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The Blue Amaryllis Book Blitz 

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Book Title: The Blue Amaryllis 

Author: Sonia De Leon 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Release Date: August 2014 

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Upon the death of her mother, 26 year old Leia York is left bereft and grief stricken. An old college professor extends her an invitation to join him in one of the most beautiful, yet most dangerous, places on earth – the Amazon rainforest. She embarks on an impulsive journey, hoping to forget the sadness of her life in Chicago. After being nearly killed by a man who belongs to a dangerous group of Indians that hate outsiders, she stumbles into the Matis village. A handsome native man sees to her injuries, and they soon form a friendship. Leia is among those chosen to go on a quest that is vital to the survival of the natives. Along the way, Leia finds a strength within herself that she never knew she possessed. The six week quest is fraught with danger, adventure, and unexpectedly: love. A love which is strictly forbidden. Will Leia respect an indigenous law that prevents her from pursuing the only love she has ever known? The Blue Amaryllis is a unique story that blends romance and adventure, while exploring the very real ecological issues threatening the Amazon rainforest and tribes within. It is a story of a proud people whose unique way of life faces extinction, and the passionate love that develops between one of their own and an outsider. 


Leia spun around, clambered up the high, muddy riverbank, and stared at what lay ahead. The jungle walls rose like a living parapet in front of her; a verdant tsunami of vines and darkness. She ignored the chill that crept up her spine, and began sprinting into the jungle. The thick canopy shielded most of the sunlight and reduced the thick, clammy air to a pleasant coolness. The run allowed her to stretch her legs after being cramped from the past few days of travel, and she soon reached the river. She turned left and followed it. The jungle began to dim and darken at an alarming rate, so she pushed herself to run faster. Trees and vines whipped past, some snapping against her skin. Many times, she splashed directly into the river to skirt areas of the shore that were too overgrown to run through. After about three more miles of hard running, Leia began to slow and her breathing became uneven. She needed hydration, but the camel pack she had filled back home in Chicago had been empty since lunchtime and she refused to stop. How could she know whether this water was safe? A movement in her periphery caught her attention as something black streaked through the trees across the small river. Please don't let there be animals looking for a meal, she prayed silently as she ran a list of possible creatures through her mind. Finally, Leia reached a place where the grass and leaves looked matted down. She slowed her pace to a jog and turned to follow the path. Across the river, foliage erupted as a black shape burst through. Leia turned to look, her eyes wide and startled. A menacingly large man, his entire body blackened, stared at her from across the narrow river. His top lip curled up, exposing his teeth as he advanced on the river. The black coal smeared over his face made the whiteness of his eyes and teeth almost glow against the darkness of the jungle. Slowly, Leia began to back away, keeping her eyes trained on the man, and with a leap and a splash, he bounded into the river, coming straight at her. A scream ripped from her throat as Leia spun and began sprinting as fast as her burnt out body could manage. She couldn't hear him, but somehow she knew he was close behind. A searing panic rushed through every nerve in her body as adrenaline pumped her forward. A quarter mile ahead lay a large grassy dirt clearing, scattered with raised huts on stilted legs. Leia didn't notice the ground drop, and lost her footing, slamming her forehead into a low hanging branch. She lurched upward, pushed herself off the ground, and stumbled into the village. In the center, a group of native people sat on logs eating a meal. Leia ran into their midst. There was drawn out silence as they stared at her, wide-eyed. She wheezed for breath, hunched over, while her hands gripped her shaking knees. “Please! Help!” she choked out between heaving gasps. “I have to see James McDonald, where is he?” A man with a tall, broad-shouldered frame unfolded from where he had been crouched on the ground and walked toward her. His lean, muscled body moved in a smooth, prowling manner that brought to mind wolves and panthers. To describe him as handsome would be a grave injustice. This man was beautiful. Her eyes widened when she saw that he was mostly naked, with just a thin cord wrapped around his bare hips. Leia tried to prevent her eyes from drifting lower, but they dropped to his feet and then ran up the length of his body. He was magnificently built; a splendid creation. Multiple strands of long, dark-brown beads crossed diagonally over a powerfully sculpted chest, meeting in an X in the middle. Hanging from his neck was another strand of white, triangular-shaped beads, which contrasted against his bronzed skin. The same white beads wrapped in a single strand around each of his biceps. He was very tall, and his features were breathtaking. Dark eyes and high cheekbones gave way to a straight, defined nose. A strong, angular jaw framed his wide, full lips. It was as if God himself had gathered the dust and molded the impossible creature before her with his own hands. It really was unfair that she had to encounter the most attractive man she had ever seen, while at her most unattractive. She didn’t require a mirror to know what she looked like after a long run and knew her stubborn flyaways resembled a lion’s mane framing her bright red face. Leia's mouth hung open as she stared at him. A strange feeling overcame her, and it seemed as if the entire universe shifted, then locked into place with a loud, resounding echo of finality. No, wait, it was her head spinning. Her eyes began to blur, a roaring sound filled her ears, and she crumpled to the ground, falling into a velvet-enmeshed blackness.


