Sunday, 25 January 2015

Ella Adamian - His Name is Killian -Virtual Book Tour

Killian Stone paints harpies.

Killian Stone is not into vanilla sex.

Killian Stone suffers from mood swings.

Killian Stone has done something very bad.

The day the painter approached her on the bridge and asked her to pose for him was the beginning of a lust Melissa wouldn’t be able to bridle. When he offers her a month of submission, she’s already too captivated to turn him down. His unhinged sexuality lets her explore her own dark fantasies, but his anger outbursts are scary and devastating. As the time goes by, Melissa realizes there’s something more than just irritability and anger. He has done something which doesn’t let him rest.

Review by Wendy Book Obsessed Pimpette

* * ARC received on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * *

Melissa is a writer of mystery and believes in love. Killian is anything but vanilla.

Killian notices Melissa one day and approaches her to see if she would pose for him. She is so mesmerized by him that she can't say no. Melissa falls hard and fast for Killian. Killian takes Melissa on a dark sexual fantasy ride. Killian can have a kind, tender side but we don't see that much as Melissa starts to see changes in Killian. He can go from nice to angry in 2 seconds, not sure what's going on, Melissa can bring herself to leave him. Killian is dealing with demons of the past. but will they ever be able to move forward. I gave this 4 star, cause I'm not really sure what's going on with Killian, I enjoyed it and I'm curious to see what happens next.

Review by Jeanne Obsessive Pimpette

If you like dark themes, you'll definitely love this book. Killian is an enigma & I found myself trying to figure him out until the end. Melissa is like a moth drawn to a flame and wants nothing more than to understand him, then put the shattered pieces of his life back together. This story is an emotional roller coaster and has a shocking & unexpected ending. I give it a 4 star review.

Ella Adamian

Ella Adamian lives in a small country named Armenia and writes in English. She also hides her identity, so that the local law enforcement bodies won’t fine or detain her for her explicit erotic novel “His Name is Killian.” Currently she’s working on the sequel of her first book.