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RELEASE BLITZ Delirious Series Boxed Set by Clarissa Wild @givemebooksblog and @WildClarissa

Title: Delirious Series Boxed Set
Series: Delirious
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Romance
 Release Date: August 10, 2015


From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Clarissa Wild comes the highly anticipated Dark Erotica series: Delirious.

For the first time ever, and for a very limited time, the complete Delirious Trilogy is available in one boxed set edition.

~ SEEK (prequel)

“All I remember is him: Sebastian Brand, my savior.”

Lillith’s world changed forever when she came home from vacation. Her life was ruined, her heart shattered. Putting her trust in Sebastian Brand has been the key to her survival … but at what cost?

~ SNARE (Book 1)

“Claimed by a man with the exterior of an angel and the mind of a brute, I will do anything to unveil his secrets and face my own demons.”




A body in exchange for freedom. A heart in exchange for truth.

Life is never a given. Only a certain death.

~ SEIZE (Book 2)

“She thought she could run, but there´s nowhere to hide. You think I’m the monster? Think again.”

Sebastian wants only one thing; Power. Claiming Lillith is the key, but her horrible past and uncertain future are undeniably tied to him. When the choices you make decide your fate, the line between good and evil blurs. In order to play this game, sacrifices must be made.

~ SCORCH (Book 3)

“I am the forgotten one, the girl who was left for dead. I remember everything. Their faces. Their touch. Even their smell.… I will kill them all.”

Sweet revenge keeps her alive … and drives her to kill. Finally, secrets and revelations come to light after a long and grueling journey. Every choice has led to this moment, but no one is prepared for the unfathomable consequences of life and death. Will love be enough to overcome the pain of the past?

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Excerpt from Snare (Book 1) 

When the life you know and love falls apart, you cling to the things that keep you safe—the people who bring you warmth and comfort, the ones who take you out of danger and into the light.

As the world came crashing down upon me, I chose to let everything go. My mind wandered into darkness, leaving behind every trace of anguish. It was my mind’s way of saving what was left of my soul.

Holding onto him was the only thing that kept me going. Kept me alive. He became my anchor. Sebastian Brand—the man who pulled me from the darkness and brought me into the light.

I want him. I crave him. I desire him and devour him when he is near me.

However, I never imagined I’d be forced to let him claim my body. That I’d be captured and taken against my will.

That I would come to need this man more than my sanity.

As I hang from the ceiling like a strung-up doll, I feel free. His finger slides down my chest, between my breasts, and moves achingly close to my nipples before returning to my sternum. He traces a line to my stomach, leaving a trail of fire. All my senses come to life as he strokes me delicately, carefully, as if his finger is the baton and I am the instrument he’s conducting. Whimpers that must sound like music to his ears slip from my mouth. I’m a slave to his touch. This controlling man has me under his power, and I’m loving every shameful, immoral moment that we share.

He bends between my legs and presses his lips down upon my skin. A need so vile and pure grows inside me, and I give in to delirious, detrimental pleasure as his tongue strokes my inner thighs.

I am a captive, and yet I don’t feel like one.

At the mercy of a captivating, passionate man, I come to life.

In the hands of a cruel, vicious monster, my breath is stolen.

Even in the most dire of situations, trusting the wrong person could get you killed.

Trusting Sebastian Brand was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Author Bio

Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, and Stalker. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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RELEASE BLITZ Sweet Billionaire Stepbrother Part Two by Harlow Grace @givemebooksblog @harlowgauthor

Title: Sweet Billionaire Stepbrother Part Two
Series: Sweet Billionaire Stepbrother #2
Author: Harlow Grace
Genre: Erotic Romance
 Release Dates: August 10, 2015



One night changes the course of Grayson and Layla's lives forever.

What they have is sweet.
What they have is taboo.

Can it last?

Obstacles test their bond and threaten to crush them.
Destroy what they have found.

When a billion dollar empire is at stake a scandal could ruin more than just their lives.
Their family will crumble.

Is their forbidden love strong enough to overcome the obstacles?

Will Grayson be forced to give up on his dreams?
Can Layla have the man she wants?
Was it really only one night . . . or can there be more?

