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(¸.•´✶NEW RELEASE: DAMS AREION FURY MC #2 Title: “Dams” Series: Areion Fury MC #2 Author: Esther E. Schmidt @EstherESchmidt

Title: "Dams"
Series: Areion Fury MC #2
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover model: Dan Francis
Photographer: FuriousFotog, Golden Czermak
Release Day: April 29th, 2016

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Dams is a man of few emotions, apathetic if you will. His past carved him into the man he is today; a strong body and mind but lacking the desire for connections beyond his brothers. He’s stoic. Unflappable. You can throw anything at him and he will divide and conquer making him the perfect VP of Areion Fury. He’s got everything he needs in life, or so he thought. On a backside road in the middle of nowhere he finds what seems to have been missing all his life.
Nerd prefers the digital world rather than the real life version. There’s a reason she’s a genius with a computer. She’s a lot like them; a lot of memory, a hard drive and no emotion. Stuck in the past with painful memories, she keeps the contact with Areion Fury digital for a reason. She hates lying, cheating bikers. A family obligation pulls Nerd from behind her computer and a chance encounter pushes her further from her comfort zone.
Will Nerd let her past determine her future? Not if Dams has anything to say about it. While Dams is marking his territory, danger is circling Nerd’s family business and threatening her safety. Can Dams handle the threat before it takes away everything he never knew he wanted?

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"Dams" Areion Fury MC book two

it was amazing
"The disappointment, the contempt, the disgust, the failure, the hurt, it's everything. Every goddamn thing you never want to experience and yet have endured for years. You carry that Shit with you. It's the darkness you never get rid of, no matter how many times you try."

I noticed that Dams had hit my Kindle last night and I literally stopped what I was doing and retreated to my reading cave to catch up with some of my all time favourite bikers. We were introduced to Nerd and Dams previously as she is the go to gal for information used by the MC. Yet when he set his eyes on her he knew she was his...fighting his instincts to squash down any emotion he wants to feel everything she evokes. Laying claim to the only person ever to stir his heart he starts the battle to win her over. He is a pure alpha male who tales charge and likes to be in control but is too accustomed to getting his own way with his club and everyone he comes into contact with. Nerd procedure than a match for him as she is a sassy head strong independent woman that has built her walls high. Both characters are beautifully flawed and damaged by their experiences and yet in each others arms they find solace and a peace they have never experienced before.

Dams continues the adrenalin fuelled action packed storyline of the Areion Fury MC that is entwined with the Broken Deeds MC and it's great to see the timeline is consistent in both series and ties in together giving more depth to events that occur I always love when an author takes the time to provide another perspective to events and the impact they have on different characters. I read this book all in one go as I needed to know! This is a whirlwind emotional read that was sizzling hot and filled with drama and action. I can't wait to read more from this author and she has quickly secured a place in my one click every release list!

A five star gritty MC read. 
 it was amazing
* * ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review * *

Wow I was glad to see the story of these two.
Nerd is perfect she's smart, beautiful and kick ass sass. even though Dams has only really talked to Nerd when the MC needed something he just had feelings every time he spoke to her, but when he sees her he knows that she belongs to him now he has to prove it and his use to being in control in all things but Nerd has sass and isn't take crap from no one even though both are damaged souls together they are beautiful but don't get me wrong we get the MC feel totally just with a sexy hot love story. loved it.

Esther E. Schmidt

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