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Cover Reveal CHASING JENNA by Micki Fredricks ♥ @Mickisue71

Chasing Jenna Cover
Title: Chasing Jenna
Author: Micki Fredricks
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: November 27, 2014
Twenty year old Jenna Clausen has one chance to change her life… and she's going to take it.
Leaving the darkness of her life two hundred miles behind her, Jenna arrives at the one place that could save her…college. Pushing her fears aside while gathering all of her courage, she steps out into her new life, and right into the sights of Cale Davis. Cale is part of the most elite house on campus simply called, The Brotherhood. It’s an exclusive house with one rule for membership, either you are born into The Brotherhood or you’re not. Cale makes it a priority to get what he wants…and he wants Jenna. He sets a plan into motion to make Jenna his. There is however, one flaw to Cale’s plan, Ryan Kitson. Also a fellow Brother in the House, he is a Cale-approved study partner for Jenna. But when her feelings for Ryan start to grow, Jenna has another decision to make….one she couldn't possibly have understood the dangers of. She suddenly finds herself engulfed by a lifestyle so dark and twisted she can’t find a way out. On the run and unsure who to trust, she spirals deeper and deeper into her nightmare. Jenna struggles to put all the pieces together until it finally becomes clear… The decision she made to save her life, might actually be the one that ends it. **This book is a Romantic Suspense for mature audiences, 18+ due to dark topics with references to both sexual and violent situations.*
The empty notebook page stared back at me, making my restlessness worse. I chewed on my pen, another nervous habit of mine, as the instructor blabbed on about study guides and scheduled quizzes. This morning had gone so far off track, I wasn’t sure how to recover. I shifted casually in my seat, acting like I couldn’t get comfortable. Honestly, it was to sneak looks at Ryan. Leaned back into his seat, one arm draped over the back of his chair and the other resting on his leg, his bad boy demeanor on full display. He was so confident in himself, so comfortable in his own skin. I sighed quietly and shifted in my seat again, glancing over at him. He looked like the perfect student, until I noticed a smirk forming. He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and nipped at the side of it with his teeth. Without looking at me, he reached into his bag and held out a piece of paper. It was his schedule. Keeping his eyes down, he leaned into me and whispered, “Why don’t you look to see if we have any other classes together? You’re making me self-conscious with all that staring.” A small gasp slipped from my lips and it felt like the floor dropped out of the room. Not only had I been caught, but he called me out. Somehow this morning just got worse. I reached for the paper but he grabbed my hand. Amusement flared in his blue eyes as he pulled me toward him. He was enjoying my embarrassment a little too much. “And please, a favor? Stop twirling that pen around in your mouth like that. Unless you have an evil plan to make me, and every other guy in here, fail this class miserably.” My shoulders slumped as I tried to fight back the humiliation that rolled through me. I looked away immediately and hid my face behind his schedule. He chuckled as he leaned back into his chair, the sound of it warmed my heart.  
About The Author
If they’d known about ADHD when I was little, my Ritalin dosage would’ve been OFF THE CHARTS!! It goes without saying; I spent A LOT of time by myself after the teacher moved my desk out into the hallway. ** Silver lining** With all that alone time on my hands, I used my imagination to make the world interesting. When I was little, people said I had an "active imagination". In elementary school, teachers called me a "daydreamer". My high school counselor said I needed to “learn how to focus" and my college professors warned me to "buckle down". Before I knew it, it was time to “grow up”. So that’s what I did. I grew up, got married and had five kids. I work as a full time nurse, active in my church, part of the most amazing book club, blog about books with my best friend and cart small humans to school, football, theater, dance ect. Oh yeah...and write a bit when I can and now people say I’m "talented". Moral of my story: Hug your kids, embrace their differences… love them for who they are. Someday, the traits you think are struggles now…Might be what makes them the happiest! Micki lives in small town Iowa with her husband, kids and a fat Cocker Spaniel named Joey. She is the author of Winds of Darkness, released in February of 2013 and Chasing Jenna, to be released Thanksgiving Day, 2014.  
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Liulf by Victoria Danann @vdanann


Title:  Liulf: Alpha of the Mahdrah Ahlee (New Scotia Pack #1) 
Author:  Victoria Danann
Genre:  Paranormal Romance 17+
Series: New Scotia Pack 
Publication Date:  October 18, 2014 
Publisher: Andromeda LLC dba 7th House
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~ Synopsis ~


First of a series of three novellas about the Brothers Cu Ahlee.

USA TODAY Bestselling author, Victoria Danann, wrote this series as a follow up, based on Moonlight, Best Vampire~Shifter Novel of 2013.

