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Title: Healing Gabe
Series: The Last Hangman MC #3
Author: Muriel Garcia
 Release Date: April 25, 2015


From the day he was 18, Gabe’s life changed drastically. He lost both of his parents in a tragic car accident and had to raise his 8 years old sister, Nicole. All he wanted to do was party and enjoy his teenage life and go to college. Instead, he had to mature really fast, find a job that would allow him time with his sister but also bring enough money to keep a roof above their heads, pay the bills, feed them and make her happy.

As if things weren’t bad enough, Gabe finds himself in the middle of two clubs at war. On one faithful night, he meets the one woman that will hold his heart forever, becomes the target of the most vicious MC around Louisiana and becomes a prospect for the Last Hangman.

What happens when the love of your life is taken from you and you have to witness her horrible demise?

Things aren’t always what they seem.

Vivian had to keep a low profile after running away from home twelve years ago. She lost everything that same night and has been left empty and feeling scared for years, but she’s done feeling scared. She wants to be happy again and for that, she comes back to New Orleans.

What happened when Gabe and Vivian see each other again?

Both of their past catches up with them, bringing down innocent people. Betrayal, new found family, love and hate.

Gabe never thought he could love again, Vivian only wants to heal him and make him feel whole again. Can they find their happiness together or will their past be too strong and tear them apart forever?

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Review by Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette

~*~ Obsessed by books arc copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

'"Trust me Gabe. You're making the right decision." He smiled and extends his hand. I shake it feeling like I just signed a pact with the devil."'

And maybe Gabe did...this is his story, how he became part of the Last Hangman MC, what broke him and how he became the fierce but aloof brother of the MC. Following on from where the previous novel left the club has declared war on their long time nemesis club and cultivated a fragile bond of brotherhood with two rival clubs to work together to annihilate the threat of the Kings and Jared.

We learn how Gabe ended up taking care of his sister, how he found himself as part of the MC and we learn what horrors lurk in his dreams. With the delicate balance of future happiness weighted with the danger of their present can Gabe protect his club and his sister from harm? Can he end the master puppeteer that has all along been tugging his strings?

Tired of running, of existing Viv has returned home to the only place she felt she belonged. 12 years after the horrific chain of events that altered her life forever the guilt and pain has led her back to MC. Piecing together the years the have lost Gabe and Viv can't deny the attraction and neither one fights too hard to resist. They are sizzling hot together...although always overshadowed by their past and shared grief.

This is a beautiful story of making wrong decisions, second chances and the discovery that appearances are deceiving as we are all human and are victim to our own self doubts, which can motivate us to do the most baffling of things. This story really delves into the human psyche...showing how a bad decision can change your life, how fear can lead you on a merry chase and destroy the joy in your life.

After reading the Last Hangman series I am always left with a book hangover, they are well written emotional reads that although set in a turmoil of a MC club with the interwoven danger, back stabbing and shady dealings of that life, they focus on the emotions and the power of them.

I cannot wait to read Saunders story...another 4 star epic read.

Review by Julie Sweetheart Obsessive Pimpette

This third book is my favorite so far. Gabe and Viv are perfect for each other. This story had so many turns and twist in it that it made the ending bitter sweet. I will continue to follow this author. Excellent writing and amazing storyline. Highly recommend.

Review by Ally Obsessive One Clicker

*** ARC provided by Obsessed by Books for an honest review ***

I really love this series The Last Hangman MC. This was another great read for me that I overly enjoyed reading and couldn't put it down. Teaching Aleck is the follow up to Saving Ayden it is best to read these books in order to understand the story and all the characters that are involved.

Aleck has had a hard life growing up he never had a real family to love him like most families do. He only had love for his sister and they were very close until she passed away. Aleck then got into drugs and his life was turned upside down until he met Anthony who is in the Last Hangman MC. He helped Aleck with his downfall of drugs and his heavy burden of losing his sister.

While at one of the MC's cookouts Charline Dane comes to hangout with Ayden who is her best friend she crosses paths with Aleck. Charline is 18 years old and is a few years younger than Aleck. He doesn't want to date someone who is 18 and to get into this life.

I highly recommend this book if you love MC books. These books will grab you on the first page and craving for more to come from this author. Can't wait to read book 3.
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Author Bio

Muriel Garcia grew up in Belgium. She loves music, tattoos, hot tattooed men, travelling, and cooking. She always had an overly imaginative and creative mind but never thought of writing a book up until a couple of months ago. Now she couldn't imagine not writing stories that are near and dear to her heart.

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