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Desire by Missy Johnson. @MissycJohnson

DesireDesire by Missy Johnson

COMPLETELY rewritten and revised!!

I’m a sex worker.

A prostitute. A whore.

Whatever you want to call me, the result is still the same. I sleep with men and I get paid for it. I don’t make excuses for what I do.

Then I learn how fragile life can be; how in an instant, everything can change. My mother disappears and I'm left to care for my two estranged siblings. I can barely manage to look after myself.

How am I supposed to look after a hormonal fifteen year old and a five year old who has no idea who I am?

I just want my old, uncomplicated life back.

Especially when He shows up.

He’s investigating my mothers disappearance, but I can see that it’s more than that for him.He thinks he can help me. He thinks he can fix me.

Only how can he fix something so broken?
Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** I received this arc in exchange for an honest review****

This book I read in one go. I do really like Missys books and she didn't disappoint me with this one.

We had a mixture in this book of romance, mystery and heartbreak.

Kait has a tragic past and it seems that she has never really got over it and finds it hard to trust people, the only one she's let in so far is her best friend Ara. That is until Devon walks ino her life with some more disturbing news and also telling her she will need to look after her brother and sister.

There are a lot of intriguing parts to this book, mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Kaits mother and sexy Devon breaking down Kaits walls.

Another good read from Missy, cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us

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Kemmie Michaels' Sale Blitz. @KemmieM

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Author Bio
Two Boys...
My husband and I are blessed with two amazing young men. They are 9 and 11 right now, and both are on very different parts of the autism spectrum. I’ve learned so much by being their mom and feel pretty lucky to have become a part of a community of loving, understanding people.
If you’d like to meet my oldest son, just watch Big Bang Theory and shake hands with Sheldon. Those two are so similar, straight down to the fake laugh when they recognize something is funny.
My youngest cannot be explained. He’s more of an experience, and a joyful one at that.
Romance Novelist...
I’ve always loved to write. I’ve written for newspapers and magazines, also a host of personal projects. Then in December of 2012 I was reading on my first Kindle, gobbling up romances left and right. That’s when I fell in love with Ethan Blackstone, by the way.
Anyway, I was inspired to sit down and write. Less than one year later I’ve published three books, written another and its sequel novella, and started on two more. As of November of 2013, I’m more than 60k words into those two total. Since I’m sure I won’t update this bio for a long time, you’ll have to rely on my Facebook updates to know what’s going on with Kemmie Michaels romances. There are stalker links on my home page.
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Wrapped in Shadows by Lisa Eugene. @lisaeugene43

Wrapped in ShadowsWrapped in Shadows by Lisa Eugene

One night of shadows. One night of bliss. One night when it all falls apart.

Katherine Regina Vandercamp has everything. Wealth. Beauty. Social standing. She’s the heiress to the Vandercamp fortune and engaged to the man of her dreams. One night it all shatters…

Finding her fiancé with another woman, she is distraught and makes a reckless decision to go with a friend to a sex club. Needing total anonymity, she has sex with a stranger in a room of total darkness, a sensuous cocoon of silky shadows. She has no idea who this man is or what he looks like. But it is in the shadows she finds solace. In the shadows she finds bliss.

She can’t forget this stranger’s touch, his taste, his scent. He infiltrates her dreams and holds her thoughts and body captive. But has she made a false assumption about her fiancĂ©? Was he truly unfaithful? She regrets her hasty actions and is tormented by guilt. She is determined to marry the man she loves and forget her stranger.

Sinister events unfolded at the sex club. There was a gruesome murder and her stranger has been charged with the crime. Katie knows he’s innocent because she was with him at the time of the murder. She is more shocked to find that he’s not a stranger after all. What will she do? Will she reveal her horrible secret? Will she besmirch the Vandercamp name? Will she risk losing the man who has her heart to save the man who’s touched her soul?

Her life is in turmoil. All because of that one night.

A night that was wrapped in shadows...


Lisa Eugene began writing as a way to mentally escape from the hectic medical world where she has been a practicing nurse for over twenty years. After publishing her first novel, STRICTLY BUSINESS, she quickly learned that readers couldn't get enough of the world she created and
now she lives out her wildest fantasies by writing steamy romantic suspense for her fan-favorite Washington Memorial Hospital series.

When she's not plotting her next dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure, you can find her juggling a full time job, playing soccer mom, or curled up reading a good romance. Lisa loves hearing from fans; be sure to connect with her on Twitter at @lisaeugene43, or at

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** I received this arc in exchange for an honest review*****

This book really surprised me, what we have here is hot romance, sexy men, and suspense all rolled into one book.

It grippd me from the start and once I got reading I didn't want to stop, the sex was great but also the suspense, wanting to know who done it.

This book had it all and it was so well written. This was the first book that I have read by this author and if the rest are like this then I'm going to be reading more.

It wasn't all about sex and romance and that's is what I loved about this book.

Luke seems to be one sexy alpha male who has had heartbreak and is left a single father, but meeting Katie in those circumstances brought him back to life. The suspense in this book was fantastic and when you think it's one person you are gravely mistaken.

This book deserves all five stars.

If your looking for something that has hot sex, romance and suspense rolled into one then this is the book you need to read.

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