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Release Day Blitz - Stages of Desire by Julia Tagan @JuliaTagan @BPICPromos

Stages of Desire
by Julia Tagan
Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)
Release Date: January 5, 2015

To be or not to be—in love…

As a ward of the Duchess of Dorset, Harriet can hardly expect more from a match than the ringing endorsement of “from what I’ve heard, the man is financially secure and his teeth are quite regular.” After all, she’s only the lowly daughter of traveling actors, not the actual daughter of the duchess.
William Talbot, Earl of Abingdon is set to marry the duchess’s daughter. After his elder brother’s scandalous death, his family’s reputation is paramount, and he’ll allow nothing to damage it again. But when Harriet disappears to save her father from debtor’s prison, the scandal threatens William and his intended’s family.

The simple task of fetching the duchess’s runaway ward turns complicated when Harriet insists on traveling with her father’s acting company. William’s forced to tag along, and finds himself entranced. The stage transforms Harriet into a free-spirited, captivating beauty. But someone’s been sabotaging the theater company, and instead of facing scandal, William and Harriet discover a threat not only to their growing passion, but to their lives…

London, 1808

“Miss Farley. I would like an answer to my question.”

She leaped down from the wagon, landing as lightly as a cat. Her back was ramrod straight as she approached him, and she met his eyes with an unwavering gaze. “I presume Her Grace sent you to talk sense into me.”

“She did indeed.”

“Well, you’re too late. We’re preparing for a journey to Birmingham. These are the Farley Players, the esteemed strolling theatrical company you may have heard me mention the other day.”

Esteemed seemed far too grand a word for this shabby group.

Undeterred, she waved her hand with a flourish at William. “I’d like to introduce Lord Abingdon.”

“I’d like a word with you.” He motioned to the door. “Alone. Outside.”

She led the way out of the barn to a small creek, knelt down, and washed her hands, drying them off on her skirt. William couldn’t help but notice the flash of petticoats when she did so, as well as a view of her slender ankle. The sight of her was disconcerting. He cleared his throat in an effort to regain his composure.

“If I remember correctly, Miss Farley, the duchess and I both forbade you from leaving London.”

She pushed her hair off her face with an irritated gesture. “I’m of age now, and am free to do as I please.”

Her arrogance was astounding. William wished he could grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake. “You would run off with these troublemakers and shame the woman who raised you, as well as the woman I am going to marry? What kind of ungrateful person are you that you’d even entertain such a notion? Is your father near death?”

“Not exactly.” She bit her lip. He’d struck a chord; she didn’t appear as sure of herself anymore. “I don’t mean to do anything to harm Her Grace. She’s been like a mother to me. But she’s not my true mother and, at this moment, I must see my father.”

“What will happen to him if you don’t charge up to Birmingham with your army in tow?”

“He’ll be sent to debtor’s prison.”

William laughed. “Debtor’s prison?”

“I’m deadly serious about this and find your humor most unkind.”

Relief surged through him. The solution was easier than he’d believed possible. “I am sorry, Miss Farley. I didn't realize how simple the solution is. I’ll give you the money. Have one of your troupe bring it to your father, and you and I will return to London. Simple as that. I understand why you wouldn't want to trouble the duchess with this kind of request, but as I have certain plans with regard to the family, I’m happy to extend you this favor. As long as you don’t have other family members popping up requesting handouts. And there will be no more lies.”

“You’re doing me a favor?” She fixed him with a stare. “I’m not some poor relation of yours to order about. I won’t take your money.”

The girl was stubborn when there was no need to be. How had the duchess ever put up with her in the first place? “Take the money and let’s get going. We’ll stay overnight at my estate and have you back in London by tomorrow afternoon.”

She shook her head. “It won’t do. The producer to whom my father is indebted demands a production within the week. He has promised his patrons As You Like It, starring the famous Mrs. Ivey, and nothing less will do.”

“I see. And who is this famous actress? Is she the one who curtseyed so deeply I heard her knees creak?”