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Author Bio

Harlow Grace has tried many things in her life but writing has always been and still remains her passion.  She loves to create characters in need of redemption and her stories are mostly all dark romance but then again, she likes to mix things up so don't be surprised if she publishes a sweet romance every now and then.  When she's not writing or reading, Harlow is plotting and planning her next adventure or dreaming of lazy days in the sun with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

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Welcome to the Cover Reveal of Alessandra Torre's Hollywood Dirt @ReadAlessandra @TheNextStepPR

Thank you for Participating in the Cover Reveal of Hollywood Dirt by Alessandra Torre.
This book is a Standalone Contemporary Romance.
A Hollywood Star. A Small Town Girl. Opposites Shouldn't Always Attract.

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Title: Hollywood Dirt
Author: Alessandra Torre
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Hang Le
Release Date: September 7th

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HD EBOOK FOR WEBCole Masten. Abandoned by his superstar wife, Hollywood’s Perfect Husband is now Hollywood’s Sexiest Bachelor: partying hard and screwing even harder. Move over Colin Farrell, there’s a new bad boy ruling Los Angeles. Summer Jenkins. That's me, a small town girl stuck in Quincy, Georgia. I cook some mean chicken and dumplins, can bluff a grown man out of his savings in poker, and was voted Most Friendly my senior year. Other than that… I don’t have too much going on. We were from different worlds. Our lives shouldn’t have collided. But when Cole Masten’s jet landed in our country airport, we all sat up in our rocking chairs and watched. And when an opportunity crossed my path, I jumped at the chance. But I didn’t expect what ended up happening. I didn’t expect Cole Masten to be an ass, or to pursue me, or for everything to get tangled up around set riggings, camera cords, bra straps and heartstrings. Sometimes, opposites just aren't meant to attract.
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AT headshot - red dress
Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of ten novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense, all with a strong undercurrent of sexuality. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, co-hosted Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for
You can learn more about Alessandra on her website at, or you can find her on Twitter (@ReadAlessandra) or Facebook.

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Excerpt: Seasoned Sophomore by S.G. Lovell @sglovell

Excerpt: Seasoned Sophomore by S.G. Lovell

Book: Seasoned Sophomore
Release Date: September 1, 2015


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Angelina Masterson has heard it all during a lifetime of struggling with her womanly curves, but when pastry chef Edward Daniels criticizes her weight minutes after adding her notch in his bedpost Angie decides enough is enough. The Sophomore level pole dance class at New York’s hip pole dance studio Crystal’s is only one step in her plan to shed the pounds. The second step is to overhaul her diet. Not a problem, now that she has sworn off Edward’s desserts. If only it was as easy to stop craving the man…
When the girl he has fallen hard for suggests that their one-night stand could have been business rather than pleasure, Edward doesn’t think twice about lashing out. He has been burned before and he is not going to let the past repeat itself. If only he wasn’t so desperate to have Angie in his future…

Chapter 2 
What a nightmare. Edward stared at the email that had arrived in his inbox half an hour earlier with an attachment titled “Spec Sheet for Ground Bean Audition Applicants.” 

His marketing expert, Cecily Jones, wasn’t only a pain in the ass when it came to finding him the right model for his campaign, she was also an efficient pain in the ass. Which was worse, considering Edward did not think turning his beloved coffee shop into a modeling agency, even for a day, was a good idea. He had hoped that this whole marketing hoopla would be dealt with swiftly and quietly. 

Preferably without much input from him. Instead he had been fighting disaster after disaster for the last two months. Ever since he got it into his head to shoot this year’s marketing campaign early there’d been nothing but trouble. Wasted time. Wasted money. And now Cecily’s crazy notion of a public audition. It would be a logistical ordeal to organize all the bits and pieces that differentiated a successful event from a half-baked fiasco. The devil was in the details, as any small business owner was sure to agree. He needed to find the right date. Make certain he marketed the marketing event sufficiently to ensure a reasonable turnout. Edward huffed. 

The whole thing would disrupt his perfectly profitable routine flow of business. This was not what he wanted. Maybe he would feel differently if he had actually agreed to Cecily’s ridiculous idea at some point during their meeting. As it was, Edward couldn’t remember doing anything of the sort. The marketing expert must have read acquiescence anyway. In his tone? In his demeanor? In the way he had knotted his fucking apron this morning? Who the hell knew? The only thing that Edward was certain about was the electronic communication glaring back at him from his laptop screen. 