For a thousand years the highlander werewolves of Scotia have enjoyed the protection of the fae monarchy, but the straining population has forced them to adapt or die. Or move.

Liulf has spent centuries waiting for a true mating while others settled for comfortable compatibility. When he emerged as the new alpha, little did he know he'd find her when he leads his pack to a new world.  

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What reviewers are saying about Liulf.

"Victoria Danann has done it once again. I could not put this down until I was finished. It moved along at an amazing pace that was just perfect, the characters will grab you and you cannot help but fall in love with them and the story. Wow, this is an amazing read."- Joy Whiteside

"I got so lost in Luilf's world I forgot mine." - Pam James

"...fulfills that hunky shifter kilt hunger from the get go." - Nelta Mathias Baldwin

"...this is a spin off to (Knights of Black Swan) and I have to tell you I loved it." Lisa High

"As always Victoria Danann hits it out of the ball park with another amazing story." - Bobbi Kinion

Short Excerpt.

Liulf squatted on the castle parapet with his back to the sound of the ocean crashing against Girnigoe’s black craig cliffs. If he let himself think about the damp cold or the January wind that tried to penetrate flesh and bone, he’d start to shiver in a way that would rack his whole body…. So he’d learned to focus on other things. Looking east, over the land he loved, he felt a sense of pride and history. And memory. In his slightly less than four hundred years, he’d covered every inch of pack territory in wolf form and much of it in biped form as well. He knew he was blessed with good things, but that didn’t fill the underlying emptiness that he couldn’t quite pinpoint. Lack of purpose maybe. There wasn’t much satisfaction in guarding a border without an aggressor.

That very day a wolf had said it was easy for Liulf to make reckless choices because he didn’t have a mate. Liulf had kept his face passive, but inside the words had stung. It wasn’t as if he could control destiny. What Lycan didn’t want to find his mate? Well, perhaps Conn would prefer to be a bachelor wolf forever.
It was true that Liulf could have settled for a bitch who was merely compatible, as most did. But he hadn’t because he knew there was more. There was mating that was, well, magical. He wouldn’t say so out loud because his brothers would never stop razzing him if he did. But he lived with a constant yearning that never subsided, spoken or not.

All the carousing in the world wouldn’t take the edge off his desire. And he should know. All he had to do was keep from cursing the Fates until they saw fit to gift him with the one. The one he knew was out there.

A snippet from an early review says: "This is a wonderful off shoot of that series (Knights of Black Swan). In MOONLIGHT, we learned that wolf shifters were having a rough time. Humans were spreading into their lands and using high powered weapons to kill them in wolf form. Towns and cities were destroying the wild areas."
This couldn't be more timely since we learned just 2 weeks ago that the planet has lost HALF of its wildlife in just the past 40 years. Certainly the wildness of werewolves is a metaphor for that part of us that longs for the call of Pan.     

~ About the Author ~


USA Today Bestselling Author

2013 Winner in the categories of:
  • BEST PARNORMAL ROMANCE NOVEL (Vampires & Shifters) - Moonlight
My early work (eight-years-old) would be called fan fiction today. I began by writing my version of Bobbsey Twins novels on legal pads that my dad brought home from the office. As an only child - in the days before children became little electronic receivers - there was often not much to do other than seek amusement in my own head.

Childhood fantasies involved being the only girl (for some odd reason) at a ranch for wayward boys. Yes. I do realize this sounds vaguely familiar. T hose fantasies were supported by real life events because the boys included me in the afternoon neighborhood games whether it was cowboy/Indians or G.I. Joe.

When I left the Bobbsey Twins behind I didn't write again until I was married with children and in my mid-twenties. I completed a paranormal romance and gave it to my spouse to read. After hearing his criticisms I didn't write again for decades. At the time I didn't understand that he's the absolute farthest thing from my audience.

It turned out to be a blessing because during that time that I didn't write, I lived an extremely full life. I traveled a lot, raised a family, got an education (I have an M.A. in Psychology.) and explored my compulsion to be a spiritual seeker. The fantasies were a constant companion throughout. The faces and names of the characters changed as I matured, but they remained a source of comfort. T hey helped me through hell raising teenagers and three near-death scares.

By the time I started writing again, I had something to say. I write cross-genre with uniquely fresh perspectives on paranormal creatures, characters, and themes. Add a dash of scifi and a flourish of fantasy to enough humor to make you laugh out loud and enough steam to make you squirm in your chair. My heroines are independent femmes with flaws and minds of their own whether they are aliens, witches, demonologists, psychics, or past life therapists. My heroes are hot and hunky, but they also have brains, character, and good manners - usually - whether they be elves, demons, berserkers, werewolves, or vampires.

