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Review: Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin @pamgodwinbooks

Dirty Ties

I race to finance it.
I evade to protect it.
I kill to attain it.
I planned everything.

Except her.
The alluring, curvaceous blonde at the finish line.
With sapphire eyes that cheat and lie.
Whose powerful family murdered mine.

I hate her.
I want her.

I know she’s hiding something.
But so am I.

Review by Emma Mistress of all Dark & Twisted

Dirty Ties by Pam Godwin is a standalone piece of genius. It's full of twists, turns and shocking revelations, along with adrenaline fuelled passion.

We follow Kaci Baskel, 37 who is a beautiful, wealthy, successful and coveted businesswoman working for Trenchant Media whose married to Collin Anderson the gorgeous, esteemed politician and conservative representative with celebrity and media connections worldwide. They are 'the ultimate power couple' but appearances can be deceptive.

Kaci is hiding her loneliness, needs and desires behind a facade of wealth, power and all its trappings. She's trapped in this life due to dirty ties and secrets, one wrong step, revelation or comment and those she loves will pay in the ultimate way.

She can't help the attraction she feels towards Evader; the unknown motor cyclist of the illegal racing circuit. She follows, traces and fantasises about this mystery man. Kaci wants to know more about about this man, but will she desire what she discovers or could she be setting herself up for more pain and loss if she does find out this hot biker's identity? As any person who hides their face from the world must have some dirty secrets of their own. Or, could Evader be the one to free Kaci from her ties that have kept her locked in the confines she's endured all her life.

The biker Evader has a plan that's fuelled him for all his life. He's driven by a need: "Revenge: I race to finance it, I evade to protect it, I kill to attain it. I planned everything."

What happens when two people with secrets and lies meet? Will their plans and deceptions still work whilst they bask in the flames of passion or will they both just crash and burn bringing down all they set out to achieve with it?

This highly erotic and intricately woven tale of secrets and lies kept me hooked from start to finish. Pam's ability to make you feel her characters every emotion is her talent and this is my favourite of all her books published so far. I don't want to spoil you experience with spoilers but it's suffice to say it's a brilliant read and I can't recommend it enough!!

*** reviewed on behalf of Obsessed by Books ***

About this author

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, Pam Godwin, lives in the Midwest with her husband, their two children, and a foulmouthed parrot. When she ran away, she traveled fourteen countries across five continents, attended three universities, and married the vocalist of her favorite rock band.

Java, tobacco, and dark romance novels are her favorite indulgences, and might be considered more unhealthy than her aversion to sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.


Release Day Blitz for Sometimes Moments @lennwebster

BOOK: Sometimes Moments
AUTHOR:  Len Webster
RELEASE DATE: January 12th, 2015
PROMOTED BY: Book Empire Promotions 


One blink,
One breath of air,
One moment in time …
Could change your life forever.

Growing up, Peyton Spencer fell in love with the boy across the road, Callum Reid. As the years went by, it only made sense that they would wind up being completely and utterly infatuated with each other. That was, until the morning Peyton wakes up to find Callum packing up and leaving the small town they lived in. Left heartbroken and with no explanation, Peyton spends the next four years of her life without him, ensuring they never cross paths again.

At seventeen and months after Callum leaves her, Peyton buries her parents—feeling more alone than ever before. Now at twenty-one, she’s inherited the family hotel, The Spencer-Dayle. Just when she thinks life couldn’t get more complicated, the one person that shattered her heart, soul and belief returns. For Peyton, his return opens up all her old wounds and resurfaces the memories she’s tried to forget.

He’s not the same boy she once fell in love with. He’s guarded and keeps secrets close to him. Peyton knows her life will begin to unravel.

Untold truths will finally come to light. Whether or not Peyton wants to hear it, the truth will undoubtedly break her heart all over again. 



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Review by Khloee Meyer

I loved this book. It pulled at my heart strings.
My heart broke for Peyton more then once.
I highly recommend this book.