“You okay? I heard some, uh, groaning.” Edward looked up to find his pimple-faced trainee, Lucas, poking his head into the small office from the adjoining kitchen, his dark hair as always his most prominent feature. Edward suppressed a sigh. When would the guy learn that the pompadour hairstyle had died along with “the King” some thirty-odd years ago? “Do I look like a yes man?” Lucas laughed, probably as surprised by the question as Edward was about asking it. Edward employed a number of experienced staff, all of whom had been with him for at least two years. Each one of them was better placed to judge Edward’s character than a wannabe impersonator who had met him a mere three months ago. But for some reason Edward knew he couldn’t have chosen a better person to tell him the truth. For all his youth—and his misguided sense of fashion, or maybe because of it—Lucas had shown a number of times already that he had enough spine to speak his mind. 

Lucas’s next words cemented Edward’s opinion of him. “With the customers of the Ground Bean you try to be. But not when it comes to running the business.” He shrugged, clearly uncertain where Edward was going with all this. Edward frowned at the spreadsheet he had open on his desktop. “Then, tell me, why on earth I am considering this bullshit?” Lucas sidled closer to take a look at the screen. “Ah, the marketing audition. You know it makes sense.” “I do?” Edward raised an eyebrow. Lucas snorted. “You want me to believe you haven’t told Cecily “no,” because what? She steamrolled over you with all of her hundred pounds?” The picture made Edward grin. “Of course not.” But it was reassuring that his employees seemed to realize it too. “Tell me what you make of this.” He leaned back and watched the younger man carefully. “Are you trying to get me to think outside the box again?” Lucas asked. “Paving your way to owning your own business one of these days,” Edward confirmed. Lucas rubbed his fingertips over his chin. “Cecily is clearly unable to find someone you approve of. Short of giving the contract to somebody else, something that I assume will blow this year’s advertising budget out of the water, holding the audition is the only way to make sure we’re not ending up with a bag of bones.” Concise and correct. “You’re right.” That didn’t mean Edward had to be a fan of the plan. But it seemed he had to go along with it. “I’ll need to brief the staff.” 

He started a handwritten list on an empty piece of printer paper in front of him. “Let the customers know that we are having an event.” “We could use a flyer for the customers,” Lucas suggested. “If we hang it on the billboard at the front of the shop, pedestrians can see it through the window. Some of them may be enticed to come in, buy a few desserts while they are here, even if they wouldn’t otherwise.” Edward made a note. “Good idea.” The trainee had good business acumen. It was the only reason why Edward even considered what he was about to do. “What else?” “A runway. Hear me out,” Lucas said, when Edward was about to refuse the idea outright. “The audition will be as much a spectacle for the audience as it is for the applicants. What better way to captivate the onlookers than to make sure they have plenty to look at? You’d want everyone to see the girls.” A touch of color rose into Lucas’s cheeks during his speech, giving Edward the distinct impression that the prospect of beautiful women strutting between tables wouldn’t be exciting only for Ground Bean customers. “Alright then.” He jotted down the last bullet point, then held out the piece of paper he had scribbled on for Lucas to take. “You seem to be quite passionate about this whole mess. You take charge.” His trainee stared at him. “Are you sure? I-I mean I’d love to, but—” “Positive,” Edward cut him off. “The less I see of this, the better.” 
Especially, as something else had just caught his eye at the bottom of Cecily’s email. A side note about the specs that he had overlooked earlier. I used Avery’s measurements as a template for body mass and preferred stature of the applicants. 

Are you certain we can’t get her back? Edward gritted his teeth. Yes, he was certain. It had finally sunk into his stubborn brain that his ex girlfriend was never coming back. The realization had taken long enough. Longer still, because he couldn’t believe that the sweet young woman for whom he had single-handedly created a place in the tight job market as the face of the Ground Bean was the same person who dismissed his coffee shop—and their relationship—as beneath her a few years later. Even now, eleven months after she broke up with him, he still got angry thinking of how she had looked at him with tears in her eyes as he described the future he envisioned for the two of them, weeks before she turned around and destroyed his dreams as easily as if they were spun sugar. She had used him as a stepping stone in her career and he hadn’t realized it until it was too late. His city-wide advertising campaign had been the perfect opportunity for her to get noticed by “the big guys” in the industry. As soon as she had signed a lucrative modeling contract with a fashion label that focused on healthy-looking women, rather than the rail-thin figures that still dominated most of the front-pages in magazines, she had been out of his life faster than he could blink. But not before she had dragged their whole relationship through the dirt. “This can’t be all I achieve in life.” 