Miss Farley almost smiled. “No. That’s Mrs. Kembler. She’s one of ours. Mrs. Ivey is already up in Birmingham, awaiting our arrival.” She placed her hand on his arm, the pressure of her touch as light as a feather. “Sorry, my lord. I know this seems like a rash act. But I need to take care of my father right now. I’m fully capable of comporting myself in a ladylike manner. I have no intention of bringing shame upon Her Grace’s household.”

“So just now, when you were heaving trunks around like a common dockworker, it wasn’t scandalous?” An uncomfortable warmth swept over him, remembering it.

“That was work. Nothing scandalous about work.”

“It was the way you were working.”

“And what way is that?” She put her hands on her hips and breathed heavily. He couldn't help noticing the rise and fall of her chest.

At a loss for words, he stammered as he tried to regain the upper hand. “Never mind now.”

She looked up at him, her eyes wide. “My lord, I understand why you might be worried, and why my running off alone was not proper. I am sorry. Allow me to go to Birmingham and sort out this mess. Please. I haven’t seen my father in a long time.”

She plucked at the fabric of her skirt like a small child might. For a brief moment, he couldn’t help but sympathize with her, remembering his own turbulent history with his father.

“He left me a book of sonnets, you see, but I didn’t receive it until yesterday. He inscribed it to me and, well, it’s difficult to explain. But now I realize how difficult it must’ve been for him to give me away. My mother died when I was born and life had been rough.”

“My mother died giving birth to my younger brother. But you must carry on. Life is not meant to be easy.”

She shook her head slowly, in disbelief. “There are varying degrees of easy. Losing a mother, yes, we’re even on that point. But have you gone for days slogging through the mud in the hopes of finding a warm bed and supper? I remember quite clearly what it’s like to not eat for a couple of days, the way the hunger climbs from your stomach up your throat until even your jaw aches.”

She had him there. He only missed a meal by accident, when he was absorbed in his work. And any cravings were satisfied immediately.

“My lord, I’d like to thank my father for allowing me to live with the duke and duchess. It’s the least I can do.”

He almost suggested she write a letter instead, but stopped himself. What if he were given the opportunity to talk to his father, or his brother, again? What would he say?

He understood her desire to make amends, and her honesty cut him to the core.

“Please, my lord.”

Sounds of merriment spilled out of the barn.
Perhaps they could reach an agreement. “I will allow it, on two conditions.”

“My lord?”

“My former nursemaid, Miss Entwhistle, shall act as chaperone. She’s here with me now and will accompany you to ensure you meet the standards of respectability. Two: You’ll stay with her at all times, and be back in London by next week. I will tell the duchess I allowed you to visit family in Birmingham, and leave it at that. No mention of the theater.”

“I suppose I can agree.”

“Very well, I’ll make the introductions.”

Eager to break the unexpected connection between them, William headed to the carriage while she returned to the barn. Miss Farley’s voice rang out.

“My lord, you might want to come quick.”

“One moment, I must see to Miss Entwhistle first.”

“That’s what I mean.”

William caught up with Miss Farley inside the barn. She pointed in the direction of several bales of hay, where Miss Entwhistle stood wearing a long purple scarf and swaying side to side, singing a colorful ditty at the top of her lungs. The rest of the troupe had gathered around her clapping and singing along.

“I think I’ll have no problems with Miss Entwhistle at all, my lord,” said Miss Farley. “In fact, it appears she’ll be able to teach me a few things.”

Julia Tagan lives with her husband and goldendoodle in New York City. A journalist by training, she enjoys weaving actual events and notorious individuals into her historical romances. Her favorite activities include walking her dog in Central Park, scouring farmers’ markets for the perfect tomato, and traveling to foreign cities in search of inspiration.

