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Again Synopsis:
How far would you go for a second chance?

Eleven years after flunking out of college, Kate has finally hit rock-bottom. Losing her job and boyfriend in one drunken night, she’s determined to fix her life by going back to the moment when she let partying and sex take over. And do things right this time. At twenty-nine, she heads back to freshman year of college, with a catch.

Pretending she's nineteen with a new roommate and full class schedule is easy. When she meets her shy, sexy and seven-years-younger RA, Carter, following her self-imposed sobriety and celibacy rules is proving to be anything but.

A senior enduring years of regret, Carter is more than ready to graduate. He’s anxious to move on from the party his freshman year where he witnessed his frat brothers about to commit a sexual assault. Instead of doing the right thing and stepping in, he looked the other way and left. His guilt has made for a lonely four years.

When he meets the new freshman on his floor, spunky and confident Kate, he wonders if his time as an outcast has finally come to an end.

Kate and Carter’s growing friendship and undeniable attraction make it harder to hide the demons from their respective pasts. But when their secrets are finally revealed, will their chance at starting over together still be there?

Review by Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette

***Obsessed by Books arc given in exchange for an honest review***
What if you had the chance to do it all again...would you do things differently?
Kate decides to start again by returning to college, posing as ten years younger student, as she wants a do over. She has walked away from a total car crash of her life events and decided to have a clean slate. Her motivation may at first nig seemike the best reason but her attempt to start fresh, grab a second chance and reinvent herself was uplifting.
Carter is a lovely character, well written and slightly damaged by past events that he carries the weight of. His guilt has shaped him into a very mature and responsible college student. He keeps himself distant as a punishment for what he sees as his failings and this is the story of how helping someone else can set you free.
"Everything changed the minute I realized she needed someone ...Making sure she was okay would be my first step towards redemption."
This is a well written, emotive story that will have you laughing and crying right along side the characters. Dealing with real life issues such as addiction and sexual assault I felt it was a very real to life scenerio that had shaped the characters which made it so much easier to identify with them and like them. Written from both Kate's and Carter's pov we get to understand their reasons and their feelings for each other which makes you fall for their love story as they move from being friends to something much more.  In each other's arms they find the redemption they both need. A 4 star read for me as I am new to this author and wouldnt necessarily choose to read this type of romance usually so I was very pleasantly surprised. Lovely cozy Saturday afternoon read with a hot chocolate type read 

Review by Mazzy Boss Lady

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*****I received an arc in exchange for an honest review****

Second chances that's what this book is about.

Kate is 29 years old and whats to go back 10 years to repeat college as she flunked out the first time around. Wouldn't we all want to do that, this girl has got guts to do what she did to enable her to go back. I know I wouldn't be able to keep up the charade.

Enter Carter a 22 Year old senior, he has secrets of his own. I suppose this is really about two people being each others salvation.

I will say one thing though, its about time where we had a age difference where the older person was female and the younger male. There is always man meets girl years younger than him, but I've not read a book where the female is older.

This is a typical love story, there were some times where I felt that this book could of done with a bit more oomph, but other than that it was a good read.

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Lisa Burstein Bio:

Lisa Burstein is a tea seller by day and a writer by night. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from the Inland Northwest Center for Writers at Eastern Washington University. She is the author of Pretty Amy, The Next Forever, Dear Cassie, Sneaking Candy and The Possibility of Us. As well as a contributor to the essay collection, Break These Rules: 35 YA Authors On Speaking Up, Standing Out, and Being Yourself. Again is her self-publishing debut. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her very patient husband, a neurotic dog and two cats.

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Water Maze by EF Jacks COVER REVEAL @efjacks

Water Maze by EF Jacks
Release Date: December 15, 2014
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Unjustly declared the campus porn star, Pauline drops out of college and moves
back in with her parents, where the whole family is trying to cope with her
younger sister’s suicide. To fulfill her sister's dream, she takes her place on a
rafting trip in the wilds of British Columbia. But the brochure never mentioned
being stranded with one rugged stranger.

Struggling to rebuild his life after being stationed and injured in Afghanistan,
former Marine turned river guide Ellis takes work wherever he can find it. Filling
in at the last minute to take a lone young woman on a quick trip downriver looks
like easy money. Everything seems golden, until they discover the first
abandoned raft. Protecting Pauline becomes his number one priority, and
discovering whoever is stalking them becomes number two on his list.

In a race against time and the elements, the only thing they have to lean on is
each other. Their struggle for survival rips away the veil of secrecy between
them. Trapped in a brutal water maze rife with unexpected obstacles, they fight
to love each other and get back to civilization. Alive.


EF Jacks is the author of The Salty Peaches Girls, a hot and thrilling New Adult romance series. She loves the outdoors and dogs (cats, too), rescued dogs (and cats!) in particular. Water Maze, Book 1 in the series, is her New Adult debut. In a different life she published an adult romantic suspense novel. She welcomes readers to connect with her at




Book Length: 144 pages
Date Published: Aug. 17, 2014
Published by: Melinda De Ross (INDIE)
Steam Rating: Steamy
Main Characters: Angelina & Blade

Ironically, it all starts with a popular book about BDSM. When Angelina Jameson steps into her boss’s office armed with an acid article about ‘Billionaires, BDSM and Blah-blah-blah’, she thinks her career will take off. But her career aspirations drop into second place when she finds herself face to face with her nemesis.

Blade Spencer is the new editor-in-chief of Unabridged—the literary magazine where his ex-lover Angelina works. For three years, since she fled small town Jamestown without a word of explanation, they haven’t heard from one another. Now, when they meet again, the past and all the feelings they once had between them come rushing back, making them realize their love has never died. But can they reconcile their new circumstances and the changes that have occurred during the three years they were apart? Neither is the person the other used to know.

Then there is the faceless shadow who hunts them from the dark, driven by obsession and greed…

*This book contains strong language and explicit descriptions of sex.


It was quite late when we decided to conclude our meal and go home for a more intimate 
celebration. The waiter brought us the bill, smiling pleasantly and asking if we were satisfied 
with the service. He congratulated us on our engagement, admitting to me that he was Blade’s 
accomplice in surprising me with the ring. I assured him I was elated, and Blade gave him a very 
generous tip, thanking him again for his help. Then the waiter led us to the exit, where we got 
into an elevator. 
We were walking on the narrow sidewalk toward the parking lot, when Blade’s phone 
rang. He stopped to answer, but I, carried by the momentum, moved forward to cross the street. 
Suddenly, I caught one movement from the corner of my eye, and then everything happened as 
though in slow motion. 
The car had shot out like a silent, deadly hunter from the darkness, with its headlights off. 
I barely put my foot onto the street and it lunged in my direction, at such a high speed it looked 
blurry even as I turned my head toward it. It was too late though. My brain had time to realize 
that I was going to be struck before my body could react. I only felt a tremendous push that 
shattered my bones and rattled my teeth, while the screeching of tires scraped at my eardrums. 
The last thing I heard was the sickening sound of my head cracking against the pavement. Then 
everything went dark. 

Author Bio

Not long ago, to my surprised delight, somebody described me as being “charming, witty, supremely talented and dangerously fun”. I don’t know how accurate this description is, but I’m curious if the readers will find some of these features reflected in my writing. Speaking of my writing, I must mention that living in Romania – which is considered a projection of the enigmatic and much controversial Shambala, the supposed spiritual center of the Earth – is quite a source of inspiration. I have a native inclination to the occult and paranormal, to mystery and philosophy. The woman in me is a romantic and sensual creature. All these considered, I could describe my writing as being captivating, intriguing, sensual in places and, on the whole, a surreal experience. Enjoy!

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