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Roll Against Trust (3d20 #1) by Allyson Lindt@allysonlindt

Book Title: Roll Against Trust (3d20 #1)
Length: Novella
Author: Allyson Lindt
Publication Date: December 4, 2014
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Tasha’s not looking for love, but she doesn’t mind just looking… and maybe a little fantasizing. Her two best friends and weekend AD& D buddies, Seth and Ryan, are the perfect guest stars in her fantasies. When a late night gaming session with the three goes from silly to verbally scorching in an instant, Tasha wonders if her imagination is enough to keep her satisfied long term. 

Then her ex’s money mismanagement catches up to her in the form of draining her bank account, her job is threatened by a mistake that points to Ryan, and Seth takes his side. If Tasha can’t move past her trust issues long enough to uncover the truth—both with herself and the men she’s falling for—she’ll wind up broken-hearted and just plain broke. 

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Review by Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette

~*~ Obsessed by Books arc copy given in exchange for an honest review~*~

Orcs, halflings and paladins as an opener made me wonder what I was reading! But hmmmmm fantasy role play has it's perks...Tasha is best friends with Ryan and Seth. They are physically complete opposites and yet they both have an ability to make her panties wet. She late night game plays with them both and often stays over but their relationship is developing but is she running the risk of losing her best friends?

This is a short read and yet we still learn a lot of background to Tasha. She has been left high and dry financially by her rotten ex. He has left her in drastic measures and things go from bad to worse. She is also the lead on a large IT campaign at work and an error that seems to be Ryan's complicated things further.

The role playing fantasy verbal sex between them is hot and when they take things further and get together as a threesome I think I swooned! I totally agreed with Tasha,

"Gods, the two of them were going to kill me, and I was going to die happy."

I loved the concept and without spoilers I was in awe of the plot twists and turns as I really didn't see that coming. The work issues are also cleverly resolved and I was smiling from ear to ear at the ending. A panty melting awwwwwww four star read.

About this author

Allyson Lindt has been telling stories since before she could put the words on paper. She was lucky enough to marry her muse and soul mate. Their cats are their children, and when they’re not spending way too much time gaming, they’re building new worlds together. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving couples find their futures together.

COVER REVEAL: Throb by Vi Keeland @ViKeeland

By Vi Keeland

(A standalone novel)
New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Vi Keeland
throb full.jpg

Genre: A contemporary romance novel

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RELEASE DATE: January 26th, 2015

Cover designer: Sommer Stein, Perfect Pear Creative
Model: Josh Kloss
Photographer: Scott Hoover Photography
throb cover.jpg
throb blurb.jpg

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About the Author:
Vi Keeland
vi keeland bio.png
Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn't change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

Tease Me Series Cover Reveal @0EmilyGoodwin

Tease Me coming 1.27.15

Ellie Morgan has played the role of the good girl her entire life. She follows the rules, works hard, does what she’s supposed to do, and rarely takes an unnecessary risk. But when she’s turned down again and again for a promotion at work, Ellie decides she must do something drastic to prove her skills as a police officer to everyone at work…and to herself.

But the small drug deal she tries to bust turns out to be bigger and more dangerous than she ever imagined, and she finds herself kidnapped and smuggled across the border to Mexico. Her life is now in the hands of Alejandro Calaveras, a handsome and powerful cartel leader.

Alejandro promises not to kill her…as long as she agrees to obey him. With his dark eyes, tattoos, and devil-may-care attitude, Ellie agrees, knowing that submitting to someone as dangerous and sexy as Alejandro could be her undoing…or her escape.

From the moment he lays eyes on her, Alejandro is drawn to Ellie. As an American police officer, Ellie is the forbidden fruit, the enemy, the one who has the power to destroy him.

After he gets a taste, he wants more. And Alejandro always gets what he wants.

TEASE ME is part one of a three part novella serial.