For Valentine's Release Day Launch @StoneBastion


Today we have the release day launch for For Valentine's the nightcap novella to Kat and Stone Bastion's No Wedding series. And for release day only, you can get the a signed digital copy with a bonus scene from Hannah!!! Be sure to check out this fantastic novella and grab your copy today!!  
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Exclusive Excerpt:
When Hannah removed her hand from my crotch, cooler air seeped through the denim. Then her soft lips touched my earlobe seconds before hard teeth tugged on it. She reached over to the ignition and twisted the key, cutting the engine. “We won’t need the heat for a while.” She was right. Windows? Already fogging. The coat that she’d been huddling under only seconds ago, slid off of her as she shifted and knelt onto her seat. She bundled up the woolen material and tossed it into the back. I’d planned this trip to be amazing, to get my troubling dreams in line with my incredible reality, and when we hit a little black-ice speed bump? Hannah grabbed the wheel… My pulse kicked up at the desire in her darkened eyes. Needing to touch her, I slid a hand up her thigh. My one-track mind screeched to a halt. “Uh…” Those knit-tight things still clung to her legs. “How do you propose we have sex with these things on?” I pinched the material away from her skin, then released it. The fabric was so soft, it didn’t even snap against her skin properly. I scowled. “These come off.” She shook her head with an amused smile. “No. They’re keeping me warm. Besides, who said you’re getting any? We said ‘making out.’” I choked out a laugh. “For over an hour? You trying to kill me with blue balls?” That luscious lip of hers disappeared behind her teeth as she negotiated carefully around the gearshift to attempt to straddle my lap. Not in any way resembling merely “making out.” Interesting. With my long legs, the seat was already adjusted back as far as possible. The steering wheel had nowhere to else go. But none of the cramped quarters made any difference to my determined woman. And she fit perfectly. As her body settled over mine, all soft curves and temptation underneath the thin fabric of her dress, her lips brushed over my ear. “I promise you won’t die. And there will be no blue balls.” Translation: sex. She just wanted to play a little. Or a lot. And I was the happiest fucking man on Earth to be her toy. Her lips began a sensual path over my skin, trailing below my ear, dotting small kisses over my jawbone, until she reached my chin. Then she paused and swallowed hard. Her chest heaved up and down, breasts pressing against me with every inhalation. Her fingers found their way into my hair, cradling the back of my head. Her intense gaze penetrated down deep, piercing my heart. “I love you, Cade Michaelson.” My lips curved into a smile. Before I had a chance to respond, her eyes drifted closed and she kissed me. Not hard and rough. Not urgent. She took her time, savoring each touch. Her tongue tasted mine, then her lips closed, denying me access. Until she sucked on my lower lip. Unhurried, lazy and seductive, she backed up her words with her body. Our lips touching was the only skin to skin, but her body undulated over mine. Hips arched, then curved against me in slow rhythm. Her fingers tugged at my hair. I groaned and closed my eyes, my cock hardening painfully behind my denim button fly. But I didn’t pull the plug on her slow seduction. Nothing in the world would make me take control away from her.

  For Valentine’s Synopsis: FV_AmazonGRSWThis steamy nightcap novella, the fifth book in the No Weddings Series, takes us on a post-happily-ever-after adventure as Cade attempts to rewrite Valentine’s Day with his new wife, Hannah.
Wedded bliss. After everything Hannah and I have been through, we finally have it. Yet dark dreams from my troubled past continue to escalate as we approach Valentine’s Day.
Determined to fill our present with great memories that overtake all others, I plan a trip to New York—down to every scheduled detail. Yeah, there will even be a musical.
But Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve. And the universe keeps throwing us curveballs… 

*** PLEASE NOTE *** Scorching (explicit) sex scenes. Fire extinguisher highly recommended.

Banner_-_No_Weddings_4_Covers FOR VALENTINE'S ~ Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
 NO WEDDINGS ~ Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
 ONE FUNERAL ~ Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
 TWO BAR MITZVAHS ~ Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks
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About the Authors: Shoe and Boot PhotoAward-winning and bestselling romance author Kat Bastion has teamed up with her husband Stone Bastion to create the new contemporary romance series No Weddings. A few factoids about the writing team… Kat enjoys her chocolate rich and dark, her music edgy and soul-filling, and her vacations exotic with toes dug into the sand. And she’s wildly, madly, deeply in love with Stone. Stone likes pounding the trails on a mountain bike, vibrating the sound system with rock music, and down time spent on a stand up paddleboard. And he loves Kat wildly, madly, deeply…and then some. Together, they’re having a blast bringing fun-filled romantic stories to life and hope you’ll join them in the exciting adventure. Kat’s first published work, Utterly Loved, was a twentieth anniversary gift of love poems to Stone that they decided to share with the world to benefit charity. Net proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of net proceeds from all their books, go toward charities involved in the fight against human trafficking. Kat and Stone live amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit their blog at, website at, and their Twitter accounts at and for more information. Keep informed about new releases by joining their Email Subscription list.
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The Love Brothers Release Day Blitz @beerwencha2