Peyton listened until Jay’s familiar laugh rang high and then she breathed out. His laugh was a form of remedy for her. Though he was so much like Peyton and Graham, he was far different from them. Jay was comfortable with his life. For Peyton, she was just managing.
Shaking her head, Peyton looked down at the papers sprawled on the table. The sound of a chair scratching caught her attention. When she lifted her gaze, she was irritated to see none other than Callum Reid sitting in front of her, his arms crossed over his chest.
Peyton closed her eyes tight and sat properly in her chair. It was a talk Callum wanted, and Peyton had thoroughly avoided it since his return.
“Peyton,” Callum acknowledged in a dull tone.
“Callum,” she said, mimicking the lifeless pitch in his voice.
His lips pursed and he eyed her. Silence was exchanged between them, suffocating her. When it reached an unbearable quota, Peyton started to collect her work.
“Why does everyone in this town love you so much but hate me? I grew up here too.”
His question startled her, causing Peyton to lift her head and glance at him. His eyes swept over the pub, filled with disbelief.
He really doesn’t get it.
“Because you left, Callum,” Peyton stated.
He slowly turned his head until his eyes met hers. Callum’s jaw locked as if he were attempting to control his emotions around her.
“So did everyone else,” he pointed out.
“Everyone had their reasons.”
Callum’s eyes flashed and he abruptly leant forward. “And I didn’t, Peyton?”
“Yes, you did. But you didn’t give me a reason. They all left because they gave a reason. They told the town. They let people know. But you? You just up and left, Callum. You didn’t tell me.”
Callum flinched like her words had hurt him, which Peyton found ridiculous. “I had my reasons, Peyton,” he said through clenched teeth. “But that doesn’t explain why these people I’ve grown up with can’t even look at me.”
This time, it was Peyton who flinched. Her eyes burned. He still didn’t get it.
“Because you didn’t come back!” she shouted, tears running down her cheeks. That façade she had hid behind crumbled. She no longer used a fake smile. For Peyton, this was as raw and as naked as it got for her.
His eyes grew sadder, but she didn’t care. Around them the voices had started to hush until the pub had silenced around them.
“Look around you, Peyton. Nobody else came back!” Callum raised his voice.
Her heart clenched at the truth he spoke.
“But they did,” she sobbed.
Callum shook his head. “No, they didn’t.”
“But they did when I needed them the most!” Peyton cried before she wiped the tears from her cheeks, hating the weakness she was showing.
“What?” he breathed.
“They all came backevery single one of them. The town hates you because you didn’t come back. Everyone came back, Callum. My parents’ funeralthey were all there…except for you!” Her lips trembled as the heat burned through her chest.
“Peyton,” he said almost apologetically.
“No! That one day. Their funeral. That was the day you could have redeemed yourself, Callum. I don’t care if you couldn’t love me. I needed you then. I lost them and you didn’t show. It was their funeral, Callum. They died. My parents, they loved you. Don’t you get that? They loved you! They wanted me to forgive you, but I couldn’t, and when they died, I knew I could never forgive you. You didn’t have to be there for me. You could have been there to pay your respects or to say goodbye, but you didn’t. The moment I buried them, I buried any hope of you redeeming yourself.”
Peyton shook her head. “Save it. If you had just come back, I would have forgiven you for breaking my heart. I don’t care if you couldn’t love me back. I just needed your support and for you to acknowledge their deaths. They all came back. The only person who didn’t show was you.” Peyton sniffed and tucked her hair behind her ear.
That was the day she had vowed she would never let him back into her life. The last glint of hope had died with the very last breath her parents had breathed that day all those years ago.
The truth is, Len Webster is a romance-loving Melbournian with dreams of finding her version of ‘The One.’ She calls Australia home, but secretly wishes a man with a beautiful accent would whisk her away. She’s been called a hopeless romantic and a firm believer of happily ever afters, which she doesn’t object to.
Having just completed her Bachelor in Business and Commerce, Len can be found daydreaming of her next Europe adventure or swooning over Mr. Darcy. Her best friends are a hot cup of tea, red velvet cupcakes, a warm jumper and her MacBook, ready to write to her heart’s content.


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Happy release Day. Winter by Frankie Rose @byfrankierose


A girl with a dark history…
Avery Bresllin took a leap of faith when she changed her name. As Avery Patterson, she is no longer the daughter of a serial killer. No longer the girl who was bullied and abused through high school. A fresh name and a fresh start at Columbia University means Avery can leave all that behind. There’s only one thing marring her dream of a clean slate….
A boy with a past of his own…
Luke Reid has a lot going for him: sex appeal, badass tattoos and insane musical talent. Despite his guitar skills, his calling in life has always been to serve and protect. A NYPD cop by day, singer in rock band D.M.F by night, from the outside Luke seems like he’s got it made. But falling for a girl whose father was accused of deeply sinister acts—a man whom Luke shared a devastating history with, himself—only serves to complicated things.
Pieces of a puzzle….
Four symbols, four methods of destruction.
A trade.
Borrowed wings.
Dark secrets that threaten to destroy.