Tempt Me coming 2.17.15

Take Me coming 3.10.15


About Emily Goodwin

Emily Goodwin is the international best-selling author of the stand-alone novel STAY, The Guardian Legacies Series: UNBOUND, REAPER, MOONLIGHT (releasing 2014), The Beyond the Sea Series: BEYOND THE SEA, RED SKIES AT NIGHT (releasing 2015) and The Contagium Series: CONTAGIOUS, DEATHLY CONTAGIOUS, CONTAGIOUS CHAOS, THE TRUTH IS CONTAGIOUS (Permuted Press).Emily lives with her husband, daughter and German Shepherd named Vader. She has degrees in psychology and nursing. Along with writing, Emily enjoys riding her horse, designing and making costumes and Cosplay.

Someday, My Forever by Carrie Fox

TITLE: Someday, My Forever
AUTHOR: Carrie Fox
GENRE: Contemporary Romance 
PUBLICATION DATE: September 15, 2014
EDITOR: Michelle Escamilla
COVER DESIGN: Alyson Raynes
LENGTH: 25,000+ words

Rae Ann Bailey has focused on her family and education for her entire life. Now a college freshman, she’s looking forward to everything that being in college entails. She has always thought about what everyone wants and making them happy, so she’s relieved to be out on her own and making her own decisions.

Sam Jenks is a junior, and a vital part of the college rowing team. Studying and getting his team to the national championships are his only priorities. He doesn’t have the time or the desire for a girlfriend

When Sam and Rae Ann meet, they have an instant connection that neither of them can deny. As they get closer, his commitment to the rowing team strains their new relationship, and Rae Ann has to decide if she can handle rowing being number one. Just when it seems that things are going well, someone from Sam’s past threatens to tear them apart. Can Sam and Rae Ann move past their obstacles and decide that their forever is worth it?

The honesty in his voice and expression melted my heart. Shooting him a quick smile, I tilted my head back and quickly kissed him before drawing back slightly. His eyes searched mine, as if assuring himself I was feeling calmer, before he took hold of my hand and pulled me up as he stood. “Let's walk some more,” he suggested.

 I nodded and we left the building hand in hand. When we reached Johnson Street, Sam guided me into the heart of campus and pointed out various buildings as we walked. He stopped me at the bottom of Bascom Hill and explained how it was a popular place for sledding in winter; I laughed at the idea of dining hall trays being used as makeshift sleds. “Just wait and see.” He replied, smirking, and we continued to stroll.

 Sam stopped me again a few blocks later, and pointed toward a building just off University Avenue. “This is the Chazen Museum of Art, one of my favorite places on campus.” He tugged out his phone and checked the time. “It won't open for a while yet but I'd like to show it to you.”

Review by Wendy Obsessive Pimpette

* * * obsessed by books arc given for an honest review * * *

it was a short read, but a good little love story, with no drama which was nice.

TITLE: Marrying My Forever
AUTHOR: Carrie Fox
GENRE: Contemporary Romance 
PUBLICATION DATE: October 29, 2014
COVER DESIGN: Jasmine Designs
LENGTH: 2700+ words

Sam and Rae Ann's story continues. They met and fell in love in Someday, My Forever. Their relationship grew and strengthened and now they're back to share the story of their wedding.

The guests applauded and we turned to face them before making our way up the aisle and out into the hall. I drew Rae Ann to me and kissed her again.

“We did it, beautiful,” I murmured, leaning my forehead against hers. The moment between us was fleeting and our wedding party soon joined us. Rae Ann and I greeted each of them with hugs and received congratulatory replies. A receiving line was formed and we greeted our guests, thanking every person for celebrating our day with us.

Rae Ann grabbed my hand as the last guest walked away, and we shared another kiss. Catcalls from Darrow and Jed had us shaking with laughter.

Carrie Fox has been an avid reader since childhood. Since discovering the Indie author community, she has become a blogger and joined street teams for established authors. Someday, My Forever is her first published work.

Release Day Blitz for The Ballad by Ashley Pullo.@givemebooksblog @ashpullo

Title: The Ballad: Book Two
Author: Ashley Pullo
 Release Date: December 11, 2014


Two Lovers.