If you're interested in me personally, I am also a classically trained musician who defected to Classic Rock. This is Roadhouse, the very best in Classic Rock, taken near The Last Concert Cafe, Houston Texas, 2011. I'm the utility player which means I play rhythm guitar, keyboards, sing back ups and a few leads. I authored and illustrated Seasons of the Witch calendars and planners for fifteen years. I live in T he Woodlands, Texas, which is why I sometimes joke about being the witch in the woods. Married. Four children. One very smart, mostly black German Shepherd dog.

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♥ RELEASE BLITZ: ALREADY FAMOUS by Heather Leigh ♥ @HeatherLeigh_8

Already Famous BLITZ Banner
Title: Already Famous (Famous, #4)
Author: Heather Leigh
Release Date: October 26, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
  Already Famous
Drew Forrester is a regular guy from Boston, MA with an unusual job. His work keeps him from getting close to anyone, unwilling to give his trust, especially after a terrible betrayal when he left home at nineteen to pursue his dream. He throws himself into his work and his favorite way of releasing his frustrations, Brazilian Ju Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. He resorts to short term hook-ups, figuring he'll be alone forever. When a gorgeous redhead literally falls into his life, he decides that it's fate and pursues her relentlessly. But this girl is seriously damaged, and keeps secrets that he doesn't understand and can't get her to reveal. Her lack of trust and seeming paranoia about letting anyone get close to her leads Drew to keep some secrets of his own. This is a companion novel to Relatively Famous, told from Drew's point of view.  
Syd & Drew go jogging
Sydney is going to think I’ve lost my mind. She saw me in my dress-down, fan repelling clothes at the cafĂ© and in my sparring shorts the first day we met. But the last two times I’ve seen her were in private, so I was able to dress like a normal person. I texted her yesterday from The Hub before the game started to see if she wanted to get together today. She offered for me to join her on her run. That means going out in public, which in turn, means an ugly disguise. Since I can’t wear my wig in front of her, I grab my oldest, baggiest gym clothes and throw them on, praying that no one will recognize me. The doorman, Richard I think, apparently knew I was coming over because he opened the door as I approached and told me to head straight to the elevator bank. I’m once again thankful that her lobby staff are so discreet. I knock on 8A and when Sydney opens the door and takes a look at me, her reaction is purely comical. Her hand flies up to her mouth and she lets out a little bark of laughter. Her blue eyes are shining with amusement. “Interesting choice of clothing,” she says, struggling not to laugh in my face. Sydney looks delectable in her tight black Lycra pants and thermal running jacket, I’m unable to stop staring at her ass as she turns to let me inside. I look like a complete bum and she called me on it, so I feel like I have to defend myself a little, even though she’s completely right. “What? I think I look like a guy who wants to work out.” She eyes my tattered B.C. sweatshirt and Patriots skullcap and smiles, bumping me gently with her hip. “You look like you crawled out of a sewer and stole from the lost and found at a college student center.” God she’s adorable. I wrap my arms around her tiny waist and drag her over to me, rubbing my two day old stubble all over her face and neck. “You love it!” I say as she squeals and struggles to free herself from my torture. She’s laughing uncontrollably now. “Stop! It tickles! Stop it!” I laugh with her and reluctantly let her go. Her body in her super tight clothing is dangerous, not only can I not keep my hands off of her, but I start to get aroused, which makes me flirtatious. “Well, we can’t all be as sexy as you when we exercise.” Her gaze darkens at my words and her voice gets husky, letting me know that my charms have worked on her. “Trust me, you are sexy. It’s just hidden under all of that hideous clothing.” She smiles, continuing, “You know this is New York don’t you? Some might take offense at all of that Boston paraphernalia.” Once again, she says something completely unexpected and I love it. “Am I wearing my human-repelling costume again, Miss Allen?” “Why I believe you are, Mr. Forrester. But once again, it’s not going to keep me away. Now, let’s hit the pavement.” Sydney leads me on what she says is her normal jogging route. She says she normally does anywhere from six to eight miles each time she runs. She’s in phenomenal shape. I admit that I wasn’t sure if she would actually run that far in this cold weather but she does. We go all the way from the West Village to Battery Park and back up. It’s easier than sparring with Bobby or Damien, but it’s infinitely more difficult because I have Sydney’s Lycra-clad ass inches from me and I can’t do anything about it. More than once I think about yanking off her bright pink ear warmer, tying her hands together with it, and fucking her until she passes out. Not my finest moment, but I am glad I wore baggy sweats. We walk the final half mile back to