Kate knows
the sting of deception all too well. Though she bears no physical scars-
her ability to trust has been shattered. When her work has her
spending time with New York's most notorious bachelor she finds
herself fighting her attraction- that is until he stops fighting fair. But
Cole's high flying lifestyle has made him some powerful enemies.
Enemies that want to extract revenge on the irreverent playboy where
it hurts the most. Will Kate find the pleasure that eluded her until now
only to have it ripped away? Or will she face her past and allow herself
the chance to be Free To Trust?
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 photo Author Bio Bling_zpshmytz0xc.gif   9805824
Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada I still call
Montreal home. Surrounded by my husband, five children
and my Siamese cat. I love reading, the smell of spring
rain and walking in the first snowfalls of December when the snow is
crunchy, especially at night.
I enjoy curling up with a book and losing myself in the characters. I
turned that love towards writing to create stories I hope you love too.
I believe everyone is entitled to their own personal happily ever after :)
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SWEET TALK (Brenda Novak for the Cure) ♥ RELEASE BLITZ

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SAND DOLLAR COVE by Nancy Naigle
Sand Dollar Cove eBookCover (1) When Elli had first seen Brody she’d found him handsome in an outdoorsy, rugged sort of way, but tonight…he was disturbingly handsome with the moon making his skin shine. Her hand slid down his arm, sweeping the water droplets from his skin. She could almost feel his thoughts. His gaze focused on her lips and she wished he would just kiss her already. A sense of tingling anticipation swept through her. A sensuous smile came to his lips, and then his mouth covered hers, brushing hers in a tantalizing invitation for more as he settled his hand on her hip. All of the air expelled from her lungs in one wild gasp. He planted taunting little kisses along her lips, her cheek, and then ever so softly to the crook of her neck. And those sent shimmers as bright as the stars coursing through her. “I really like who you are, Elli Eversol.” He whispered into her ear. Then he straightened and gazed into her eyes. Elli could feel the heat from his body so close to hers. He leaned forward and dropped another kiss to her lips, then her nose, and then her forehead. “When I responded to your note on Facebook, this was the last thing I ever expected.” “You’re just impressed by my skimboarding skills,” she teased, because if she didn’t she was liable to let this go a whole lot further than a first kiss should ever go. “Oh, yeah. And so much more.” He sat up. “You ready to call it a night?” She wasn’t. She had a million naughty thoughts running through her mind right now, but she sat up and let him help her up instead. They walked hand in hand over the dune and set their boards next to the house to dry. His hand settled on the small of her back as they took the stairs up to the deck. She paused at the front door. “I had the best time tonight.” “You’re not the only one.” He glanced over his shoulder. “I’m going to sit out here for a while before turning in. Good night.” He kissed her on the neck. “I hope you have sweet dreams.” She smiled and went inside, wishing with every step that the door might open behind her and he might follow her to her room.  
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