The Love Brothers Series
By - Liz Crowe
Release Date - January 5, 2015 (Love Garage & Coach Love)
Hosted By - DRC Promotions

Love Garage, Book One

Antony Love is the quintessential responsible oldest brother of a boisterous, Italian/Irish family, placed in charge at a young age by his parents who are busy running the family business. He manages his siblings with a fair but iron hand, until his life is shattered by personal tragedy leaving him the shell of the man he once was.

When outspoken matriarch Lindsay Halloran Love becomes ill, the youngest brother Aiden shows up at Antony's garage, having dropped out of school (again), needing work and a place to crash. Antony provides both, with three caveats: "Don't smoke in my truck, don't be late for work, and don't mess with my girlfriend."

But Aiden Love, budding novelist, gets one glimpse of Rosalee Norris, young widow of Antony's lifelong best friend and all bets are off.

Set in horse country near Lexington, Kentucky, The Love Brothers Series is a saga of family devotion that runs as wide and deep as the Ohio River--except on Sundays when brothers Antony, Kieran, Dominic and Aiden work out their frustrations on the basketball court, Love brother style.

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Coach Love, Book Two

The smoldering intensity of first love ~ the forbidden fantasy of temptation ~ the cold hard facts of real life.
When one man’s hopes are dashed apart in a split second after years spent chasing a dream, he returns home to Kentucky furious at the world and everyone around him.
Kieran Francesco is the middle son of the volatile, tight-knit Halloran-Love family. His role as peacemaker and the one true athlete is well established. He now faces life devoid of the sport he adores after a horrific, career-ending accident, which places him in a new and entirely uncomfortable position—that of the brother with no future.
Over the course of a few tumultuous months Kieran is plunged back into life at the center of the Love family, where he must cope with one self-destructive brother, one ill-timed reconnection to an old flame and a series of bad choices that land him in more trouble than he’d ever known existed.
COACH LOVE, book 2 of The Love Brothers, a family saga of sibling loyalty that runs as deep and wide as the Ohio River—at least until Sunday, when Antony, Kieran, Dominic and Aiden work out their frustrations at the weekly Love brother pick-up basketball game.

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Produced by Fiona Jayde Media, starring model Scott Nova, photography by Taria Reed. Narrated by Daniel Dorse, who will record all the books for

Additional Books in the Series, Coming Soon!


3 HUGE Prize Packs

About The Author

Amazon best-selling author, beer blogger, brewery marketing expert, mom of three, and soccer fan, Liz Crowe is a Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Louisville currently living in Ann Arbor. She has decades of experience in sales and fund raising, plus an eight-year stint as a three-continent, ex-pat trailing spouse.

Her early forays into the publishing world led to a groundbreaking fiction subgenre, “Romance for Real Life,” which has gained thousands of fans and followers interested less in the “HEA” and more in the “WHA” (“What Happens After?”). More recently she is garnering even more fans across genres with her latest novels, which are more character-driven fiction, while remaining very much “real life.”

With stories set in the not-so-common worlds of breweries, on the soccer pitch, in successful real estate offices and at times in exotic locales like Istanbul, Turkey, her books are unique and told with a fresh voice. The Liz Crowe backlist has something for any reader seeking complex storylines with humor and complete casts of characters that will delight, frustrate and linger in the imagination long after the book is finished.

Don’t ever ask her for anything “like a Budweiser” or risk bodily injury.

