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International Authors Day July 14th #IntAuthorsDay  

Here at Obsessed by Books we decided to mention the authors we love individually.

Mazzy Boss Lady

The author that I feel needs to be mentioned in this post is a very special, talented fantastic lady. Kandice Michelle Young has written the Run Series and is currently finishing book 3. The first time I spoke to Kandice was last year when she was looking for beta readers for her debut book Run To You. I contacted her and we went from there. Her writing is fantastic and she can really pull you in to the book and feel the emotions of each character. She is always on hand to give advice and cheer you up if there are times when it is needed. With each book, I have had the pleasure of organising each and every promotion whether it be a cover reveal or a blog tour.
Our friendship has grown and I have found that she has a fabulous mind where she can create stories that will touch your soul, as these are all written from the heart. I feel that with each book that she writes she will capture every reader’s interest. This is an author I feel is not to be missed, and everyone should read the current two books in the Run Series, as they really will not be disappointed.

Kandice Michelle Young

Nadia Chief Obsessive Pimpette

A tale of two authors. Introduced the MC genre by a fabulous friend who recommended a one-click freebie I quickly fell in love with all things biker. Nina Levine's Storm series was my induction into the world of sassy women and dirty mouthed alpha males. Wrapping me up in a story that combined danger and passion with characters that I fell in love with I couldn't believe what I had been missing...
After become a stalker and following Nina on Facebook, I am now proud to be a Levine's Lady and I will shamelessly promote her books at every opportunity! Nina also led me on to explore more MC books and through her pages I stumbled across another Aussie author River Savage who I now am privileged to beta read for. Today is also her release day for her most recent installment of the Knights Rebels so may I take this opportunity to congratulate her. This truly was an emotional rollercoaster ride and a labour of love.
Her writing style is one the weaves a picture in your soul, leaving echoes of her characters stories long after you've finished reading. Beautifully crafted characters that feel like part of the family with a plot line that we see from each adjoining story line in a new point of view, a collage of each character's experiences completing a bigger picture. She is awesomely talented but also one of the most open and giving authors, always posting and interacting with her readers, sharing her life with us. River Savage is completely devoted to her passion and it is reflected in her writing and her loyal fan base. I am honoured and humbled by knowing these two amazing ladies who give so much pleasure by sharing the thoughts in their crazy talented minds.
Nina Levine

River Savage

Email: riversavageauthor@gmail.com

Emma Mistress of all Dark & Twisted

One of my favourite authors ever is Nashoda Rose. She weaves intricate emotional plots with heart racing drama and passion. Her Tear Asunder series starts off slowly with With You and picks up intensity and darkness with Torn From You charting each of the band members in each subsequent book. These are deeply emotional reads full of intensity, scorching passion and delving into the true depths of darkness that can be found within people and how sometimes what you need isn't always what you want. The spin off Unyielding series follows the illusive Deck and his task force who try to keep those shadows in the darkness from reaching unsuspecting victims and doing 'whatever it takes' but he can't be in his own forever can he??
Her paranormal series The Scars of the Wraiths is another perfect example of how an author can weave other world beings and powers seamlessly with 'real' world ways. Stygian is the first in the series and really pulls you in from the start with its curious plot and shocking first chapter!!! But Take with the dirty mouthed vigilante Jasper is my personal favourite; vampires, wraiths, vigilantes and enemies all intertwined to make one addictive read.
Nashoda Rose

Wendy Book Obsessed

CJ Fallowfield
I was introduced to CJ though a mutual friend and I'm so glad I was, It started out as reviewing her books, the first being Strangers for the Night where I was introduced to the ever sexy Logan Steele,  the male escort. I fell in love instantly, the flow of the story, the characters, the plot well all of it and the fact it was going to be a series, I knew I was in for some exciting reading, but while waiting for the second book in the For the Night series I checked out her other books The Austin series and read all 7 back to back and feel in love with Mia, Gabe, and Lexi. Best friends turned lovers with a feisty sidekick .-Well if that wasn't enough I venture on and read 31 days series, where Ellie goes off to discover herself to discover love with Dan and fell in love with them. Then there was the Temptress where Lulu had an erotic night with Luc and Now I've embarked on the Domville series, with every story and room is place to lose yourself and I'm loving it as well. There aren't too many authors where every book is awesome and not only that but being able to have a friendship with her as well and discuss her books and have her share with us for ideas and input  it is an honor and I'm counting down the days to her next book, cause I know I won't be disappointed.
C.J Fallowfield

Alison Obsessive One Clicker

My favorite author would be Joanna Wylde
She creates an amazing MC series that takes place Idaho. Her characters are amazing and with hot alpha males. My favorite book by Joanna Wylde is Reapers Legacy that's my all-time favorite book. In Reapers Legacy, it introduces Ruger and Sophie. These two were really a great couple together. I am a huge fan of MC read
Joanna Wylde

Stalk Her: Website: http://joannawylde.net/   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joannawyldebooks  | Twitter: https://twitter.com/joannawylde  |  Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/223343.Joanna_Wylde

ToniAnn NewYorker

Kimberly Bracco is a new author. I was sick with a cold back in April and stayed home from work. So I took some medicine and I was looking on Amazon to see what I can read while resting. I came across inhibitions and read the synopsis and one clicked. Hot football player? Yes please! I started it that day and finished it that night. I then searched for her on facebook and when I found her I friend requested her and then started talking right away. I needed book 2 that night. I then introduced her to obsessed by books. Wendy then also read this book and was hooked. We then read unrestricted and it was just perfect! My review was on goodreads and Amazon within days of each other. That's how good it was. I then went to a book signing and met Kim. So down to earth, friendly, and funny. I bought both books there and they now sit pretty on my book shelf. I can't wait for more from Kim. It was a pleasure to meet her and to read tanners story.

Kimberly Bracco

Ebook of Grey
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