About Me

Well I guess Id better tell you a bit about me.

My name is Maria Lazarou, but you'll probably just see me sign off as Mazzy. I am the owner of this blog and I started it because of my love of reading and I wanted to post about the fabulous books that are out there.

I am 36 years old and I have 3 children that keep me very busy and my escape is reading. My main genre's are New Adult, Erotica, Dark Romance, Paranormal Romance.

I absolutely love biker books and you'll probably notice that with the amount of reviews I've done.
I also have a passion for dark romance, I know that its not everyone's cup of tea.

The blog is here for the authors to promote their work and let others know of new releases. Many of them are Indie authors and I feel that we need to be here to promote the good work that they give us.
I have also started beta reading and have beta read for a couple of fantastic authors.

I have branched out in to tour hosting as I find that this is a very good way of authors getting their books out there. Our sister site is Obsessive Pimpettes Promotions.

I am always around if anyone needs some promo for their books, don't hesitate to contact me on here or on my Facebook page.

  • Email Address: obsessedbybooks78@gmail.com 
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ObsessedbyBooks

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