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Obsessive Pimpettes Promotions: ☆¸.•*¨*★☆New & Current Sign Ups☆¸.•*¨*★☆: ☆ ¸.•*¨* ★☆ New & Current Sign Ups ☆ ¸.•*¨* ★☆ ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ ¸¸.•*¨*•*´¨) http://obsessivepimpettespr...

Cover Reveal: Fall for Him by J.C. Valentine @AuthorJCV

FallForHimReveal Fall for Him by J.C. Valentine Forbidden #3 Publication Date: August 25, 2015 Also in this series: Dance for Me, Lie to You Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance Fall for Him Cover

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Synopsis: Two men. Both brothers. One life-changing decision.
I made my choice. One perfect weekend assured me I was right. One set of pictures proved me wrong. Graduating college was supposed to be a happy time. Instead, I lost my best friend and suffered the worst kind of betrayal. Now, my whole life is in flux. I need my best friend. I need answers. There’s only one way to fix this. It’s time for a change. It’s time to take back control of my life, and the only way to do it is to face my problems head-on. Even if it means walking into the lion’s den to do it. *AUTHOR'S NOTE* Fall for Him is the third and final book in the Forbidden Trilogy. Dance for Me (#1) and Lie to You (#2) must be read first.
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About J.C. Valentine

JC Valentine
USA Today Bestselling author J.C. Valentine is the alter-ego of Brandi Salazar, whose enjoyment of tales of romance spurred her to branch out and create her own. She lives in the Northwest with her husband, their wild children, and far too many pets. As a university student, she studies literature, which goes well with her dream of becoming an editor. Brandi entertains a number of hobbies including reading and photography, but her first love is writing fiction-in all its forms.
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Blog Tour: Claiming The She-Wolf by Louisa Bacio @louisabacio

Black Hills Wolves
Claiming the She-Wolf by Louisa Bacio
When her older brother leaves the Black Hills to go to college, Tala Graystone stays behind, determined to restore their dilapidated home into a B&B for the pack. As more people return to the area, the need for temporary housing increases. Now, if only she can find someone to help with the heavy lifting.
Yas Collins fled Los Lobos as a child with his mother. As he struggles with his wolf and overpowering shifts, a desire for nature and the forest strikes hard. Black Hills, South Dakota, beckons him. With a background in construction, he easily finds work at Tala’s dilapidated B&B, but not everyone in town greets him with open arms.
As the remodel gets underway, Tala and Yas fight their growing attraction. Yas doesn’t trust his wolf urges around beautiful B&B owner. The she-wolf, however, has other plans.

Excerpt from Claiming the She-Wolf:

A growl from low in his throat threatened to escape. The rumble started in his chest, and he fought to keep it down.
She turned, looking down at him. “Did you say something?”
“Umm, no. Just clearing my throat.”
He needed to get his base instincts under control. Recent research showed that wolves in the wild killed in order to protect their domains and to get more space. He didn’t want to be ruled by his wolf. He’d grown up in the city, with humans, not out in the forest. His mom had tried to talk to him about shifting, but as a woman, she didn’t have the same experience.
He couldn’t go to a shifters anonymous group for help with his sexual urges. Maybe he needed to start his own support group. He snorted at the idea. At the top of the landing, Tala turned to the right, and he followed.
They entered what had to be the master bedroom suite. It was painted a vibrant lavender color, and the bed had a green floral comforter with an abundance of fluffy throw pillows. White dollies rested on the two nightstands, and a vase of wildflowers called for attention. The feminine room seemed in sharp contrast to his host. She didn’t look frilly.
“This will be your quarters.” Her lips pursed, and she blinked a few times.
The idea shocked him. “What? I’m sorry, but it looks like your room.”
“Well, it has been. But it’s the nicest room in the house, and as a guest, figure you should have it to be comfortable. I’ll move my things into another one.”
He waved his hands in front of him, as if shooing away something physically bad. “No way. No can do. Give me the second best, then. My first job can be fixing it up.”
She smiled. “Well, second best would be my brother’s room, and even though he’s on a trip right now, I don’t feel comfortable moving his stuff. So third best, and we work today to make it more, um, livable?”
Her choice of words made him pause. “Deal.”