He still remembered the way she had waved her hand dismissively at the two little heart-shaped “his and hers” cupcakes that he had created specifically for her birthday because he had been stupid enough to try and be romantic. He had wanted her to eat “his,” knowing that he was giving himself to her. Wholeheartedly. Forever, if she wanted him. As she had searched the otherwise empty gift table with her eyes, Edward wondered if the symbolism was lost on her. “You can’t be all I achieve.” Yes, definitely lost on her. There had been exasperation in her tone, as if her deserving better wasn’t a concept that had just popped into her mind, but something that she had thought about often, and that she had finally found the courage to say out loud. Edward didn’t have to imagine the expression of mute shock on his face as he stared at her. The camera he had set up on a tripod to capture the moment had recorded his humiliation second by painful second. Worse still, he had watched the recording over and over until he knew every word, every gesture by heart. Sometimes Edward wondered if he was angrier at Avery because he had loved her, or because she had shattered all that stupid hope he had carried in his heart. Not that the reason really mattered all that much. The end result was the same. 

He was single, looking for a commitment most guys were still running from at thirty years of age. He didn’t have anyone suitable to replace Avery to represent his brand. And to top it all off, Cecily was driving him to the brink of madness. “I won’t let you down, boss.” Lucas’s excitement pulled Edward back to reality. At least he wouldn’t have to deal with the marketing expert for that much longer. Edward gave Lucas an encouraging nod. “I know you won’t.” Edward would make sure of it, keeping track of Lucas’s progress every step of the way. He couldn’t completely distance himself from the campaign, no matter how much he wished to do exactly that. To forget the memories it evoked. He was all about providing opportunities for his staff. He wanted to give each one of the guys and girls who worked for him the chance to prove themselves. But the coffee shop and everything to do with it was ultimately his responsibility. A responsibility Edward cherished. One that he never took for granted. He had worked too hard to make the Ground Bean into what it was today—a successful enterprise that catered to variety of customers. He had dodged many an uncomfortable discussion with his parents about why he wouldn’t choose a corporate career like all three of his siblings. He was a people person. He disliked suits. He hated answering to anybody but himself. Edward huffed. Of course, life wasn’t that simple. Not even the boss could do only as he pleased. He had obligations to fulfill. Promises to keep. Toward his customers. Toward his staff. Toward a certain cute eavesdropper. For the first time since Cecily’s email arrived in his inbox, Edward felt his lips kick up at the corner. 

Ever since the curvy pole dancer had started to frequent his coffee shop a few weeks ago, Edward’s long dormant libido had roared back to life. Her luscious body and obvious enjoyment of life had captivated him from the get-go. Her quirky personality and genuine nature had kept his interest alive. He was utterly fascinated by her and determined to find out if she could be equally fascinated by him. Their foreplay was the longest Edward had ever participated in and he was ready—beyond ready—to take things to the next level. He had intended to let her dictate the pace, to make her feel comfortable. Only, he had a feeling she had no intentions to follow up her sinful innuendos with actions. Ever. To her it was all just a game. Well, he was through playing. She probably thought she was safe teasing him from a distance. She didn’t know he had plans to get very close, very soon. 

They had circled each other for weeks now. Weeks they could have spent wrapped in each other’s arms. She hadn’t run the other way when he had turned the tables on her earlier today. In his world that made her fair game for his pursuit, until she told him otherwise. For the first time in months, excitement pulsed within him at the prospect of spending time with someone of the opposite sex. For the first time in a long time he could believe that there was a chance that the best was yet to, uh, come.

Chapter 1 available on Obsessed With My Shelf Blog

Chapter 3 available on August 17 at S.G. Lovell’s Website

About the Author:
So, you want me to be an open book? Here goes…
I’m Austrian. Originally. But so far I haven’t found my permanent home. I lived in Sweden, UK, and currently in Australia. Who knows where I’ll end up next? And when?
In a former life, I was a track-and-field athlete and an IT specialist. I have two dogs who rule the household and a family who rules my world.
I enjoy reading, writing, and plotting new stories. I self-published my debut novel in April 2014. My first language is German, though I dream in English and have ambitions to become trilingual. I love a good thunderstorm, snow in winter, and chocolate in almost any form.
I write fantastic fiction with a romantic twist, because life is what’s happening anyway.

SALE BLITZ Fragments by M.R. Field @givemebooksblog @Mezmfield

Title: Fragments
Series: Running on Empty #1
Author: M.R. Field
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: December 8, 2014



Under the lights, amongst the jazz shoes, blistered feet and caked faces of the dance troupe, you pretend you’re someone else. The melody begins and your body responds. You allow it to weave into your skin until it’s made itself home in your soul. It is that dance that drives you. It is that dance that will continue to save you. It is that dance that will release you.