Connect With Liz

Cover Reveal: Dominic Ties of of Steel Book 2 @mjfieldsbooks

Dominic: The Prince
Ties of Steel Book 2
ecover Dom

Book Information: Title: Ties of Steel Series - Dominic: The Prince Series: Men of Steel Series
Author: MJ Fields Publication
Date: January 18th, 2015    


 The Italian, seductive, quiet alpha, Dominic Segretti, is leaving Livorno, Italy and headed for the Jersey Shore. His family's business is in danger of crumbling under the management of a man who tormented and grossly underestimated his investment in a business he grew up loving and the hatred of a man who made his life hell for thirteen years. He has been quietly waiting for the right moment to bring Benito Deluca to his knees. He comes to the US, armed with enough evidence to prove his case to, Josephine Steel, his aunt, and his cousins, Cyrus, Jase, Zandor, and Xavier. The night before he plans to tell them of the corruption that could cause the demise of DeLuca INC, he decides to take a night to de-stress. He plans a night of relaxation and enjoyment for himself at the Hilton Casino on the shore. Delaney Johnson is starting over after a break-up and graduating college. She has landed the job of her dreams in NYC. Arrangements had been made to stay with her best friend, Nikki Bassett, and her fiancé', Abe O'Donnell. Feeling that her luck has suddenly changed, she stops to play a few slots, just for fun. She finds herself winning big, and gains an admirer. One hot night of uninhibited sex with a stranger takes her places she never knew she could go. Dominic sees something in her, something familiar, something undeniable. Will this one hot night turn into many or will the Beast's plans crush any hope of them exploring their future?

  Dom Teaser1adomteaser5a Domteaser4a   Ties of Steel Book 1 is available now Abe: Four in Hand

  ecover (1) copy

 Buy Link: Amazon:
 Amazon UK:
 Barnes & Noble:


Author bio...
MJ Fields's love of writing was in full swing by age eight. Together with her cousins, she wrote a newsletter for family members. The newsletter was put back into ‘publication’ in September of 2001 for the entertainment of her cousin on a Navy aircraft carrier in the gulf, (Her cousin is a female Navy officer and helicopter pilot).
She self-published her first New Adult romance in January 18, 2013. Today, she has completed four self-published series, The Love series, The Wrapped series, The Burning Souls series, and The Men of Steel series.
Ties of Steel, (the first series spun off of some the Men of Steel series) book 1 ABE is available now.
The Norfolk series, has two titles available now, Irons 1 and Irons 2.
MJ is an Amazon bestselling author in multiple categories as well as all of Amazon as a whole.
MJ lives in central New York, surrounded by family and friends. Her house is full of pets, friends, and noise ninety percent of the time, and she would have it no other way.
Follow MJ
Twitter: @mjfieldsbooks
Tumbr: mjfieldsbooks

Release Day Blitz - Worth The Fight, by Beth Maria @bethmaria1993

Facebook-size Banner for the Release of Worth The Fight, a novel by Beth Maria
Title: Worth The Fight
Author: Beth Maria
Release Date: January 5, 2015
Photo depicting a man and a woman as the lead characters in Worth The Fight, an erotic romance by Beth Maria


My whole life changed when I was just seventeen years old.
The night I caught him killing a person and showing no sign of remorse.
He promised me that he would never turn into this person, he would help me get out, then we would move far away to start over. He promised me that he would never hurt me, but he did. My world shattered. I was plunged into the dark pits of hell with no end in sight. I just had to keep going on, living in the motions...
...until four years later when we are forced to be in each other's lives again.
Can we move forward from our past and leave behind the fact that he deceived me, or will it all be too hard to forgive and forget, especially when secrets are revealed that could threaten to ruin everything?
All I know is that I always have, and I always will love Phoenix James.
A photo depicting a quote from Emilia, the heroine in Worth The Fight, an erotic novel by Beth Maria


