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Two for the Teacher.


Release Date: March 1st 2015
Author: Jodie Jacobs
Designer: JJ Designs
Genre: Erotic short


Damon still can't believe his luck. Keen to explore their relationship, heis eager to experiment and take all that Miss J has to offer.

Inviting athletic Mac into the fold, Damon may just get more than he bargained for. Not only is Mac agile and fit, but he appears to have more to offer an unsuspecting Damon.

Enjoy the second erotic installment in the Lessons in Lust series.

**This book contains M/F and M/M/F explicit sex scenes and is intended for readers of 18 years and over.
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Unsportsmanlike Conduct by Melody Heck Gatto Cover Reveal @BookChick58

Gatto Cover Reveal Conduct Blurb: Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Renegades #2 Patrick was a infamous playboy known for his love of women and of course, puck bunnies. He never wanted to be a one woman kind of guy... Since the day he laid eyes on his cousin's sister-in-law he's been in knots. Actually, the first thing he laid eyes on was her ass, and a mighty fine ass it was. The way she paraded herself around, strutting and swaying her rocking body made his mouth water. The things he would give up to have that body against his. Gia's first impression of Patrick was pure disgust; the way he ogled her was just gross. With blatant staring and drooling he made no attempt to hide his attraction to her. The cocky smile that spread across his face made her want to puke. Sure, sauntering around her sister's yard in a teeny tiny bikini didn't help the situation. The fact that she liked the attention was wrong since she was with Tyler. Patrick was dangerously hot and there was a naughty excitement that filled her, but flirting was as far as it would go. Until that night. One night of weakness. One night of pure lust. Gia quickly learned it was impossible to make her feelings vanish, seeing Patrick brought all those raw desires back. She was determined to fight them, her relationship with Tyler meant too much. That cocky smile that infuriated her also turned her on. Coming face to face with him, her body took over and she gave in to her primal desires. When Gia's life takes an unexpected turn, all true colors are revealed. In the midst of her life falling apart, her true love may have been in front of her the whole time.

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  About the Author: I am a Mom, a Wife and a dog lover. I've loved reading and writing since I was small. In school I never met a creative writing assignment that I didn't love. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who encourages me to write. When I was laid off from my job of 14 years, he was supportive about letting me stay home and take care of our son. During that time I discovered hockey-romances and found a renewed love of reading as well as a passion for writing. I am an avid hockey fan. I love my Pittsburgh Penguins! When I'm not watching hockey games I'm probably reading, or writing. :)

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Avowed Release Day Blitz and Tour @AuthorNTownson @taylorville86


Three years ago I vowed revenge. Now I'm married with secrets, desperate to get past them.

I set out to destroy the man I thought ruined my life. I never saw it coming when he turned out to be the love I couldn't live without.

Damon was my target, now I'm determined to keep him.

Will he be able to get past my confessions, and forgive my actions? Will I be able to forgive his? We've come too far to lose it all now. It's time to fight for us, fight for our happiness.

Not every story is as it seems but it's time to avow our sins.

Both of us.


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Review by Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette

'"I know who you are, Ella," Damon says before leaning forward to bring his lips to my ear. "I knew your sister."
My world stops.'

The final in a three book series this gripping end installment begins where the previous one left us hanging...has the player been played? Ella is pregnant and now married to a man who she has dedicated years of her life to so that she could crush him. She planned to destroy him totally as she believed he had done to her sister Lydia leaving her all alone. Her life has been centred on vengeance and she strongly believed in the sentiment of an eye for eye. And yet on her wedding day she learns he was aware all along and her reality is once more blown apart as everything she thought she knew is actually a lie.

The revelations keep coming thick and fast for the couple but together they are strong in their love although they both carry the weight of their guilt and their sins are not so easy to wash away. They struggle to come to terms with their secrets and lies but find solace in their love for one another, their passion soothing the demons in their souls. Damon feels he has so many sins to atone for and he wants nothing more than a chance to prove to Ella his love and provide everything she may need to help them move forward together. He battles her reservations and her cloak guilt to prove their love can withstand the storm of their pasts that are so intricately woven together.

And yet the puppeteer has not yet done with the final scene and continues the cat and mouse game that has been played in the shadows all along. Can Damon and Ella put the pieces of the puzzle together quickly enough to see the bigger picture? Will the final revelations be too much? Can they outwit the master game player? Will their new found love be given a chance to bloom? Oh so many questions!

"A diary corrupted me, and warped my mind, but we avowed our sins. We put them to rest and embraced our future. Revenge may have brought us together, but love gave us freedom."

A four and a half star earth shattering mind is still whirring to catch up!

Review by Emma Mistress of All Dark & Twisted

Avowed is book 3 in The Manipulation trilogy by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townend is one hell of an emotionally charged, hot and steamy, page gripping roller coaster of a ride!! It picks straight up from where Corrupted dramatically ended with the words "I know who you are, Ella" whispered by Damon into her ear after their wedding....

For Ella, she's spent weeks dealing with inner turmoil about revealing who she really is to Damon now she realises she genuinely loves him and doesn't want to carry out her previously twisted plans for revenge for Lydia's death and how she planned to achieve her goal; but now Damon knew all along... But how much did he know? How did he know and why didn't he say something sooner??

As they begin to peel back the years of lies and deceit, struggling with demons and ghosts of the pasts on both sides, they see their truly stronger together than apart. But peace and harmony never lasts for long with this couple and one of their pasts returns with a vengeance... When you've nothing left to loose a person can be driven to extreme measures and the couple's enemy is warped, corrupted and possessed by blind madness. A truly terrifying force to be up against.

Will Damon and Ella survive this time when their truths are Avowed as a relationship started on fragile beginnings of secrets and lies can be broken easily when the truth is confessed.... Will the truth set them free or bring about their demise?
The games by Ella have stopped but someone else seems to still be playing with her and Damon, is it just one person or are other players joining in this time and what is their objective are themes to keep you hooked to the very last page of this book.

This book kept me captivated and gripped as wave after wave of emotions cascaded upon me: joy, frustration, shock, horror and awe. This is a fitting title for the final book in this series as so many truths are told which leads to forgiveness, damnation and understanding for many characters within these pages. Some deceits can never be forgiven, but will Ella and Damon's be ones they can move on from or not? Read this now to see how everything concludes in the last of the series...
~~ I was privileged to beta read this book ~~

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Corrupted 99cents
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Warped 99cents

Natalie Townson is 33, a mother of one beautiful little boy and lives in Gloucester in the UK with her husband.

Corrupted is her debut novel that is a book one of the manipulation trilogy, that she co-writes with Alicia Taylor. She is currently working on book two of the series which is nearly completed.

You can contact Natalie:


Alicia Taylor was born and raised in the East Midlands town of Derby, England, where she lives with her family and mass of animals - she's a huge family and animal lover.

Writing powerful love stories and creating Alpha males with a dash of darkness has become a passion of mine, and I have many stories and characters swirling in my head that I can't wait to share with you all. Is it weird to have so many voices in my head? I'm not crazy, I promise... maybe a little bit.