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This book was very interesting to read. I am new to this author and never read this series before. I was impressed with the story telling and the plot. I really did enjoy reading it and looking forward to reading this whole series from the beginning.

Yas Collins has fled his home Los Lobos when he was a kid. He is still struggling with his shifts and is leaving in the wild. He decides to go back home to his family. While going back home he meets Tala who owns a bed and breakfast. These two were made for each other.

*** review provided by Obsessed by Books ***

About the Author:
A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms – from short stories to full-length novels.
Bacio shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: Two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits and hermit crabs. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.
Contact Details:

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Blog Tour Title: Trusting Nicole Series: Last Hangman MC #4 by Muriel Garcia @muriel__g

Blog Tour
Title: Trusting Nicole
Series: Last Hangman MC #4
Author: Muriel Garcia


Jason Sanders hasn’t had the easiest of lives. Growing up he had all he could ever want, except for two very important people: his parents. The day he lost them was the day his life became a chaotic mess. A mess that still haunts him today. 

Due to his association with three of the most prominent MCs in Louisiana, the entire New Orleans Police Department suspect him to be a corrupt cop, little do they know what’s really going on behind closed doors. 

At the start, he hated every single biker. They had made his existence a living hell for the past four years. Now? Now, they have fast become a permanent fixture in his life and are the closest thing to a family he’s had since that day. 

Thanks to her big brother, Nicole Lyle grew up surrounded by the Last Hangman MC and loved every second of it. They were always there for her, supporting her, protecting her, except for one night. One disastrous night causes Nicole to do the one thing she never thought herself capable of, causing her life to become a devastating mess. A mess she wishes she could have avoided. 

What happens when Jason and Nicole’s pasts catch up to them and threaten to ruin their futures? 

How will Nicole’s older brothers, Gabe and Aleck, cope with the details of their younger sister’s torrid past? 

Will Nicole be able to help Jason heal or is he beyond fixing? 

Will Jason be able to take a leap of faith and trust Nicole?

Goodreads link:



~*~ Obsessed by books arc given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

"Nothing will ever be the same once they learn who I really am. I'm their worst nightmare and their saving grace all wrapped into one."

This fourth story in the Last Hangman follows on from where we left off...full of angst, heart break and jaw dropping moments this continues what is shaping up to be one of the best MC series yet! With Muriel Garcia's trademark emotional rollercoaster this book is much more than your typical MC read and steers clear of the cliches rather focussing on the lengths one man will go to, and the extra mile his woman will happily endure to get their peace.

Nicole is Gabe's little sister, brought up in the MC there are no flies on this girl. Underneath her soft exterior is one ballsy lady. Her determination to break through is inspiring and a real plus point to this story. A tower of strength in Jason's darkest hour can she be the light to save him, even from himself?

Jason has had a harrowing life, forced to endure horrors no one should have to including losing his parents at an early age and the death of his wife just to name a couple, he has become someone submerged in shadows. The reality he shows is not necessarily who he is...but is he strong enough to reveal himself and keep the family he has found in the MC?

Full of twists and turns, this book encompasses MC life and deals with secrets, lies and duplicity that will blow your mind! The emerging love story between Nicole and Jason is more than just physical attraction...although don't get me wrong they are practically hot enough to melt your kindle! Their connection runs deeper than sex, much deeper and their story is one of endurance, determination and faith. Overcoming whatever life throws at them I think they have become my favourite couple in the series so far!

A staggering 5 star read...I honestly did not see that coming!

* * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * *

This book is full of lies, deceit and secrets. Jason is trying to move on from the murder of his wife, he's helping the MC plus other people that no one knows about, but nicole has been there for Jason from the start is it just friends or could it be more? they both have secrets from the past , when they surface will it keep them apart, will the MC understand? I was left on the edge of my sit, loved the action, suspense. a really great read.