her building and enter her loft covered in sweat. The two of us stagger to the kitchen and Sydney hands me a cold bottle of water from her fridge, watching while I immediately down the entire liter. She’s drinking hers when I turn to her and say one word, “Shower?” Maybe she was thinking about sex the entire run too, because she doesn’t hesitate to hold out her hand and lead me to her room. Sydney goes straight into the bathroom and starts the shower while I peel off my damp clothes and leave them in a heap on the floor. When I step into the en suite, she’s already in the huge enclosure, her toned body partially obscured by the layer of steam that’s formed on the glass. I stand there gaping for a minute, I don’t know if I’ve ever been so aroused in my life. “Mind if I join you?” I open the door and press against her, kissing her inviting mouth. She eagerly lets me in, wrapping her arms around my neck and rubbing against me, quickly driving me to the edge of my self-control. I place my hands on her waist and yank her hips into me, fitting my cock so it slides between her legs, but not inside her. Sydney lets me push her back until she’s flat against the tile wall, the hot water raining down on us as we devour each other, nipping and tasting each other’s mouths while our tongues twist together in ecstasy. The entire time I keep sliding my wet cock back and forth against her slit, devouring every moan that she makes as the friction increases her pleasure. Needing more contact, I reach down and grab behind each knee, pulling her legs up and holding her against the wall by cupping her tight ass. I continue grinding my dick between us, up and down her folds as she whimpers into my mouth. Before I can protest, her hand snakes down and guides me inside her. I gasp at the feel of her bare skin clenching around my cock. It’s too much to take. “Sydney, I can’t last like this. Are you on birth control?” I ask, barely able to sound out the words as the thrilling surge of pleasure nearly blinds me. “No, just pull out. I need you Drew,” she moans and bucks against me again, nearly incapacitating my ability to think. Fuck, she’s going to kill me. What if I can’t pull out in time? The only thing that stops me is my overwhelming respect for Sydney. My head drops over her shoulder and I press my forehead into the wall so I can regain control of myself. “Sydney, I can’t do that to you.” I slide out of her and reach over to turn off the water. “Keep your legs around me.” I carry her out of the shower and put her on the counter next to the sink. “Wait here,” I demand, staring at her until I’m sure she won’t move. Sydney watches me with heavy lidded eyes as I hurry and pull a condom out of my discarded pants and rush back into the bathroom as I’m rolling it on. “Hurry Drew,” Sydney begs as she digs her nails into my ass and pulls me back between her legs only happy once I sink back inside her tight heat. She’s immediately groaning and writhing and it quickly spirals into something too intense for me to handle. The sensation of our wet skin slapping together as I fuck her, sends sparks flying across my field of vision. Any remaining shred of rational thought that I had left, leaves my body and once again my dick is now in complete control. I grip her hips hard enough to leave bruises thrust violently into her, pinning her against the counter. Once I pick up the pace, Syd starts convulsing and screaming, pulling my hair fiercely as she comes apart. Shit, she must have wanted this as badly as I did because she is fucking gorgeous as she comes. Trying to hold her slippery body in place on top of the counter takes a lot of effort but it’s worth it. I continue diving in and out of her tight pussy, the unbelievable rightness of it overwhelming me. Hot and wet and gripping, I can detect every movement she makes. “Hold on to me Sydney!” I yell as I keep driving in and out, slamming in deeper each time. She tightens her arms around my neck and moans into my mouth when I lift her up and fuck her hard until I come forcefully into her, sparks of pleasure shoot down my spine and through my balls until I’m completely empty. Spent and panting, I lay my forehead on her shoulder, still holding her up against the sink. Sydney loosens her tight grip on my neck and slowly lowers her feet to the floor. Still recovering, all I can do is stand there, leaning against her as I breath heavily into her wet, disheveled hair. She runs her mouth gently up and down my neck and shoulder until I finally have the energy to look up. Overcome with emotion, I kiss her gently and pull her close, wrapping my arms around her back. “How about we shower again, using soap this time?” she asks, then she laughs and squirms out of my arms so she can turn the water back on. Fuck, I’m totally in love with her. Famous series
Relatively Famous (Famous, #1)
Absolutely Famous (Famous, #2)
Extremely Famous (Famous, #3)
About the Author
I grew up in New England and currently live outside Atlanta, GA with my husband, two kids, a French Bulldog and a pug. I'm a full-time procrastinator and a part-time everything else. I love the Red Sox, chocolate, and traveling. When I'm not writing, I'm dealing drugs legally as a pharmacist.  
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