Review by Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette
~*~ Obsessed by books arc given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

"We're both a little broken, you and I. I see you, Avery. I really see you, the paces you're wounded, and I want to be the person to put you back together again."

Being young and in college is normally enough drama and angst for anyone but what if your dad was a murderer? What if your mother had emotional cut you off, providing you with everything you need to live financially but giving you nothing to soothe the loss in your soul? Moving away and starting fresh with a new name and a false past seems the only way Avery, Iris as she once was, can hope to escape the horror of her past. But sometimes the past doesn't want to remain secret...

This is an intense, gripping suspenseful read that had the hairs standing to attention on the back of my neck for a large percentage of the novel. Avery is trying hard to be a journalist,  to have morals and maybe just maybe prove to the world that her dad isn't who they think he was. Endeavoring to be better than gossip hungry news reports that helped destroy her life, she strives to be the top in her class and report only the facts, only the truth.  And yet she doesn't let anyone in, doesn't trust easily as she is hyper aware information is power but somehow her best friend Morgan at college manages to break through her armour and encourages her to live a little. Avery's life becomes a little more complicated as a face from her past walks right back into her life.

Luke Reid, small town cop, now working as one of New York's finest. He had a connection to Avery's dad before his death, a bond forged in pain and sorrow but was also the first on scene in that fateful night. He has maintained a friendship of sorts with Avery. They haven't seen each other since she disappeared to become someone else. Luke takes full advantage of the situation and ensures they meet up and resume their contact. Luke has changed in the time apart though, separated from his high school sweetheart and finding solace in his passion - music. He was taught to play by Avery's dad and pours all his emotions into his voice. Being part of an up and coming band D.M.F. could forever change Luke's path if only he has the courage to follow his dreams and chase what he truly wants. Caught between his need to save and protect, to help Avery and show her he loves her Luke is complicated man.

Caught between her desire for alpha male Luke, her blossoming friendship/relationship with sexy Irish exchange student Noah she knows her heart already belongs to one and is tryin to fight it by spending time with the other. To add more drama her best friend Morgan maybe dealing with her own demons and they suddenly rear their heads refusing to be hidden any longer.
And then boom...her real identity is revealed to college and Avery is sucked back into that reality. Human nature is cruel and people are petty, it's amazing how Avery rises from the ashes stronger and even more determined. Fighting to prove her dad's innocence as her Uncle is also pulled into the investigation due to some new information being uncovered. Four symbols may be the key to unlocking it all. Will Avery put the pieces together in time, can Luke open up and reveal the tragedy in his own life that Avery's dad helped him come to terms with?

This is a fast paced, amazingly well written story, with plots that are cleverly interwoven that keep you invested right to the last page. My jaw literally dropped at the last plot twist as I felt suckerpunched...I honestly did not see that coming. The writing style is gripping with the right blend of sexy sizzling attraction, strong characters and drama to make this a smashing five star read. I am so eager to read Summer...I can't wait to find out what else the future has in store for them.

Review by Emma Mistress of all Dark & Twisted
Winter by Frankie Rose is a New Adult novel and part one of a two part series. This book told predominantly through Avery Patterson's pov and is a dramatic, suspenseful, romantic and emotional read. Frankie knows exactly how to hold a reader's attention from beginning to end with engaging characters and intricately woven plot lines and twists.

Avery Patterson knows only too well how other people's actions, assumptions and deceits can change your life. She knows you can't escape your past, especially when people are determined to air their beliefs and grievances against you to gain their 30 minutes of fame. Avery has tried everything to escape the shadow of her past; moving states to New York to study Journalism, changing her name and suffering loosing everyone even, her mother, due to one person's actions: "My family name is synonymous with pain and murder no mater where I seem to go, and thats why I've abandoned it. That's why, when I left my last behind in small town Wycomming to come to college I became Avery Patterson."

What do you do when your past catches up with you? The past in the shape of a person who has one tenuous link to that past and they understand you but aren't being 100% open with you, do you trust them or severe all contact as their link to that past is too painful to bear and they could ruin all your carefully laid plans. Can Avery allow someone to breach her ice cold protective defenses which she uses to keep herself safe but lonely and maybe take a risk for a chance at happiness?

Luke Reid has secrets he needs to keep hidden too. He's linked to Avery in ways she doesn't know, he possibly holds the key to the truth but doesn't want to share this just yet until he's certain it's safe to reveal: will it ever be the right time and what will that truth of his cause Avery to do?

Luke Reid is a hot, tattooed, alpha Cop whose driven to protect and help others. He likes his job serving the community but his heart lies in music and performing with the band D.M.F sates that need of his on nights he's not working. He's like Avery leading a double life, will he ever be wiling to take a risk reaching for the stars or will he keep his dreams locked away and not daring to risk the fall of failure.