The Last Hangman MC series has been a real joy for me, I have to admit loving the whole MC vibe and Muriel Garcia rocks it big time.
Jason, knocked my socks off, he was a fantastic character and from a series that has been littered with characters that fight to keep your attention on them, that is a complement – he really did absorb me. I was beside him, reaching out through every word and feeling every emotion.
He has had a lot to deal with and this is no different but this time he may just have someone who is willing to share the burden, if he will let them? — Books Laid Bare


Ohhh this book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat swearing at your kindle! Murial left us with one hell of an ending in 'Healing Gabe' so i knew this one was going to be a scorcher! I'm not going to give too much away but lets just say that...a lot of the questions that we were left with at the end of 'Healing Gabe' will be answered!
During the course of this series Ms Garcia's writing has come on leaps and bounds and i can now confidently say that she's secured a place in this reviewers favourite author selection! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her, or this series.
The character progression through the series is both natural and endearing. The MC is a family and Ms Garcia makes you feel like you're a part of that!
Thank you so much! — Belinda Wallis


This book is so full of twists and turns you will get whiplash from it, in a good way! I found myself sitting like a goldfish with my mouth wide open wondering what the hell I had just read!! It sucked me into a tornado of words and spat me out in the end!
It honestly blew my mind and my socks clear off. Muriel has grown with her writing with each book she writes, they honestly get better and better.
You will not believe the twist in this story either! I do hope there will be more because if there isn't I shall be devastated and hard to console. — Roses and Violets Book Reviews


We have great characters who bring there own personalities to the story, I really loved Jason he gave it all and sometimes I wanted to shake him but by the end he captured my heart.
We have a great bad boy and kick ass girl which keeps your attention as there from different sides but in away the same but can they be together?
This series gives so much for future books to come and I'll be waiting for them. — Maddie Bookaholic


WOW this was my absolute favorite book of this series. Don't get me wrong I loved all the books but that damn Jason took me by surprise. This book gave me everything I wanted and more from an MC book and there was never a time when I got bored or wished that this book was over. Jason was the ultimate bad boy and I was always throw for a loop reading this book. — Reader


This book definitely didn't disappoint there are lots of twist and turns along the way and secrets to be discovered. Muriel's characters and her writing just seem to get stronger with each book and I'm looking forward to seeing that continue when we get Bennett's book next. — Cajun Book Blog


Ok WOW!! This was a story with such twists and turns that I could not wait to see how it turned out and I loved every minute of it. Jason is trying to hide behind so many secrets and identities that even he is lost to who he really is. Nicole is loving and supportive of Jason after the death of his wife and from this friendship more intense feelings grow. There is trouble with the MC and one night changes everything for Nicole and Jason. Can they survive the fallout when secrets and truth are revealed? This was the perfect book with mystery, suspense and spicy sex. Who could ask for anything more? — Page Turners book blog


Book 4 in the Last Hangman series is Jason's story and it is by far the most twisted of them all up to this point.
We've seen Jase work side by side with all three MC's, become a trusted ally, well as much an MC can trust a cop and seen that he's hiding something.
It all comes out in Trusting Nicole, and we find out Nicole's secrets as well. — One Click Addicts Book blog


Saving Ayden:

Teaching Aleck:

Healing Gabe:


Muriel Garcia was born and raised in Belgium. She started writing a little over a year ago and never thought she would ever publish; reading and writing weren’t her favorite things to do in high school.

After one of her friends gave her a challenge – the next time they would attend a book signing, she would be a signing author (it did happen!) – she started to take writing a lot more seriously and never looked back. She’s enjoyed every second of it and the friends she’s made along the way.

She loves music, tattoos—especially on hot men, traveling, and cooking. She has always had an overly imaginative and creative mind but never thought of putting words to paper. Now she couldn’t imagine not writing stories that are near and dear to her heart.