Meet the Author

I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and three daughters. When I'm not busy being “Wife and Mother of the Year”, you can find me working on my procrastination habit, while diligently avoiding any and all forms housework. During that time, I make a mess of the house by baking, helping my kids do artwork, or by going out with some friends to find the best food Chicago has to offer! The following day is spent, sadly, cleaning.

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A Perfect Moment (Perfect, #1) by Becca Lee 

$0.99 Sale Blitz

“When life threatens perfect, it’s time to step up and kick life in the balls.”

Ella's perfect moment was taken from her in the worst possible way. Humiliated, heartbroken and absolutely determined not to allow her heart be destroyed for a second time, she builds an ice wall around her heart.

Preston has known that he was in love with his big sister's best friend since the age of fifteen. Over ten years on, an opportunity to be her knight in shining armour is too good to miss. Putting his heart on the line, he's on a mission to show Ella that the perfect moment is possible.

Ella's instinct is to run when she realises her feelings for her bestie's little brother may just run a little bit deeper than just friends. But if she can't run, she'll try every trick in the book to shake off his affection and realign his feelings.

She already had her perfect moment, and there is no chance she'll let her heart thaw for Preston. No matter how good he looks in the firefighter's Christmas calendar.

*** Contains steamy-hot moments, romance, friendship and a bulk load of swearing - non explicit sex scenes. ***

Purchase Links

Cheeky Except
I woke up with a delicious feeling of sore muscles. The memory of the night’s sweet and heavy kisses, Preston’s heavenly caresses and him planted firmly between my thighs a total of three times, brought a smile to my face.

Every touch, every word had been perfect. We’d talked into the early hours, in between getting hot and heavy, and didn’t succumb to sleep until after 3am. I turned towards his bedside clock. It was 10am. Thank goodness for holidays! Preston’s movement and hand stroking small circles on my stomach made me turn my head to look at him. He smiled at me and kissed me tenderly on my shoulder. “Morning, beautiful.”

I couldn’t hold back the goofy grin that formed, nor did I want to. “Morning,” I stretched and yawned. “Sorry.” I laughed, clamping my hand over my mouth.

“No sorry needed. I love seeing you stretched out. You look hot.” He pressed his groin against my leg so that I truly understood exactly how hot he thought I was. A delightful shiver travelled through my body at his touch.

I giggled. Yes, actually giggled. A grown, educated woman of twenty-eight years old giggled at the fine specimen of a man next to me. My giggle was quickly followed by a groan at my ridiculous response. I was acting like a seventeen-year-old.

“What?” Preston asked.

I peeked a look at him. “Just groaning at my giggling. Pathetic really.” I’d always been blatantly honest in my friendship with Preston. I didn’t want that to change. Honesty, no matter how tricky it could be, was by far the best.