Two Dreamers.

One Love Song.

Locations: New York City (Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights, TriBeCA) Las Vegas, San Francisco

Setting: 2003-Present day

Chloe LeGrange Ford - talented musician craving resolve
Adam Ford - handsome attorney longing for a revelation
Natalie LeGrange Brooks - creative free-spirit dreaming of the stars
Chris Brooks - sexy Texan waiting for the right time

Authentic situations and original characters capture the intimate moments in a timeless love story.

Patience, impulse, pride, joy, and undeniable sexual attraction.


The Ballad is a love song following dreamers and lovers over a span of ten years. Set against the picturesque backdrop of New York City and paired with a reverse narrative, their story is an original retelling of what it means to find the happily ever after in the midst of the journey.

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Author Bio

Fifteen years ago I became a permanent New Yorker, but I've yet to abandon my Texas charm. NYC is an amazing place to find inspiration - the random and the ordinary that make up reality. My writing showcases inspired ideas, as well as my love for dichotomy, authenticity and humor. 

I'm just a girl. A girl with a dream. A dream to write for television. I also had a dream to marry Christian Bale, but I digress. I'm a girl with a dream to write and write and write until someone tells me to stop. And even then I would find a way to write about the jerk who wanted me to stop.

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Excerpt Reveal for SWEET SUBMISSION (Sweet Submission #1) by Roxy Sloane. @Roxy_Sloane

Sweet banner
Title: Sweet Submission (Sweet Submission #1)
Author: Roxy Sloane
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: December 18th
Most women don’t know the pleasure of total surrender. You’ve fantasized about it. Maybe you’ve even tried. Asked for his hands to grip you a little tighter. If he could tie you up. Hold you down. But he always stops too soon. He doesn’t mean it when he makes you beg for him, doesn’t push you to the limits of your pleasure and demand everything you have to give--and more. You wonder, what would it be like with a man who truly commanded you? How sweet would the release be, giving yourself up completely? No limits. No boundaries. His control.  
Most women don’t know the pleasure of total surrender. You’ve fantasized about it. Maybe you’ve even tried. Asked for his hands to grip you a little tighter. If he could tie you up. Hold you down. Fuck you the way you need, his cock driving hard and relentless, riding your wet pussy until you can’t take it anymore. But he always stops too soon. Eases up before you’re done. He’s careful, cautious. You know, deep down, he’s not for real. He doesn’t mean it when he makes you beg for him to fuck you, doesn’t push you to your limits and demand everything you have to give—and more. He doesn’t realize that domination is an act of worship. The adoration of a woman beyond all limits; the reverence to give her the pleasure she truly deserves. You wonder, what would it be like with a man who truly commanded you? How sweet would the release be, giving yourself up completely? No limits. No boundaries. His control. “Get on your knees and open your mouth.” This girl knows that pleasure. She’s already panting, eager and wet. She falls to the floor in front of me and assumes the position. Eyes hidden beneath a blindfold. Hands behind her back. Breasts bared. Juicy lips wide open and ready for my cock. I trail a riding crop over her shuddering flesh, pacing a slow circle around her. Her breasts rise and fall with every breath, but she knows better than to beg for me now. Each second I wait makes her nipples stiffen, her thighs clench, her damp clit throb for more. Still, I wait. I watch her beautiful body carefully, landing quick strokes of the crop on her reddening skin. She moans and gasps at the brief impact, and I feel her pleasure like it was my own. Control is my virtue. I demand everything from her, and I won’t be sated until it’s mine.  
About The Author
  Roxy Sloane is a romance junkie with a dirty mind. She lives in Los Angeles with her hot ex-military hubby and her two kids. She loves writing sexy, complex stories about pushing the boundaries and risking it all.
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Jennifer Chance's Want It Blitz @Jenn_Chance

Jennifer Chance returns with another novel that'll keep you hooked.