Release Blitz: SKYSCRAPERS & CAMELOT by Mindy A. Carter @AuthorMindy

SC Rel ban 2
sky_amazon1Title: Skyscrapers & Camelot (Renovate, #1)
Author: Mindy A. Carter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 3, 2015
Keegan was my world since I was six years old. When he walked out of my life, I was certain I would never see him again. He broke my heart, but truthfully I only have myself to blame. Now I'm looking into his incredibly beautiful blue eyes. He came back into my life as quickly as he left. Both of us have changed over the years, but I can't imagine living another day without him.
My name is Aimee, and this is the story of how I lost and found my best friend and love of my life. The journey may be tough but there is no denying that Keegan, and I were destined to be together. He rescued me the day we met and had always been my prince charming. One thing I'm sure of, I'm not letting my happily ever after get away this time.
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I close my eyes while he opens the door then slowly leads me into the space, the anticipation of what he’s going to show me making me feel like I’m floating on air. We move around something, and then he lets go of my hand and walks away for a second, moving something around. Both of his hands then touch my hips, and I’m guided down to sit on his lap. “Keegan,” I yelp, the action having surprised me. “I’m going to count to five, Aimee, and then you can open those beautiful eyes.” His deep and commanding voice starts counting, “One … two … three … four … five.” My eyes remain tightly shut as I feel his beating heart against my back, matching mine. He laughs and puts both arms around me, holding me close with his chin on my shoulder, and I can feel his breath on my neck. I suddenly break out in goose bumps. “It’s okay. Open them,” he whispers in my ear. I slowly open my eyes, seeing we are sitting directly in front of his expansive window. The scene in front of me is one of beauty. I am facing the New York sky, the stars twinkling above and lights of different colors below us. I can see everything for miles, the entire city. It’s the most amazing view I have ever seen. The buildings and sky fit together like the perfect puzzle. The view at night is more glorious than I ever imagined, just as Keegan mentioned during his interview. “This is … just … no words, Keegan.” Although him sharing this with me makes me feel something in my heart, I can’t find the words to describe it. He holds me a little tighter. “I know. You don’t have to say anything.” “Thank you for showing this to me,” I whisper. “You’re welcome,” He replies in another whisper. “No, really, thank you. I could sit here all night, looking at this.” I tell him, imagining how beautiful this scene would be watching the sun rise. Of course, what would make it special is watching it together. “I have actually looked out these windows and watched the city all night.” “By yourself?” I ask. “I’ve never shared this with anyone until now.” “Really?” “Yes. As if I would even want to be here with anyone else.” I melt into him. How could this man be any more perfect?  
Book Trailer
About The Author
Mindy has been in love with love, as long as she can remember. As a child, you could find Mindy engrossed in fairytale books and dreaming of her happily ever after. She was lucky enough to find her prince charming and lives in Ohio with him and her four precocious children.
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H.I.S. series 99¢/99p SALE @Sheila_Kell

20150704 Aug 1-7 sale promo ad 2

H.I.S. series 99¢/99p SALE Aug 1-7, 2015

99¢/99p sale price for books in the H.I.S. series by Sheila Kell

Meet the hot-bodied men of Hamilton Investigation and Security, Inc. (H.I.S.) who will do whatever it takes to achieve their clients’ goals, especially when it involves family and the women who steal their hearts. ♡ HIS Desire (H.I.S. Novel #1 – stand-alone)

Can he save her when his heart and his past have put them in jeopardy?

H.I.S. leader, Jesse Hamilton, fights to keep FBI Special Agent alive from a villain threatening to kill her to get back at him.

★★★★★ "This is my first book by Sheila Kell, but it will not be my last. I was engaged from the very beginning. I can't wait to download the next book in this series." Review on

Purchase link (most countries) amazon-logo-798x3107 - HIS Desire teaser-You belong here

HIS Choice (H.I.S. Novel #2 – stand-alone) Will the choice he makes mean certain death to the woman he promised to protect?

20150525_HIS CHOICE_ebook_500x750Wayward baby brother, AJ Hamilton, as a hit-man for a crime lord, is sent to threaten investigative reporter Megan Rogers, but finds himself attempting to save her instead.

