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Blog Tour - Raven (The Kindred Series) by Scarlett Finn @finnscarlett

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He's mysterious and alluring,
Dominant and powerful.
He keeps her grounded,
And lets her fly.

After a date ends in disaster, Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives. Bidding farewell to blissful ignorance, she must betray those who trust her to prevent evil from murdering innocent civilians.
Raven guides her, shields her, and seduces her…
Now Zara has to protect her heart while saving the world.

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"Scrutiny leads to paranoia...I exist in the shadows and anyone who tries to venture into my darkness has to abandon the world. Living life alone is not as easy as people like to think."

Raven is an assassin for hire. The rumour is he is dead. Part of the shadows, a whisper fleetingly heard on the lips of dead men he is an enigma. Part of a covert team that eradicates problems in return for a fee he is one of the Kindred. Crossing paths with Zara as the next target in sights involves her indirectly, he sees an opportunity and pounces. 

Zara is a small town girl done good as she is now part of a vast and successful company as the right hand woman to the big boss! He is reclusive, private yet trusts her with the day to day running of his business. Having had her date for the night casually murdered right in front of her starts a change of events that opens her eyes to the mystery surrounding her. Thrust into a world of espionage, thrill seeking and death can Zara choose which side she is on when they it's they are all varying shades of grey. 

What unravels is a plot thick with doubt, action and suspense. The lines are well and truly blurred as the main characters have jaded morals and all too human motivations. I think my favourite character is Art. The mastermind and loving uncle, the dual sides to this complex characters shows insight into the many facets of human nature. Raven is a cold and calculating man that takes what he wants, takes what he needs without consideration of the repercussions or the impact he has on those he uses. Zara...hmmmm, I don't think I liked her. She sat on the fence a little too long for me and at times reacted like an air head that made me wonder how she ever got the job in the first place! She grew on me. Overall I really like the edgy feel to this story, it left you guessing to the very end, action packed and filled with suspense with a splash of romance and a smidgen of tragic loss I found I couldn't put it down.

A four star dark and mysterious read 

~*~ Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review ~*~

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“The light in the window,” he said. “I took it as a sign you wanted to talk.”
Zara didn’t like to confess her vulnerabilities to anyone, so she averted her eyes. “I got scared,” she confessed in a whisper.
Irritation erased every confusion from his attitude. “You think that gives you the fucking right to summon me?”
Her fleeting smile probably suggested her appreciation. “You’re still watching me.” She sighed at the comfort that came with that knowledge. He hadn’t abandoned her, even though she’d said he would get nothing from her. Impressed by the strength of his character, she was astonished that he valued her safety. No man from her past had put her before personal gain.
His stoic form barely moved but she registered the increasing heat in his gaze and that hunger cleared her earlier turmoil and replaced it with a completely new priority. Raven was here. She was safe. She could relax. No one would be able to hurt her now. Emotion shifted to explore the lust he examined her with and Zara was ready to do whatever it took to quench her own desire.
Raven was her deepest, darkest fantasy. A man so powerful and proficient, it wasn’t just his prowess that made her heart beat faster and her core swell. Staring into him, she parted her lips and begged without words for an explanation as to why he was still stalking her.
“Not for the mission,” he said.
Squeezing her grip, she tested the strength of his unyielding muscles with her delicate fingers. “If it’s not for the job, then why are you watching me?”
His eyes narrowed further and in the oppression of this night, a frisson of fervor stoked her gut and made her breasts grow heavy. “You know damn well why,” he snapped.
The force of his kiss thrust her head back, but that harsh passion made her feel desirable, like he was starving for her and unable to control himself. Making a man like Raven lose control gave her power. He was her guard and her savior. Somehow, he managed to lift her up, and made her feel significant—able to take on the world.
He scooped a hand under her skull to compel her mouth to his, giving him leave to direct her head and her mouth to where he wanted them. The size of his hand encompassed all of her skull and with every move, his fingers tangled deeper in her locks. The sting of snagged strands and the mesh of matted hair were contrasted by the scorching desperation of his mouth and the assuredness of his tongue.
Balling his hand into a fist, he used his grip on her hair and the arm he clamped around her ribs to haul her onto her feet. Without breaking their kiss, he dipped down to snag her thigh with one hand and while hooking it high over his hip, he kept the momentum of their kiss going.
Caught up in the passion of their oral joining, she only knew they were in the bedroom when he sat on the bed, then lay down, urging her body forward to double it over his.
Kissing him was the most overwhelming experience of her life. The bulk of his tongue was in proportion to the girth of his body. Yet, as bold as he was, there was something consoling about his assertive mouth tasting hers.
The heady merging of their saliva was like swopping a reefer mid-draw or using the same coke straw. Without combining the drugs they each possessed, they couldn’t reach the optimum high. For the first time, they experienced the right dosage for maximum impact and she felt like she’d been sucker punched by Venus.
Spanking her ass with a loud thwack, he yanked his hand out of her hair. “Grab a rubber,” he said, nodding toward the nightstand without breaking eye contact.
God, he was arrogant. A couple of kisses and he thought they were going to have sex. But that steadfast confidence heightened her desire until she felt overwhelmed by his testosterone, which dragged her further under his spell. As she looked through the night into his fathomless eyes, she knew she was going to do it. This man was thrilling. He was dangerous and mysterious, and completely wrong for her in every way. But, damn, he made her feel good.
This was a man who a woman wouldn’t get a chance with often. He was so capable and skilled in arts that before him, she had no idea were out there. Raven lived life on the edge, in the night, and she had a sense that he needed the light in her as much as she desired his darkness.

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Having known from a young age that writing was her passion Scarlett has spent large portions of her life dreaming up men, and women, and putting them together to see what they get up to.
"The characters write the story. I just get it down on paper for them."
Finding her solace in books, reading and writing, have been her eternal companion through all the highs and lows in her life.
Now is time to let the characters flourish and to live forever as she shares them with you.
Good luck on your adventures.


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