Can Luke or Avery help each other escape their painful pasts and work together to discover the truth of what happened all those years ago or will they both stay in the cold state of Winter forever with their own pasts and other peoples agendas working against them....
"but we're both a little broken you and I....I really see you, the places your wounded.I want to be the person to put you back together."

This is a novel that keeps the tension and suspense coming until the very last page. The dramatic final twists will leave you reading open mouthed for sure as you do not see them coming!!
Winter doesn't end on a cliffhanger but the door is left open for more and so roll on Summer as I want to know what happens next.

*** reviewed on behalf of Obsessed by books ***

About this author  

Frankie Rose was born in the United Kingdom, but now lives with her husband in sunny Australia.

She officially makes things up for a living, and when she's not doing that, she is generally making paper birds out of receipts and old lists or taking photographs that make her smile.

The Blind Date Bride Blog Tour @ArleneHittled @TheSeriousReadr

Nearly a decade ago, accountant Kari Parker shed 220 pounds of dead weight — her hulking, abusive college boyfriend. The last thing she wants in her life is another man — especially one as tall as a Windy City high rise. Yet when her best friend enters her in Romance TV’s “Get a Love Life” contest, another man is exactly what she gets. As much as she'd love to just say no, she can't turn down the prize money that will allow her to help her parents save the restaurant they've run all her life. Sparks fly between Kari and her bogus groom, and as she and Damien share close quarters, intimate meals and — gulp — his bed, Kari doesn’t stand a chance of resisting his considerable charms. Even worse? She might not want to. But building a real future out of their sham marriage will be tougher than baking a wedding cake from scratch … with no flour … in a broken oven.


Review by Wendy Book Obsessed Pimpette

*** obsessed by books arc given for an honest review ***
as soon I started reading this I thought I was reading a script from the bachelor/bachelorette.
this story was whitty and fun. we have two people Kari and Damian who aren't really looking for love at the moment. Kari just came out of abusive relationship and is starting to find herself , well Karis bestfriend enters her into a reality show to help her find love, but love finds her. these two characters are wonderful to read about they use their past and their future to help take a leap at love.


Arlene’s website / Twitter / Facebook
Arlene Hittle is a Midwestern transplant who now makes her home in northern Arizona. She suffers from the well-documented Hittle family curse of being a Cubs fan but will root for the Diamondbacks until they run up against the Cubs. Longtime friends are amazed she writes books with sports in them, since she's about as coordinated as a newborn giraffe and used to say marching band required more exertion than golf.

Follow the entire Blind Date Bride tour HERE

Double Cover Reveal: Succubus Series by Jennifer Snyder @jennsnyder04


A Succubus Prequel Novella
New Adult Paranormal Romance
Release: January 27, 2015

With one kiss, everything will change...

When a mysterious letter arrives from her estranged mother, twenty-one year old Kenna Blake and her best friend, Bree, make a trip to New Orleans hoping for a little Halloween fun and to get away. The mystifying Crescent City has something else in store for her though.

Cryptic messages, a hot tour guide, and a new sense Kenna can't seem to explain are just the beginning of this eye opening trip. Will Kenna accept what awakens with in her or will she crumble under its reality?

A Succubus Novel (Book 1)
New Adult Paranormal Romance
Release: February 24, 2015

Life isn’t so bad for succubus, Kenna Blake. True, she seems to be the only succubus with a conscience and a specific strategy for finding her male meals, but she has a cute new apartment, a budding graphic design business, and the most unique friends she’s ever had.

Her personal love life, however, is non-existent.

Until the legendary vampire Randal Vincent sweeps into her life. Even though he isn’t someone she set out to date, at least she can kiss him without killing him. But when you’re dating someone who’s the inspiration for Dracula, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way…

If you would like to review for the upcoming tour, February 24th – March 13th, please sign-up HERE.
About the Author

Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing New Adult and Young Adult Fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.
SHATTERED SOUL was my debut novel and no, you haven’t seen the end of me yet…

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A Dark Road by Amanda Lance Blog Tour