★★★★★"I will give it 5 stars as there isn't any more to give." Review on

Ker's Surprise Cover Reveal: Deadly (an Empathy Novella) by Ker Dukey @KerDukeyauthor

Deadly Cover Banner Deadly Book Info  

Title: Deadly (an Empathy Novella)

Author: Ker Dukey

Release Date: August 24,2015

Deadly Synopsis
Normal is not something Ryan and Cereus have ever been, where’s the fun in normal?
When Cereus’s dreams follow her into the waking hours, she has to come to terms with the fact, Ryan is not the only monster in her madness. That she herself… can be just as deadly.
Deadly Teasers
653577722007125Deadly Reveal
add-to-goodreads-buttonDeadly Also Available
Deadly hosted

Summertime eReader Giveaway Featuring Veronica Forand & Samantha Ann King @SamanthaAnnKing

More than 20 authors will be sharing their best and worst pick-up lines during this EPIC eReader Giveaway! Win dozens of prizes, including swag packs, print or eBooks, gift cards, tote, posters, themed prizes, etc...and of course, a grand prize of four (4) eReaders!

Participating Authors:
7/27   Patty Blount
         Shelly Bell
          Sarah Castille
7/28   Lia Davis
         Lisa Nicholas
7/29   Jodi Linton
         Michelle Madow
7/30   Shelly Bell
         Jane Peden
         Kristi Hancock
        Caroline Lee
8/3    Veronica Forand
        Samantha Ann King
8/4    Kerry Adrienne
        Lizzy Ford
8/5    Suzie T. Roos
        Sharon Hamilton
8/6    Linda Bond
        Heather Long
        Alyssa Richards
8/7    Michelle Sharp
        Kristine Bria

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Veronica Forand

People rarely try to pick me up. Perhaps it’s my sarcasm, or my really loud voice, or the wedding band on my finger.  In truth, I had to make the first move to grab my now husband’s attention.

We’d been friends in high school and had spent a summer before college hanging around each other every single day. It was obvious we liked each other, but the friendship was so strong I didn’t want to screw it up but pushing for anything more. I’m sure he felt the same way...maybe?

Anyway, it was now August and as much as friendship is great, I wanted a bit more. I’m sure he did too, but was bashful.  So to make a long rambling story shorter and less rambling, I asked him for some Chapstick after he’d put some on (he was a hunky lifeguard and needed to protect his skin). Instead of taking it from his hands, I took it from his lips with my own lips. Things progressed very well after that!

Taking his own sweet time in everything he does, we married seven years later and will be together over twenty years on our anniversary.

Simmering Ice Blurb
Her newest release co-written with Susan Scott Shelley is Simmering Ice.
When the gloves come off, she’s worth the penalty…
Physical therapist Annie Davidson is great at her job but unlucky when it comes to love. She’s just out of a bad relationship. A really bad relationship. All she can do is focus on work…that is until she runs into professional hockey player Alec O’Meara. She’s a touch insecure and doesn’t understand why he’s interested in her.
Despite being one of the biggest players on the team, right wing Alec O’Meara prefers finesse over force. After the tragic death of his wife, he likes to keep things loose on and off the ice. But the red-headed Annie challenges his beliefs and makes him think about taking their relationship to the net.
The passion and fun they share is addicting and makes them long for more. But her insecurities that she’s not good enough, and his anxiety over a long-term commitment will keep them apart, unless they can find a way to break through the defenses they’ve built around their hearts.

Buy links for all major book outlets and free look at Chapter One are at

About Veronica Forand

Veronica Forand is an attorney and an award-winning writer of romantic suspense. She's lived in Boston, London, Paris, Geneva, and Washington, DC and currently resides near Philadelphia. An avid traveler, she loves to roam across continents with her husband and kids in pursuit of skiing, scuba diving, and finding the perfect piece of chocolate.