A throaty laugh erupted out of his chest. “Only you would think a giggle is pathetic. It’s cute.” My raised eyebrow set in challenge did nothing to prevent him from continuing. “What? Don’t look at me like that. Cute is good. Sexy, even. Giggling gives me a stiffy.” His face was set in a broad shit-eating smile.

“Nice! Seriously. You talking about your erection as a stiffy is what? Meant to get me all hot and horny for you?” I said with a stoic face.

He laughed again. “It doesn’t matter the word, babe. The fact remains you’re beautiful and I’ll always be hard and ready for you.”

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep a straight face. Laughter burst out of my lungs.

“Come on. I’m starving and really need a shower.” I laughed when his eyes lit up at the possibility of a shower together. “You’re insatiable. You go and sort out breakfast while I shower. Alone. Please.” I kissed him lightly on his gorgeous lips, bounced out of bed and headed to the en suite.

Why I love the first line of A Perfect Moment?

“When you reached out for that perfect moment, it was only natural to want it to last forever.”

This is the lovely first line to my debut contemporary romance novel, A Perfect Moment. I was listening to a song on the radio and in the lyrics, it sang about the desire for a perfect moment, and questioned whether this concept was achievable or not. An idea formed in the guise of this line. I then realised that after twelve years of trying to find time to start writing a story, I’d finally kick my own booty and make the perfect moment happen.

I love my opening line. It’s really significant to Ella, my female protagonist. It suggests angst and fear, alongside an inkling of hope for the future. The concept of ‘perfect’ is revisited throughout the novel. It’s something that Ella truly desires, yet equally fears. She soon realises, that life and love, may not be all that crappy, and that sometimes, taking a risk is worth it. All with the help of the dreamy Preston of course.

    A Perfect Moment has several raunchy scenes, a whole heap of foul-mouthed frustrations, and pee-your-pants humour. Be sure to check it out while it's at the bargain price of 99c.

Becca Lee


Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh will be released on September 9th and will be available for pre-order on both Amazon and iTunes.  

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh stuns with a sizzling contemporary romance… 

A bad boy wrapped in a sexy, muscled, grown-up package might be worth a little risk…

Molly Webster has always followed the rules. After an ugly scandal tore apart her childhood and made her the focus of the media’s harsh spotlight, she vowed to live an ordinary life. No fame. No impropriety. No pain. Then she meets Zachary Fox, a tattooed bad boy rocker with a voice like whiskey and sin, and a touch that could become an addiction. 

A one-night stand with the hottest rock star on the planet, that’s all it was meant to be… 

Fox promises scorching heat and dangerous pleasure, coaxing Molly to extend their one-night stand into a one-month fling. After that, he’ll be gone forever, his life never again intersecting with her own. Sex and sin and sensual indulgence, all with an expiration date. No ties, no regrets. Too late, Molly realizes it isn’t only her body that’s become addicted to Fox, but her heart…


No Regrets 99 cent sale

About No Regrets by Claire Kent:

no regretsOn my last birthday, I made one vow for the year. Live with no regrets. Eleven months have passed, though, and nothing has changed. I still sleep alone, spend my life working, and never move out of my comfort zone.
Then the loss of my dog throws my whole life out of orbit, and I end up in bed with a very hot and slightly-too-young veterinarian, who has recently made a vow of his own. Live with no strings. Josh is more than happy to help me with the things I’ve been afraid to try. Semi-public sex. Spanking. Anal sex. He’s a willing partner for everything I’ve wondered about, as long as I don’t demand more.
He’s serious about his no-strings philosophy. As serious as I am about living with no regrets. I can’t help but fall for him, even though I know better. So my biggest regret might be a broken heart.

99c SALE!! You will have no regrets!!

Available on Amazon / B&N / AllRomance

Author Questions:


In 140 characters or less, tell us about your new book:

Leslie made a vow to start living without regrets, and she starts by having no-strings sex with Josh, who introduces her to sexy risks she’s been afraid of before.

How did you come up with the storyline? Did you dream about it? Did you see an item that sparked a story?

