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Katie's life has been far from easy, She told the one guy she's always loved, she liked him and he took off to Chicago, she was beaten to the point where she could have easily died, she got married, found out she was pregnant, lost her husband and had a baby. Just when she finally has come to terms with everything, her life starts to unravel and the truths begin to come to light. 

When Eric left Green Bay ten years ago, He walked away from the only girl he ever loved. When he catches his fiancé in bed with their next door neighbor he goes back to Green Bay for his best friend's wedding and to get away from his life in Chicago, but he's also hoping he gets the girl.

When Katie and Eric see each other for the first time in ten years, Katie doesn't know if she wants to run away from him or run to him. All Eric wants to do is make things better and finally have the girl of his dreams, but will the past keep them apart like it has all these years or will the truths of the past finally allow Katie and Eric to be together.
I'm Always and forever.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

****I received this arc in exchange for an honest review****

A debut novel by this author and I found it had everything you need in one book.
Romance, twists and turns, heartbreak it's all there.

It's well written and so easy to read, that it flows perfectly together.

Well done on your first novel Shelly

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34 year old single mom to two great kids, living in Wisconsin. When i'm not writing, i'm either reading or doing fun stuff with the kids. summer is spent with the kids, family & friends, going to concerts, going to the beach or just hanging out in the backyard with a bonfire and laughter. I am a die hard Green Bay Packers fan & will watch every game & yes, I even plan my days around the Packers when it's football season. 

I'm the author to the "Always" series. First book Always Yours released on June 12th. book 2 in the series should be out in the fall or early winter. 

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