For news and updates on releases, as well as fun excerpts and exclusive stories, sign up for her newsletter: Veronica’s Newsletter

Samantha Ann King

Thanks for hosting me today and for participating in the Summer eReader Giveaway. I’m looking forward to chatting with everyone about the best and worst pickup lines they’ve heard…or used! Especially since I don’t have much experience with them. It’s true. I can only remember one from all my years of dating. I don’t know what that says about me. That I led a sheltered life? That no one wanted to pick me up? That my memory sucks?
My heroes don’t use pickup lines, either. They tend to have a friendship with the heroines before they fall in love, or they’re thrown together by circumstance.
But back to my one and only experience with the pickup line.
Imagine a bar. It’s in a college town, so it’s crowded with students. Dancing. Drinking. Shouting above the pulsing, pounding bass of the sound system.
I’m standing at a table, taking a break from the dance floor with my drink of choice, a G&T. Don’t ask what kind of gin. I wasn’t particular back then, couldn’t afford to be. Probably couldn’t afford to be drinking. But it was Saturday night.
A guy—dark curly hair, dark eyes, a little older—asks me to dance with him. And since that’s why I’m there…
When we return to the table, he raises his voice above the music. “I wrote a song about you.”
I laugh. “Yeah. Right.”
“I’m a musician. I’m in a band. Used to play with (insert your favorite rock musician here, because for the life of me I can’t remember the artist.).”
“Sing it for me,” I say.
“Too loud.”
We talk. Dance a little more. He walks me to my car.
“Sing it for me.”
“Not now. Let’s go to dinner tomorrow. I’ll bring my guitar.”
I say, “Okay.” (In my defense, I was young and naïve. Besides, I really wanted to believe he’d written a song about me. I mean, how cool would that be?!)
At dinner we talk. He and the waiter compare notes on how to cook baked potatoes. (I know. Weird, right?)
When he takes me home, I say, “Sing me the song.”
“I forgot my guitar. Next weekend.” (I wasn’t that naïve or that desperate for a song of my own!)
Unfortunately, I can’t come up with an excuse quickly enough. I’ve never been fast on my feet, literally or figuratively. We make another date. A messy cold causes me to cancel the day of. (The only time I’ve been thankful for a cold.)
I’m sprawled on the nubby plaid couch in my apartment. Red, runny nose. A box of tissues clamped in one hand and an overflowing trash can within reach of the other.
There’s a knock on the door. My roommate answers.
It’s him. “You really are sick.”
“Uh, yeah.”
“I thought you were lying.”
Such a charmer. I never heard from him again, and I never got to hear “my” song. I wasn’t crushed.
Sooo, “I wrote a song about you.” Memorable? Yes. It’s the only line I remember a guy using on me. (Probably because it was the only line a guy ever used on me.) Best or worst? I’ll let you decide.
I’d love to hear your best or worst pickup line. Share it here, and you could win one of four Kindles. In the meantime, if you’d like to see how a real man picks up a woman, check out Sharing Hailey, the first book in my Lovers and Friends series. No pickup line needed.
Sharing Hailey Blurb
Hailey Anderson's deep, dark secret? She's been madly in lust with her overprotective brother's two best friends for years. Gorgeous woodworking artist Mark Allen and sexy doctor Tony Adamo have no idea they star in her fantasies every night.
After a nasty breakup with her abusive boyfriend, Hailey's looking for a little distance. Headed for a two-week Hawaiian vacation with her brother and his hot friends, Hailey can't wait to feast her eyes on Mark's and Tony's rock-hard, ocean-slick bodies. Even if she can't touch.
But instead of treating her like their little sister, Mark and Tony have a surprising proposition: a monogamous ménage à trois. The three of them—and no one else. Both men want Hailey and have agreed to share her. The red-hot reality is even better than the forbidden fantasy. Until Hailey's ex threatens their newfound happiness…
Audible      Google play      iBooks      Kindle      Nook
About Samantha Ann King

USA Today bestselling author Samantha Ann King was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After receiving her BBA in Finance from Texas A&M University and marrying her high school crush (notice she didn't say sweetheart), Samantha relinquished her "native Texan" status and moved to Baton Rouge. She has called Albuquerque, New Mexico home since 1985. The mother of three has volunteered in the community as an advocate for children's issues ranging from education to healthcare. In 2010, as her nest started to empty, she began writing erotic romance. Thanks to her win in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight Contest, Samantha signed her first publishing contract in 2011. Her first book was nominated for RT’s 2012 Reviewers’ Choice Award.

Learn more about Samantha at her Website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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