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Book Blitz Beautiful Chaos

Book Blitz:
A Beautiful Chaos
Jessa Ely

Jan 1st - Jan 8th

Love and Lies Series, Book 2

Marguerite Callahan is working double time, both on the clock and with her heart. During a temporary stint as a masked pole dancer, Marguerite meets Dominic, a handsome businessman only interested in one thing. Now Marguerite must deal with a wicked temptation while hiding her biggest secret, her identity.

The moment Chaos appears on stage, Dominic is obsessed. But frustration mounts when Chaos refuses to remove her mask, and Dominic becomes distracted by a compelling new woman at the office. Now Dominic must decide, is the pure sexuality he has with Chaos enough, or is he ready for something more?

The house lights came on, illuminating the stark pole center stage. An eerie ambiance wafted over the prestigious and privately owned gentlemen’s club, The Swan.
Breaths were held.
Hearts pounded.
Expectations heightened.
Cigar smoke lingered in the air and drinks flowed while the patrons anticipated the single moment when they would see her. Everyone was so eager to catch a glimpse of this stunning, weekly performer that the admittance fee was doubled Friday’s at midnight. The price to glimpse her was five hundred dollars per person, non-refundable, and completely worth the money. As testament, The Swan was packed.
She was exclusive. Mesmerizing. Sensual.
A deep voice boomed, “Ladies and gentlemen…Chaos.”
Highly erotic, musical tones sparked through the hushed air as fog gathered in elegant spirals. She appeared, swathed in skimpy black panties and black coattails, her toned body glimmering under the brilliant spotlight. Chaos defied gravity in her sexy black stilettos, gliding elegantly on stage to the bump of the music.
An expertly tied bow tie rested around her neck, and a black top hat covered her hair, but it was her masquerade mask—black and adorned with feathers—which held all the attention.
She was a complete mystery.
Dominic Montgomery was obsessed with her. He came every week to see her. She was the luscious anomaly he craved more than sanity.
The Swan was posh, and no dancer went fully naked, keeping it classy. Chaos shed her jacket, exposing the thin wisp of fabric covering her breasts, and grasped the pole. Her top hat followed, releasing her luxurious mane of blonde hair in a seductive curl down her back as subtle gasps shot through the crowd. Her movement flowed over the metal pole as if water, perfect, her body a master’s touch of sensuality. She evoked complete control, matching her limbs to the beat of the music and twisting herself over her solid, metallic partner.
Everything within Dominic screamed for her; his breath to inhale her, his mouth to taste her, his hands to hold her. He stood transfixed, his gaze following every fluid thrust of her body, his heart nearly pumping out of his chest. Every grind of her hips amped his need. Every teasing caress of her hands was another dig at the deprivation he needed soothed. It was all he could do to stand there and watch her bump and grind over the pole. All he wanted to do was drag her off the stage by her hair, wrap her lithe legs around his hips, and find release. Four glorious minutes and a hard erection later, Chaos finished her performance. Dominic took a deep breath, willing his body under control, but it was no use. She had bewitched him. She plied him once again with erotic, visual stimuli until every animalistic desire shook his usual calm reserve. Damn.
He ordered whiskey and impatiently sipped the fiery liquid. He would wait just a little longer.
Double damn. He held back until he could at least breathe normally, and then he made his way to her

Since Jessa's debut novel, Desperate Whispers, you’ll find her writing her heart out each day in her little part of the world. She loves coffee and cupcakes. Shoes and purses. Tends to Google way too much and thinks tattoos are awesome. She loves all kinds of music and her heart melts while watching rescue dog videos, often crying when misery turns into a real happily ever after. She believes in the happiness of her characters and giving her readers a satisfying ending.


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