Dark Road Banner  
A Dark Road by Amanda Lance
January 12-16, 2015
Not every friendship is as harmless as it seems. Loner James McKay wants nothing to do with Hadley Grayson. After all, the last thing a drug dealer needs is the pretty, new girl trying to be friends. Walking distractions like her lead to trouble, the kind that can get you 10 to 15 behind bars. Likewise, fencing champion Hadley Grayson isn’t thrilled about her family uprooting her during her senior year of high school. At least there’s James McKay, the quiet, mad scientist who is as adorable as he is mysterious. Though McKay may reject the idea of friendship, he gets one whether he wants it or not. But once the lies are told and the rumors spread, the dangers of meth making and dealing are impossible to avoid. Between secrets and overdosing classmates, McKay and Hadley will learn that loneliness can be a two-way street, changing both of their lives forever.
A native of New Jersey and lifelong nerd, Amanda Lance recently completed her Master in Liberal Arts at Thomas Edison State College after her BA in English Literature and AFA in creative writing. She currently resides in Easton Pennsylvania with her boyfriend and their spoiled hound dog. She is a cliché booknerd who is terrible at math, clinically obsessive, and prone to addictive behavior. She may or may not be a recluse.

Cover Reveal: Satisfy Me (Ravage MC Valentine Novella) by Ryan Michele @Ryan_Michele

Title: Satisfy Me (Ravage MC Valentine Novella)
Author: Ryan Michele
Series: Ravage MC
Release: February 10, 2015 (Part of the Black Hearts: A Leather Valentine Collection)
Cover Deisgner: Melissa Gill @ MG bookcovers
Photography by: Eric Battershell @ Eric Battershell Photography
Models: Ian Daviau & Priscilla Lee Badger
Men's Wardrobe provided by The Todd Sanfield Collection

Goodreads Link:


Satisfy Me A Ravage MC Valentine Novella

What happens when your son remembers Valentine’s Day and you don’t? Or your woman doesn't care about the roses and chocolate bull they put on television? When Princess does remember, she plans a Valentine’s Day neither of them will ever forget... And Cruz is in for one rough, wet and hot ride.

Pre-order Links for Black Hearts: A Leather Valentine Collection:


“What’s going on Coop?” My words are quiet as to not wake up Princess. She has been in bed about the same amount of time as me and I know she’s wiped. She better damn well be since fucking her till she passed out last night was top on my agenda. And it was a success. With Coop, we have to get it whenever we can and recently it has been when he’s asleep. Any other time, he finds some way to cock block me. Love the kid to death, but he’s gotta give me a break.
            “Daddy, it’s Valentimes day. We gots to make Mommy bekfast.” His words shake me out of my sleepy stupor. Valentine’s day? Really? I wipe the sleepiness away, everything in the room becoming clearer. Princess is not the hearts and flowers kind of woman. My woman is more motorcycles and leather, but shit I need to do something for her. How are guys supposed to remember this shit? Fuck me.
            Coop bounces on his little feet his wide eyes conveying, come on Daddy. I groan slowly rolling out of bed and grab my shorts from the dresser slipping them on. “Come on buddy.”

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Author Bio:  

Ryan Michele has a huge obsession with reading, which only came to life after her best friend said she had to read Twilight. After reading that series, her entire world changed in the blink of an eye. Not only was she sucked into new worlds and all of the wonderful words authors put down on paper, she felt the urge to begin to write down the characters that played inside of her head. In doing so, Safe was born. Then Wanting You, Ravage Me currently Seduce Me.

When she’s not reading or writing, she spends time taking care of her two children and her husband, enjoying the outdoors and laying in the sun.

Cover Reveal for DEATH AND DESIRE by P.H. Turner

Death and Desire
P.H. Turner
Releasing March 17th, 2015
Lyrical Press

Ancient rituals. Up-to-the minute deception.

Reporter Taylor McWhorter knows something is going on at the newly reopened uranium mine on the local Navajo reservation. The Native workers are being fired. Rumors of bad Native American spirits and shapeshifters mingle with the stink of leach pit mining. The rough red mountains and steep canyons hide more passes and getaway trails than any maze. And Taylor’s sources keep turning up dead…

Until she meets Captain Trace Yazzie, head of the tribal police force and plenty to reckon with on his own. The chemistry between them is enough to incinerate Taylor’s rule about mixing business and pleasure. But with a murderer on the loose, priceless Navajo artifacts turning up in the wrong places, and Trace’s suggestion that spirits disturbed from looted burial sites might be part of the problem, Taylor can’t afford to lose her head to lust. This might be the story of the year. But unless she keeps her wits about her, it could be the last one Taylor ever tells…


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Teaching and shooting news and documentaries took me to work on the East and West coasts, the Midwest and an island in the Gulf of Mexico. Born a fourth generation Texan, I live in Austin with an energetic mutt that waits patiently every day for me to come home and write.
Find Her Here