I stand quietly on the other side of the door, trying to not even breathe. I couldn’t alert him to my presence. I’m not supposed to be down here; forbidden is a better word. I’ve been told since I was old enough to understand that the basement is out of bounds. If I were found down here, there would be consequences. I’d always stuck to the rules, except when I saw him come down here… I’d never seen him down here before. He shouldn’t even be down here; he isn’t old enough yet. We’re only seventeen. When I saw him make his way down the steps, I followed without even thinking about it. I had to make sure he was okay, that he wasn’t in trouble. I don’t know what I’d do if he wasn’t around, and that is why people usually came down here- because they were in serious trouble. I watch quietly as he walks over to the side of the room, picking something out from the cabinet. I’m struggling to see due to the fact that the lighting down here isn’t very good. It’s made to look dark, scary, like hell, because that’s exactly what this room is. It’s hell. He turns around, his icy blue eyes glinting off the little bit of light in the room. The iciness of his eyes shocks me; I’ve never seen them so cold in the whole time that I’ve known him, and I’ve known him my entire life. His light brown hair is as it always is, messy like he’s just gotten out of bed, though he’s the only person I know who can pull that off and make it look sexy. An ‘ooof’ pulls me out of my thoughts, bringing me back to the matter at hand. My eyes widen, nearly falling out of their sockets at the scene in front of me. I spot the shiny silver metal lying in the palm of his hand, being turned over and inspected. I couldn’t mistake it even if I tried. I sleep with one of them under my pillow, though I’ve never had to use it, and I plan to keep it that way. Seeing the guy who has always looked out for me, who I didn’t think had an evil bone in his body, holding a gun, sends shivers down my spine, and a gasp threatens to spill out of my mouth. I quickly swallow it back down. I need to keep myself hidden. If anybody found out that I was down here… I dread to think about what would happen. “Do you know why you’re here?” His husky baritone bounces off the stone walls, drifting out of the door I’m hiding behind. Someone only whimpers in reply. “I said, do you know why you’re here?” he repeats, his voice a strong command any person in their right mind wouldn’t dismiss. It’s not even directed at me, but I can feel my legs starting to shake of their own accord from the fear coursing through my body. “Y-y-yes,” a man replies weakly, his voice void of any emotion, knowing the fate that he’s in for. “Good. Now I’ve been told to get rid of you. You’re a liability, Phil.” A loud bang rings through my ear, causing me to scream involuntarily. I freeze, realizing what I’ve just done, but it’s too late. He’s spotted me. I turn to leave when an arm grabs me, halting my step. I turn to meet the icy blue eyes of Phoenix James, the guy who I’ve been in love with for as long as I can remember, and the guy who I will never be able to look at the same again because he’s a murderer. He’s just like the rest of them, when he always promised me he wouldn’t. Anger takes over me, my eyes going cold staring him down. “Get. Your. Hands. Off. Of. Me.” I pronounce every word, hoping he hears the disgust in my voice. “Em…” Phoenix whispers quietly, his eyes going downcast in shame. I pull my arm from his grip and run. I only make it to the top of the stairs when somebody else grabs my arm, their grip biting harshly into my skin. I turn and stare into the evil dark eyes of my Father. “Stay away from him, Emilia. He’s no good for you.” I pull my arm out of his grip and run straight to my room, not once looking back at the guy who crushed me the moment he pulled that trigger. He let me down, just like everyone else has. He was all I had left, my only bit of sanity. Now I’m all on my own, trying to find a way to get out of the dark pits of hell I call my life.

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Review by Mazzy Boss Lady

Read in January, 2014

I was luckily enough to beta read this book, and what I found right from the start that this is a book that is worth reading.

We have a story of two people who have known each other their entire lives, who had promised each other that they would get out of the life they were born into. A story of childhood love where promises are broken and hearts are shattered. It is true what you say that you never forget your first love and this is the same in Emilia's case.

Her heart is shattered, but her childhood love Phoenix, as far as she is concerned promises were broken.

In the matter of Phoenix he had his own reason for breaking his promise to Emilia, but that doesn't mean that he will ever give up on her.

Beth has written a book where you will be taken on a ride of your life, where you will experience a range of emotions.
You will be hooked from page one and will read right to the end. It is a different take on any story that I have ever read.

This book is most definitely a worthwhile read.