Erin Connelly meets alpha male Zander James in WANT IT, the third novel in Jennifer Chance's sizzling Rule Breakers series! This one is not to be missed by readers looking for their military romance fix!

Want to get to know Jennifer better? Check out this exclusive interview!

About WANT IT:

In the latest tantalizing Rule Breakers novel from Jennifer Chance, an irresistible alpha male follows his ex into a deadly standoff—and reignites a heated affair.

For Erin Connelly, being a good girl isn’t such a bad thing. She’s working her dream job at a Boston art gallery and staying out of trouble, which is more than she can say for her deadbeat mom. Unfortunately, her mother’s latest misadventure lands her in the clutches of a Mexican drug lord. Now the only person who can save her is the one man Erin has no business asking for help: the sexy-as-sin army ranger who just so happens to be her former high school sweetheart.

Zander James is no gentleman—and no officer, either, thanks to Erin. Four years ago, she made a call that terminated his highest aspirations ... and their relationship. He’s never forgiven her, but when he learns that Erin’s embarking on a half-baked rescue mission, he sure as hell can’t let her go alone. Now, with a treacherous enemy lying in wait, the electrifying tension between them may just be Zander’s undoing. Because while he may be able to keep Erin alive, he can’t promise to keep his hands off her.

Also in the Rule Breaker series: Rock It (Book #1) and Fake It (Book #2) by Jennifer Chance!

About Jennifer Chance:

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series, which feature sexy, wish-come-true romances that launched with ROCK IT and FAKE IT in 2014. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio.


Excerpt 4: Welcome to Nuevo Laredo

A note to readers from author Jennifer Chance:

Because WANT IT is a romance, not a military suspense book, I found I had to focus very hard on not writing scenes that were too “action-adventurey”. But one character who just refused to leave the narrative was Rey Torres. Rey is a shadowy “friend of a friend” who shows up to help Zander and Erin when they need it most, on their quest to free Erin’s mother. He’s smart and funny and a little too happy to bend the rules, but he fits well with the more serious Zander and goes a long way toward making Erin feel just a bit safer in a strange country. Here Rey touches on the danger that exists in Nuevo Laredo, even while trying to reassure Erin. It’s a difficult balance to strike!
“You doing good back there?”
Zander’s words brought her back and Erin blinked. “Yes! Yes, all good.” They were approaching a long line of cars at a bridge, and she was struck with how, well, how normal everything seemed. Not that she wanted a big shoot-out at the Mexican O.K. Corral, but if they went through this with no more trouble than a trip to the grocery, she admitted that a small part of her would be . . . ever so slightly disappointed. She’d read a tiny amount about the drug trade in Mexico, and about people who ran afoul of the dealers. It seemed a lot more scary on the Internet than it did driving around in a rental car.
She frowned as they drove past the first bridge. “Isn’t that where we’re headed?”
Rey glanced at her in the rearview mirror, his ever-present smile still curving the edge of his mouth. “No, ma’am. That’s what we call Bridge Number One—a good enough bridge, don’t get me wrong. But the one we want is Bridge Number Two. I have a pass for the SENTRI lane there.” He tapped a small hang-card he’d slung over the rearview mirror.
“Like an express lane?” she asked, and Rey nodded.
“Exactly like that.”
They turned onto the bridge, and Erin watched the sunlight playing over scorched concrete as they made their way across the arching expanse. “So, is it really as dangerous here as I read about? Should I be worried?”
“You? Not at all.” Rey shrugged. “You have Zander with you, and he seems like a smart guy. You seem like a smart woman. With two smart people, I have found that there is never much need to be worried.” They bumped off the bridge and down onto the street, Rey handling the vehicle easily to get over to the first exit, heading west. “Now if you were dumb? Well, that would be another thing altogether. Camino Real, yes?” Rey asked, and Zander nodded, while Rey flashed Erin a bright grin in the rearview mirror. “Then your adventure begins, my very smart friends. Welcome to Nuevo Laredo.”

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