Until him.

Until your heart can no longer shut him out, even after he’s pushed you away.

You can’t let him in again, can you? There’s only so much of your heart left to give.


She is the reason I can’t stay. The reason that the covered bruises, the lies and the hurt are too much. I am no good for her. But when I see her again, I can’t stay away. Like Dante said, “The path to paradise begins in hell.”

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This was a first time read for me by this author. I was very impressed with the book and the story. Fragments was filled with a interesting plot and very colorful characters that you fall in love with. The story is set in Australia which was something new and different to explore. I really liked the language that was represented in the book.

Both Beatrice and Alex have had difficult lives to their extent. They struggle and strengthen their relationship.

*** review provided by Obsessed by Books ***



I locked my door and turned on my stereo, I was in the mood for some loathing. Rotating the multidisc, I selected Rod Zombie’s Astro-Creep, and reached under my bed for the hidden bottle of my father’s Wild Turkey. It was my shitty attempt at keeping some alcohol out of his hands. I twisted the cap off and put the bottle to my lips, preparing myself for the path to self-destruction.

I picked up my foam football and began to toss it up and down in the air. I pressed the bottle to my lips and sucked back another gulp. The whiskey burned as it tore down my throat and wrestled with my insides.

“Bye Alex,” my mother shouted through the door. “We’ll see you Thursday.”

“Yeah, see ya,” I shouted, giving the door the bird. I gargled another mouthful of bourbon. I really should have mixed this with Coke, but I couldn’t be bothered.

Rod Zombie’s voice filled the room and my head banged while I sung the lyrics. When my mum was this happy, it pissed me off. He’d bought her over, again. With that thought, I took another swig and felt the effects of the alcohol sending tingles across my skin. Another trip, another injury paid for. What did he do last time? I ground my teeth as I blocked that night out. I want to feel numb. The tingles continued to crawl up my skin. Mission accomplished.

That was it. I’d decided. Back to meaningless sex. Or sex without a girlfriend tag attached. I swung again, sending the amber liquid down. My mouth burned. I studied the label closely. How can people drink this shit?

Girlfriends were too much hard work, or better yet, conniving lying bitches. And friends who were girls? Girls you’d known forever? Well fuck—they were even worse. Gripping the football, I squeezed it until my hand whitened and let it go. I watched it fall to the floor. I smacked my lips together as they numbed. Girls. Friends. You trusted the ones you hung out with, and then they dropped you like a sack of shit. Giving you the freeze out. Bring back the easy lays.

My vision blurred as the posters on my wall went out of focus. I lifted the bottle and inspected it. Half empty. That was quick. Shrugging, I took another swig and tried to focus on my posters. Dad was gonna be pissed that I nicked his bottle. I nodded and chuckled. It would be great to piss him off. No, Alex, it would not. My fuckin’ conscience had decided to join in. Piss off, conscience.

I stared into space as images of Bea began flicking through my mind. Her tear-stained face, her angry eyes in her room, her being thrown into a locker, her long legs … argh! I shook my head, but it did nothing to curb her face from haunting me. Now her bright blue eyes were dull and her smile—cracked. Her skin became pale as her hair hung limply to the side. She’d changed. She was broken. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t there. I couldn’t keep her safe.

The room spun and I struggled to focus. Where was I, again? I tipped my chin against my chest as I rocked back and forth. My mouth opened as the colours of my carpet combined in a putrid mess. My arms flailed out as my balance wobbled, my feet suddenly flicked out in front and I crashed face down on my bed. The bottle rolled just past me to the other side, leaving me exhausted, sick, and passed out with dreams of a sad blue-eyed girl whose trust I had destroyed.

Author Bio

M R Field is an author from Rural Victoria and has completed a Bachelor's degree with Honours from Latrobe University, Melbourne. After growing up with the river at her front door, she returned back to her hometown after many years of living in the city. She now lives a tranquil lifestyle with her husband and two young children.

M R Field has always held a love for writing, filling journals as a child which progressed to more eloquent pieces as an adult. After ten years of creative instruction, she decided to turn these ideas into manuscripts. She adores creating new story lines and is a big fan of a happily ever after, but believes strongly in making her characters work for it.

She has recently decided to join the independent publishing world with her debut novel, Fragments, due for release on December 8th, 2014.

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