About The Author...

Photo of Beth Maria, self-published author of the erotic romance series, The Mended HeartsBeth Maria is a mother and writer who has written her debut novel Alive, and Freedom, book 2 in The Mended Hearts series. She lives in England, UK with her two year old son. When she isn't doing her motherly duties, you can find her attached to her laptop, reading on her Kindle, or on the odd occasion, watching a film. Her inspirations are Kirsty Moseley, Kelly Elliott, Tijan and Jillian Dodd. Beth Maria loves listening to music that inspires her when writing her next book and scouting the internet for her next muse!

Connect with Beth on Social Media...

Facebook Author Page Twitter WordPress

A quote by Emilia in Worth The Fight, an erotic romance by Beth Maria

SALE BLITZ - The Problem With Crazy by Lauren K. McKellar @givemebooksblog @LaurenKMcKellar

Title: The Problem With Crazy
Series: Crazy in Love #1
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Genre: NA/Upper YA Comtemporary Romance
Release Date: February 13, 2014

Praise for The Problem With Crazy …

“Heartbreaking, life-affirming—one of my all-time favourites.”  
~ Glass Paper Ink Book Blog

“This story is beautiful, heartbreaking and will leave you thinking about it for days to follow.”  
~ A.K.A. The Book Harlots Review

“McKellar pushes all of your buttons as a reader.”  
~ Fab, Fun & Tantalising Reads


The problem with crazy is that crazy, by itself, has no context. It can be good crazy, bad crazy ... or crazy crazy—like it was when my ex-boyfriend sung about me on the radio.

Eighteen-year-old Kate couldn’t be more excited about finishing high school and spending the summer on tour with her boyfriend’s band. Her dad showing up drunk at graduation, however, is not exactly kicking things off on the right foot—and that’s before she finds out about his mystery illness, certain to end in death.

A mystery illness that she could inherit. 

Kate has to convince everyone around her that her father is sick, not crazy. But who will be harder to convince? Her friends? Or herself? 

The Problem With Crazy is a story about love and life; about overcoming obstacles, choosing to trust, and learning how to make the choices that will change your life forever.

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 “Nice ass,” a deep voice said. I jumped and quickly straightened up. Heat rushed to my cheeks as my head spun from left to right, trying to identify where the noise had come from.

“Sorry,” the voice came again, only this time I identified its source. A guy stepped out from behind the tree. He was tall, about six foot, with floppy brown hair, olive-toned skin and chocolate-coloured eyes, a tiny freckle marring his right cheek. A small smile was twisted on his lips, showcasing a dimple that made something twinge inside of me.

“You can’t do that.” I frowned.

“If you’re going to bend over in my presence I’m not allowed to compliment you?” The guy stepped forward, closer to me.

“I was stretching.” I shot him what I hoped was a withering look. “And you were hiding behind a tree.”

“I was relaxing behind a tree.” He stepped closer again and I saw the light dancing in his eyes. “But I do realise I might have come across a little sleazy. I meant it as a compliment. You have a great ass. Much better than some of the others I’ve seen around here.”

“You do this all the time?”

“Depends on what you mean by ‘this’.”

“Standing behind trees, and checking out peoples asses.”

Coming Soon

Book two in the Crazy in Love series, Eleven Weeks, releases January 28, 2015 

About Eleven Weeks

Seven shots 

Five siblings

Two boys

One heartbeat …


Stacey is good at pretending.

She pretends that the boy she's in love with doesn't exist.

She pretends that she's happy to live and die in this small town.

She pretends that her life is carefree while her best friend's world crumbles before her very eyes.

But Stacey's got a secret ...

And it's going to ruin everything.

 Author Bio

Lauren K. McKellar is an author and editor. Her debut novel, Finding Home, was released through Escape Publishing on October 1, 2013, and her second release, NA Contemporary Romance The Problem With Crazy, is self-published, and is available now. She loves books that evoke emotion, and hope hers make you feel.

Lauren lives by the beach in Australia with her husband and their two dogs. Most of the time, all three of them are well behaved.

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