I was taking my dog to the vet, and I saw someone crying who’d just had to put her dog to sleep. It made me sad too, and I started thinking about how the death of a pet can change the whole rhythm of our lives. Then I starting thinking about what a woman so thrown for a loop might do in the aftermath, and I came up with the first two chapters of No Regrets. It was supposed to be a short novella, but after I got into it, I realized it was going to take longer to get Leslie and Josh to where they needed to be at the end, so the book ended up twice as long as I intended.

What’s your favorite line from the book?

“I can talk as dirty as you want.”

What made you pick your character names?

I don’t have a thoughtful process for picking character names. I just go through names until I find ones that feel right for the characters. I’ll often go to the Social Security website that lists popular baby names by birth year andcheck the list for the year my character would have been born until I find one that feels right. Leslie felt like the right name for Leslie, and Josh felt like the right name for Josh—so I went with them.

What did you do on your last birthday?

My birthday is two days after Christmas so I’m always trying to recover from the holidays. I think I did some writing—I was working on Engaging the Boss then—and I went out for dinner. That’s about as exciting as my birthdays get.

Where do you write? Give us a peek at your writing desk? Is it a desk or do you write on your couch with a laptop?

I can write anywhere. I usually write on my couch with a laptop, but when I’m having trouble focusing, I have to go somewhere else to write—somewhere it’s not as easy to waste time. I have no writing rituals or special set-up, but if I have no reason to do otherwise, my most natural writing position is stretched out on my couch with a laptop.

Do you listen to music while you write?

No, I never listen to music. I’m always fascinated by writers who are so often inspired by music because I never am. If I try to listen to music, it distracts me from writing. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been inspired for a story by a song in my life.

Where do you find inspiration?

I most often get inspired by random things in my life (like going to the vet and being inspired for No Regrets) or by other stories (books, television, movies, etc.). It’s usually one little thing that ends up launching the story. For instance, I got the idea for A Negotiated Marriage after watching a scene in a TV show that had a woman rushing around, late for work and wearing very high heels. The show had nothing to do with a marriage-of-convenience, but for some reason, that scene inspired me for Molly.Another time, I read a story that had a romanticized pregnant sex scene in it, and I kept thinking that having sex while eight months pregnant simply couldn’t be like that. Then I started thinking about how a realistic pregnant sex scene would go. And then I got inspired for Nameless. It’s usually a little, random thing, and then the story grows out of it.

Tell us a bit about your writing process. Do you plot or are you a seat of your pants writer?

I usually start with one scene from the story, and it’s not always the first one. I’ll play with the scene in my mind until it’s developed enough to build the rest of the story from. Then I’ll write down a general outline. I always have a general outline before I start writing the story because I need to know the story is going to work in its overall structure before I commit to it. But my outlines are very sketchy. For instance, the outline for No Regrets began like this: “Chapter One – Vet, sad. Chapter Two – park, Josh running. Chapter Three – bar, sex.”

What was the first romance novel you remember reading?

I can’t remember the first one. I used to read book series as a kid that had little romantic elements in them. I used to love the Sunfire Romances, which were teenage historical romances (all titled by the girls’ names). I was reading Regency romances when I was in sixth grade. But long before that I was turning stories into romances. I vividly remember reading books like The Secret Garden and The Borrowers, and then trying to turn them into romances in my mind.

If you could go back in time, where and when would you go?

Oh, I have no idea. When I was a kid, I would daydream about living in a time where women wore long, pretty dresses. Then I was crazy about Regency romances, so I wanted to live in the Regency period—always assuming I’d be upper-class and get to have a Season where I was courted by all the dashing men. Now, I never even think about going back in time. Maybe that’s why I stopped writing historical romances (which is what I started with) and stuck with writing contemporaries.

What’s the 1 item that you can NOT live without?

My laptop.

What do you do for fun?

Write? Does that count?



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About Claire Kent

claire Kent
Claire has been writing romance novels since she was twelve years old. She has a PhD in British literature and, when she's not writing, she teaches English at the university level.
She also writes contemporary romance under the penname Noelle Adams.

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